database connection

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    SQL query not returning data

    I need to return data from a database table whose name is in another table. Ex - has only one record with the name of the best salesman and his current sales total. Database TTT has a table named for each salesman with the individual sales data. In an Excel query, I want to return...
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    Need help in database in excel

    I have a spreadsheet with following columns - User ID Age Height Body type Complexion Diet many other like this I want to create a database such that, For E.g. if someone selects age between 23 to 26 and height 5.6 to 5.9, body type as average, then it should pick all filtered data (as per...
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    Different/right ways to communicate with Access Db from Excel?

    My dear Forum Access 2007 / XP I am becoming more confident communicating with an Access Db from Excel. I have a process that works but I want to understand the differences between the different methods of connection. I have four modules that all seem to connect in different ways. What's...

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