1. M

    Error: 'We can't summarize this filed with Sum because it's not a supported calculation for Text data types.'

    Hey Everyone, I am trying to attach a slicer to 2 Pivot Tables based on different data sources. I am following the method as shown in this Youtube video . I am using it as a guide for my own excel spreadsheet. For my own spreadsheet, I have ticked the box where it...
  2. P

    Chart Showing Users start and finish times

    Hi Guys, I'm having a bit of a brain strain with this one so I thought I would try and get some help to point me in the right direction. I have a SQL Database with a table containing a data with user IN and OUT times My data looks like this in an SQL Query <tbody> Username Change Time Status...
  3. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Need to Add an If Statement to my Working Code - Add value if not found

    Hi Everyone, I am wrapping up a project and need a little help with adding an if statement to my code, not sure the best way to do this so was hoping for some help. Background Using the find method the code loops thru a list of values in sheet "DataSource" and when a value is matched on Sheet...
  4. 0

    Looking to learn: My code works, but can you speed it up?

    Hello - my code below works fine and runs in under 8 seconds. However, I wanted to see if anyone wants to take the time to teach me better coding techniques with the hopes of speeding this up or eliminating Excel calculations. Background: I have a master list ("Datasource" tab) with...
  5. D

    vba on datasource

    Hi All I have connected Microsoft Query to download from my SQL Server with a Parameter from a cell. However, when it runs it deletes all the information within the table. But what I want it to do is append the date to the end. Basically, cell A2 has a DateID based on the formula =max(N:N)-8...
  6. C

    Pivot chart - how to change data source

    Hi, after I created a Pivot Chart from a Pivot table, I like to keep the format of the Pivot Chart but want to change to a different Pivot table, how do I do that? this is what I tried: PivotChartTools - Design - Select Data, in the Select Data Source dialog box, Chart data range is gray out...
  7. L

    Combining lists of variable lengths

    Hi all, This is my first post, so hope this makes sense. I'm trying to combine 2 different dynamic lists into one, from 2 different data sources, but with one unique column ID ref. eg Page 1 shows: Staff # / Project / Hours worked Page 2 shows: Staff # / Project / Expenses claimed The...
  8. Default300

    ?Use Dynamic Named Range as Table / DataSource in MS Query?

    QUESTION: Is it possible to use an Excel Dynamic Named Range as a Table / DataSource in MS Query? AIM: I would like to use a Dynamic Named Range to trim superfluous (blank) rows from the Table before MS Query queries it. I was able to achieve close to what I wanted with a Static Named Range...

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