date arithmetic

  1. K

    Excel 2007 Difference between 2 dates showing as a negative number

    Hi I'm having problems with the following formula: <tbody> A B C Date Opened Date Closed Total days to closeout 26/07/2013 13/08/2013 18 26/07/2013 19/08/2013 24 31/07/2013 -41486 01/08/2013 -41487 </tbody> I want to copy the following formula in Column C all the way...
  2. S

    Find Date that meets multiple criteria

    Hello and thank you so much for being here! I am constantly coming to Mr Excel to learn new techniques, but this one has me stumped. I am trying to have the oldest date listed in column F (Other than the blank ones), for rows where column K = 1 and column G = TRUE.........I always get the date...
  3. B

    Problems with showing the correct number of days in a month?! HELP!!!!

    Sometimes there are 28/29/30/31 days in a month in a year, right?! What's the simplest ways to meet the following task? 1. The Year or/and month can be change 2. Once the date is change the Week of days in different(Mon, Tue...) would also be changed correctly 3. Show correctly if there are...
  4. B

    Calculate a date using days from a base date.

    I am using EXCEL 2010. Problem: I am seeking to develop a formula that allows me to enter a starting or base date (example: January 1, 1970), a distinct # of days (an integer), and gives me as a result the month/day/year that the resulting date falls on. example: starting date : 1/1/1970 #...
  5. C

    VBA Date Increment by week

    Hi all I am hoping for some help in incrementing through dates using VBA. I am using VBA to fire queries at a database bringing back information by Month in a recordset. The servers at work are struggling and are timing out due to the size of the record set being returned (one of the RS...
  6. S

    formula to auto input a date

    Hi, I am a nurse at a prison and I have close to 1200 patients that I have to keep up with different medical information. None of our records are electronic so needless to say I am trying to create a "manual" E-MAR..that being said, I am administering TB shots and then entering the date of the...
  7. S

    Formula to calculate numbers of actions from a date

    Hi I own a jobs board, I can export job application data to excel I would like to be able to turn this data into a simple graph that shows the number of job applications we have each day. I can work it out manually but I need a formula that adds up the applications in given day. The data...
  8. C

    Adding dates and time...

    I have a table that I am storing into an array. I have an array FDate where I store a date and another array FTime where I store times. FDate is formatted as m/dd/yyyy Hh:Mm: Ss Ftime is formatted as Hh:Mm:Ss I know in excel that you can add and subtract dates and times. How do you...
  9. X

    number of days between dates in macro

    i have three dynamic columns that have dates in them. there are dates in column E, I, and J starting at row 5 and going down X number of rows...X because i have an external feed which updates and it results in column E, I and J going down different numbers of rows every time it updates....but...
  10. X

    VBA Date Time arithmetic

    Hello, I am struggling with date/time calculation in VBA. 1. Can I add/subtract dates as in the next example: Dim vStart As Date, vEnd As Date, vHours As Date dim vHours1 as integer vStart="20:00" vEnd = "23:00" vHours=vEnd-vStart vHours gives me "03:00:00"...
  11. K

    Referencing to worbooks with dates in the worbooktitle

    Hi all, I have a worksheet that i copy production data in. Each production process is in a row and in the columns i have the production of each day of the week and some derivate functions as 'in stock' etc. The production is for each calendar date. The data are in a sheet that i get every...
  12. B

    date functions using entered year only

    I am using excel 2007 and WinXP. I am creating a chemical database including MSDS (material safety data sheets) which need to be no more than 5years old. I am trying to write a formula such that a year can be entered (e.g. 2007) and in the next cell will be 'yes' or 'no' depending on the answer...
  13. T

    Date falling within a week

    Along the top of my spreadsheet are dates that fall on the same day every week. However, the day of the week is not always a Monday or a Tuesday. It depends on a different user input. When the user puts in a new event down below and selects the dates it will fall on, the appropriate cells...
  14. J

    Excel Date Subtracting Issue

    I need help with a formula. On D2 I have "=today()-E2" which counts the date between today's date and the date entered on E2. But once a date is enter on F2, I need D2 to return the value of "E2-F2" instead of "=today()-B2". Is this even possible?
  15. R

    Heres a Challenge for anyone!

    Hi guys. ive got a complicated one (i think) if i have a hotel and the room rate is different for each calendar date bracket eg: 01 august - 15 august = £15 16 august - 30 august = £25 Is there a way i can get excel to calulate the price for the customers stay. for example if they were...
  16. L

    Macro needed to update a cell value - complicated by user errors

    I inherited about 1300 workbooks in a single folder that: I need to update a cell value on 1 worksheet from one variable date to the same date 1 year later. # of worksheets may vary - there might be 1 worksheet before the targeted tab I could exist with a macro that merely updates the value...
  17. P

    Intelligent Date Values

    A certain bank (OK, Chase) formats its downloadable .csv file line item dates as text, like this: 1) "20090309120000[0:GMT]" This example (1) translates as 2009 (year), 03 (month), 09 (day), 12:00 (hours:minutes), 00 (seconds) [0:GMT] (Greenwich Mean Time). Using "Text to Columns", this...
  18. S

    Day before

    If I have the date 01-09-09 in cell A1, is there a formula that can produce the day before into a different cell? (01-08-09) And will this work for the beginning/end of each month? For example if the date is 02-01-09, will the formula come up with 01-31-09? Thanks!
  19. L

    Need Help Calcuating a Date (Starting Date + Number of Days Between)

    I am running Microsoft Access 2007 SP1. I have a table (called CAL_INFO) and form (CAL_INFO_FORM) setup in a simple Access database that tracks equipment in my company. One of the fields in the form has a date that the equipment was last checked for accuracy. I call this field "DATE_LAST_CAL"...
  20. B

    Adding unique days in a range

    We have a client that has to total the number of days that people received medical care (for insurance purposes). BUT...they can't count duplicate days. Some of the dates show a range of days, others only one day. They've asked for my help. (We're actually a computer services firm, but I'm...

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