1. S

    Need help with a Match / Vlookup type formula

    I have this data, it has too much details in one column. I'm trying to write a formula that will find only certain contents based on cell A on another tab. If it matches whats in one of those cells, then pull that name or details. How would I go about writing a formula for this? I looked up...
  2. R

    Clear All Permissions in Data Source Settings Using VBA

    Sounds simple but I cannot find any information on how to clear all permissions in Data -- > Get Data -- > Data Source Settings --> Clear Permissions --> Clear All I have trawled the internet for a while but sadly to no avail. If anyone could atleast tell me where in the object model I can...
  3. A

    Help With VBA Code (my first post, please be gentle :])

    Hello Lovely peoples! I have found my self in the wonderful world of VBA and learning everyday that i use it. However, i have found i have hit a brick wall. I'm trying to create a Commissions spreadsheet for the sales staff and i want them to be able to export their data from the system that...
  4. R

    If Statement on date

    I currently have data in cell AS2396 "04/11/2019 10:49:09", this then gets formatted to in BM column to read "04/11/2019" using formula "=TEXT(AS2396,"dd/mm/yyyy") and the world is great. However, if no data is in column "AS" and say its in column "C", how can I add an if error to to select "C"...
  5. F

    Countif with filters

    Hey guys, I've been trying to use a countif expression that allows me to check for misplaced data, which is pretty easy, however it becomes a lot more tricky when i try to make that same data respond to filters. This is the expression i have used so far COUNTIFS('A...
  6. W

    Pulling info from 2 worksheets

    Hi All, I have a workbook with 3 different sheets - (Sheets1 & 2) are data sheets where I enter in various data which both start on A1 and only go as far as row I, depending on criteria will depend on which sheet I update. On sheet 3 I would like an overall master sheet which pulls the data...
  7. L

    Sumproduct help

    =SUMPRODUCT((Data[Column1]=TRUE)*(Data[Counts of Assets in BU])*(Data[Region]=A17)) I have the above formula but for some reason is returning as #VALUE ! Not sure what i did wrong I just need the formula that if column1 is true in the sheet data and Region in sheet Data matches region in A17...
  8. T

    Maybe a loop?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there was a way that i would be able to add up some numbers based on whether or not there was a letter in the cell below the cell i want to include. Currently i have a range of numbers but i need to be able to mark them in some way if they are above or below the...
  9. A

    Loop to merge cells does not work on last few rows

    Hi all! Im having some issues with my code below. It works fine on majority of rows, but towards the end, it's having some issues. What my code does is this: - if values of cells (i,j) and cells (i+r,j), basically 1 cell and the cell below it are the same, then they merge and other columns...
  10. D

    Some advice

    Hi all, I'm after some suggestions. I am currently putting a worksheet together at work that will show various bits of data. Some data is pulled onto the main sheet from a hidden sheet when I put their employee ID into a cell. If their telephone number is stored on the hidden sheet it will...
  11. W

    copying data from 2 different sheets

    Hi All, I have a workbook with 3 different sheets - (Sheets1 & 2) are data sheets where I enter in various data which both start on A1 and only go as far as row I, depending on criteria will depend on which sheet I update. On sheet 3 I would like an overall master sheet which pulls the data...
  12. B

    VBA button to import into data model

    Hi All, I have a scenario where i want to automate as much of a sheet as possible in order to idiot proof how data is inserted into a sheet. For my company, we are able to extract data on a daily basis to show where we are currently sitting. The twist that i want to add is every day we would be...
  13. G

    Optimize VBA copy/paste

    Hey guys, I am basically trying to make my code run faster, I am trying to convert a section of the code that copies and pastes data across two workbooks to be faster and cleaner. Here is the original paste/copy data: Sub WALLCERTIFICATE()' ' Macro2 Macro ' Dim M As Workbook Set M =...
  14. M

    HELP! Index match, VLOOKUP, Not sure what to do

    hello! This is my first post so please bare with me. I am trying to make a configurator for work. Here is what I'm trying to do: B22 is a Drop down list made from Data validation. This list contains different types of equipment that is placed on different Chassis. I want to be able to click...
  15. masud8956

    Problem refreshing charts in multiple sheets depended on data from specific sheets

    Hi, I have some data involving dates {including =TODAY()} and numbers in Sheet1 and 2. Sheet 2 is hidden from view. in Sheets 3, 4 and 5, I have several charts (Line, Doughnut and bar chart). The line chart is located at Sheet3 getting data from Sheet2 only (hidden sheet). Doughnut chart is...
  16. E

    Check status of current filter mode

    I need to understand the syntax and code to determine what filters are currently applied to a spreadsheet so that I can return the filters to the sheet at the end of my macro. I currently have a macro I created to copy and insert a row of data identical to the row your cursor is on. The first...
  17. A

    CopyPaste copying headers

    I have the below code copying data from multiple worksheets on to a master worksheet without the header row. It works fine if data is entered however if no data is entered on a sheet it copies the header row. How can I change it so that the header row is always ignored even if it is the only...
  18. T

    VBA help with time results

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a spreadsheet to work with my timer. At the moment my timer is ok and i can lap it and send the data to the active cells. My issue is that the amount of rows is varying. I write a number in the first column from one to however many i have. Im a bit stuck...
  19. S

    Formula to copy row A down?

    Hi I need a formula that will copy the data is the first row of AFGIJKLMNOPQR down the sheet, as far down as long as there is data in column C? Can you help?
  20. L

    SUM by Week

    I want to enter a formula in sheet name "calculation" B4 that if the Date in Sheet named "Raw Data" Header named "Date" is withing the week 44 date that in the Sheet named "Calculation" D2 sum the data in the sheet named "Raw Data" heater named "Count of Assets in BU"

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