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    if function - logical test = date range ?

    I would like a certain value to appear if the date in a particular column falls within a time period. What would a formula for that look like? - Ted
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    Advanced Filter with Date Criterion Range

    I"m trying to create a criteria range for an Excel advanced filter that uses a date combined with an > = operator. is there a way to use a >= operator in front of the formula that derives the date?
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    UDF. If "not a date" set output to "0"

    Hi guys, Just a small one I can't get right. Public Function OtHours(Workday As Date, Hours As Single) Dim DayNumber As Integer DayNumber = Weekday(Workday, vbSunday) If Hours = 0 Then OtHours = 0 If Workday = 0 Then OtHours = 0 If DayNumber = 1 Then OtHours = Hours * 2 Else...
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    Sumif on match AND date criteria?

    I need to sum values in a column if both serial numbers match AND if the match's date is less than 5 days ago. I can do both individually: =SUMIF('All2'!$AH$3:$AH$1000,F4,'All2'!$AI$3:$AI$1000) =SUMIF('All2'!$AJ$3:$AJ$1095,"<="&NOW()-5,'All2'!$AI$3:$AI$1095) But I can't for the life of me...
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    Countif with Date Criteria

    Is there a way to count cells if the date populated is equal to or less than a defined date? if so, can somone provide the syntax? Thanks! blue rhino

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