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    For...Next Statement won't accept datatype argument

    I'm new to programming and want to make a For loop that selects cells based on the counter: For indexA = 1 to 10 Range(cells(indexA, indexA + 3)).Select ... Next indexA The debugger flags the second line saying "Method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed." I thought maybe...
  2. M

    PasteSpecial - Keep Source Format, but do not embed

    Hello and thank you for your expertise. I am creating a macro that moves charts/ data from Excel to Powerpoint. I have been given the feedback that the created PowerPoint is too large. When I paste excel data into powerpoint, it is embedding the entire spreadsheet. If I (outside of vba...
  3. B

    How to resolve Runtime Error 6 Overflow

    I am trying to fill an array but keep getting a Runtime Error 6 Overflow: the code that fills the array is : For I = 0 to count Alpha(i) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Acos(1 - (Fh(i) / r)) Pw(i) = Alpha(i) * D Rh(i) = (D / 4) * (1 - Sin(2 * Alpha(i)) / (2 * Alpha(i))) Af(i) = Rh(i) * Pw(i)...
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    Sumproduct datatype error

    Hi, I found out about uses for sumproduct on this forum and it's been very helpful to me, but I'm getting an error in a certain situation that I can't resolve. Formula is...

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