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    Date Formatting

    Dear All, Good Day! I am very new to this forum, and this is my first post here. My problem :- we are using a excel 2007 file in which we have to fill date in it in dd/mm/yyyy format. we format the whole column in this format. when we enter the date it save it correct format but after some...
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    Excel converts .csv imported date field into mm/dd/yyyy format

    I'm importing data from a comma separated text file into excel. The date in the original text file is presented as 2010-02-02, however when it gets imported into excel as a csv file, the date's formatting changes automatically to 02/02/2010, which I think is clever and cool. However, when I...
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    That crazy IT dept. . .

    My IT dept sent me a table with a column of dates entered as either 5 or 6 characters, (ex. 101309 = Oct 13, 2009 and 90409 = Sept 4, 2009). Excel NOT happy to convert to a date format. Is there a formula I can use to convert these to a conventional date format?
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    Subtotaling based on date in a column

    I am trying to create a subtotal in Column L for the values in Column K that all have the same date in Column A. All of the Dates in Column A are in chronological order. No dates are out of order. Example A1 = 11/2/2008 : K1 = 22.00 A2 = 11/2/2008 : K2 = 25.00 A3 = 11/4/2008 : K3 = 12.50 A4 =...

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