date and time picker

  1. samrad

    Updated Date Picker Add-in For Excel

    Hey! I made a date picker a while go but just recently refreshed it so I wanted to share it with folks! I think there are a few add-ins that do this already, but I wanted to try and make one a bit more modern looking and use a few extra features like mouse wheel to navigate. It adds a button...
  2. R

    Exclude Weekends

    Hi Excel guru's. I have have to track orders that must be completed within a certain date range, e.g. within 90 days of create date. A simple formula of can address what the expiration date would be, however often these expiration dates land on a weekend. Simply using a =WORKDAY() is...
  3. R

    Splitting dates not working

    I have been bashing my head against this problem for a few hours and just when I thought I'd cracked it running some validation against the formula showed it adds up 1 year as 364 days so I have just shifted my problem. In short I have two dates 02/11/2013 and 04/06/2014 and I need a formula to...
  4. E

    Customisable drop down calender

    Hi, I am trying to create a cutomisable drop down calender. The only option i have found so far is "microsoft date & time picker control 6.0 (sp4)" active-x control macro. However so far I cannot seem to customise the dates it allows me to select. I need it to only allow every second...
  5. K

    ActiveX control screwup needs correction (old version of date picker and month view .ocx)

    During the course of a VBA project for work I needed a date picker control of some kind. I failed to see one in my home PC (all Pcs involved are running Excel 2010) so I discovered the MonthView control online, which I also failed to notice in my "additional controls" list. I now realize...
  6. P

    Search for date in Listbox

    Hi Guys , I have code that will look for any value in a Textbox and displays them in a listbox which works fine but I am having problems trying to find DATES using a the Datepicker "Drop down calender" when I Select a date and press the Find button I set up? I get no result what so ever, not...
  7. D

    Date and time picker control - easier way to install

    Hello All- I use this forum all the time for information, but rarely post questions.. That may change as I'm working on a project that is perhaps slightly above my ability. Here is my problem: I'm building a custom user form that relies heavily on the Date and Time Picker control (MSCOMCT.OCX)...
  8. J

    Need Scroll VBA code to use with Microsoft DT Picker control

    Using Excel 2010, I am using the Microsoft DT Picker control on certain sheets within my workbook. The workbook is setup to automatically open on sheet "Start" regardless of which sheet the workbook was last saved on. When reopening file and I select a sheet that utilizes the DT Picker control...
  9. S

    Date/Time/Calendar Control to work in multi Excel platforms (2003/2007/2010)?

    Need a Date/Time/Calendar Control to work in multi Excel platforms (2003/2007/2010) please... So... I have several spreadsheets created using Excel 2007 with 'Calendar Control 12.0' controls in them. It wont work in Excel 2010 as that control was removed from Office 2010!!! Now... I also...

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