1. S

    Small Inventory Management

    Dear All, I have a small apparel business setup from home. I want to automate the workbook so as to cut the time of recounting the products and calculations. I have two sheets the first contains my stocks and second Clients orders. I want to automate in Allocation Column where I want a...
  2. M

    Preserve data validation input messages when dragging

    I want to be able to retain data validation input messages when dragging the value of one dv cell to another with a different input message. To do this I'm trying to establish a collection of input messages before any edits to the sheet are made so that when I drag a dv cell's value to another a...
  3. M

    How to only drag values over when dragging data validation cells

    Hi, is there a way to avoid dragging the entire contents other than cell value of a data validation cell (validation type, settings, message, etc.) into an adjacent cell with or without its own validation so that only the cell value gets copied over, but the target cell(s) keep their data...
  4. I

    Unable to satisfy multiple conditions in data validation

    Hi guys, need some help with Excel formula and/or data validation. I have two columns with multiple rows. For each row, the first column will have only two options "Yes, No", which I gave options using data validation by writing "yes, no" in another hidden sheet. Now for second column, there are...
  5. J

    Add data with blank cells to new table + Data validation without blanks

    Hi guys! I ran into a problem which I can't seem to solve. I am on Excel for Mac 2019 Problem: 1. Table 1 is new data. This data contains blank cells in between. I want it to add to table 2, without the blanks. Not directly under it but under table 2 [cell E26] 2. The new table still have...

    VBA Message box to show if user tries to enter info into a cell when another cell is empty

    Hi. Could someone please help me with this, as I can't get it to work right. I need to add a message box VBA to my worksheet which forces a user to enter other data before they can enter data into a specific cell, as follows: User needs to add data on the worksheet, which fills Cell H1, in...
  7. A

    Can 1st Column Data validation (list) control 2nd Column vlaue list?

    Hi there, I need help with the data validation set up. I have 3 tables. Table1 name=activities (containing 2 data points, being used as a dropdown list using datavalidation on col D) Table2 name=SubActivities of activity1 (containing 2 data points, being used as a dropdown list with...
  8. S

    Show/Hide Several Sheets based on Data Validation

    Greetings, new user who is not a VBA pro and would appreciate help. I'm also working on a navigate sheets ribbon, which I can post/reciprocate when I finish. I'm working on a workbook, where the user will select from a list (datavalidation) with a range name "AssetType", and based on their...
  9. M

    Identifying unique data based on 2 criteria using the .find function

    Hi all, I am working on a macro that will take data from one workbook and move it into another scheduling workbook. When i transfer the data over to the scheduling workbook I need to check to make sure the data i am transferring is unique based upon two criteria, Job# and heat#. If the new data...
  10. K

    Not possible to extend series on data validation cells in protected sheet.

    I would like to protect shapes so I use the argument DrawingObjects:=True. However, with this argument set, it's not possible anymore to extend series on cells with a data validation list. In example, click on cell A1 and autofill the data to cell A10 won't work. The hand mousepointer appears...
  11. S

    Help with Multiple levels of Data Validation

    Hello, I'm looking to put a drop down list in a column E2:E32 which gives the option to select "White", "Gray", or "Black". I also want a countif to trigger a warning if a duplicate is entered in column E withn columns B through D of the same row. Is it possible to add two levels of data...
  12. S

    Data Type Error

    I am currently trying to use an OFFSET formula to declare a range for use in a Drop Down List. The formula works fine in a cell or range of cells however, when I try to use it in the Data Validation source it throws an error claiming something is wrong in the formula. After some investigation I...
  13. N

    Dependent cell data validation

    Hi everyone (I'm new)! I have an issue I cannot seem to figure out. -So I have 2 cells, B1 and B2 say. -If B2 is 0 I need B1 to stay 0 as well, but I need an error message to pop up if someone changes it. -If B2 is >0 B1 can be whatever manually entered number you want. So my steps to...
  14. T

    Unable to clear the contents of Datavalidation in excel using VBA

    Hi, I have a VBA function that will bind an array to excel range and in turn use that range to specify a data validation list for the selected range. I want to remove the datavalidation if the array that i'am passing is empty but this doesnt happen, i can still see the dropdown of previous...
  15. K

    Listbox MultiSelect

    I'm have a project at work where I want to make multiselections of a list. These selections will again appear in the next column (or next row). I've used datavalidation before, but I can then just make one selection, but I want to be able to make more than one selection from the list. Maybe me...
  16. N

    Error message when cell left blank

    Hi Community, I'm producing a template for auditing purposes and is going to be provided to outsourced companies to complete the task. I'd like to know if there is a data validation or macro that wont allow the auditor to leave a cell blank when he clicks on it because in the past we have had...
  17. T

    BeforeDoubleClick on Protected Sheet with DataValidation

    I have a protected sheet where users can make choices (by DataValidation) to certain cells. I want to use the "BeforeDoubleClick" event to let the users switch between the options. So if a cell holds "Option A" and "Option B", then doubleclicking would switch from "Option A" to "Option B" and...
  18. Jaafar Tribak

    Data Validation InCellDropDown

    Hi all. I need to have the dropdown of a cell with a data validation always on display without needing to have the cell selected and clicking on the arrow or pressing Alt + Arrow Key ? Any ideas ? Regards.
  19. D

    data validation, vlookup or what??

    I have a cost estimation spreadsheet. I have cell A6 pull data validation name list of hardware from another sheet. Then I have cell B6 pull data vlaidation name list of software from another sheet. Then they calculate into another cell and it works wonderful. What I am trying to do now is...

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