date format

  1. S

    Carriage Return in Custom Date won't reduce column width.

    Hi Everyone - I'm trying to minimize my columns for printing (using "Fit All Columns on One Page"). One of my columns is a date that I have formatted as DDD, MM/DD - for example Mon, 7/10. I've added CTRL+J after "DDD," hoping to wrap the text and reduce the column width, but it won't go any...
  2. F

    VBA - Date don't recognize itself as a Date (keeps left alignment until I click it)

    Hi everyone, I m trying to do a simple VLOOKUP formula with two different Dates. One of the Dates come from other Excel Document (Col A) and the other one come from a HTMLDocument (Col B). Both columns have Date Format but column B don't recognize itself as a Date until I double click manually...
  3. D

    Pivot Table - Sorting MMM-YY

    Hi, I have a table in the following format: DateInserted IdentityNumber TeamName MMYY 21/12/2022 0101040504 Team A Dec-22 10/05/2022 0101590849 Team A May-22 07/06/2022 0101632916 Team A Jun-22 06/06/2022 0101750412 Team Z Jun-22 25/10/2022 0101770383 Team B Oct-22 22/12/2022...
  4. Wad Mabbit

    minimise space in cell with a line break in the Date format

    I'musing Ctrl+J to create a line break in a date format For instance dddCtrl+JdCtrl+Jmmm;;;@ to produce ddd d mmm However, I get a wide indent, so much of the idea is wasted, like: ddd d mmm What I'm trying to do is to get date information into a cell as narrow as...
  5. N

    Change date format in cell when using excel date addin

    I found this excel addin, and I need to change the date format and locale, but when I use numberformat in the cell, the date format doesn't change: Excel date addin This si the code I am using: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$A$1" Then...
  6. D

    Pop Up Window/Message

    Hi I currently have a spreadsheet whereby clients are entering date of births as 12.02.2022 or 12/02/2022 I require this information to be in this format 12-02-2022, is there a way of automatically converting this once the client has entered the DOB and moved on to the next cell, or can a...
  7. dss28

    Worksheet.change vs. worksheet.calculate event

    I want to add code to some columns in a sheet to define the number format or date format using the following codes ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Report").Range("E2:E" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).row).NumberFormat = "mm-dd-yyyy" ' date format ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Report").Range("J2:J" &...
  8. S

    Need help of Date Format

    Hello Everyone, Is there a way to show a date as "MM-YYYY" format in power query or in DAX. The actual data is in "DD/MM/YYYY" format. Thanks in advance. Best Regards,
  9. L

    Date help

    I have a column filled with dates; some dates have the exact date listed, others just the month & year. Is it possible to have the cells that have the month & year populate the same as the exact dates? Example: 12/1/2019 12/1/2019 12/1/2019 dec-2018 Is it possible for the cell that shows...
  10. R

    Date Format in table

    Hello Everyone I have a workbook contains multiple sheets having same coloum header B D And G columns are for date .. I want if any one put date under above mentioned columns, it should be in dd-mmm-yy else it should not accept or pop up an error that pls provide date in correct format. I...
  11. E

    Populate userform textbox with date taken from cell in 'dd/MM/yyyy' format

    Hello, I want to fill a userform textbox with a date taken from a cell. The date in the cell is in 'dd/MM/yyyy' but the date drawn from this cell into the textbox comes always as 'MM/dd/yyyy'. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated as I have been wasting tons of hours on that issue...
  12. B

    cannot change date format inside a table

    After creating a sheet of data and running it thru power query/transpose, copying the output to another sheet, sheet still has the data in a table format, and then trying to change the date format it will not work. Using the two methods below, neither one changes the date format. But if I...
  13. P

    dd/mm/yyyy vs mm/dd/yyyy Why is one macro confusing these and not the other macro?

    Hi I know about the classic problem of VBA seeing a date that was in format dd/mm/yyyy and treating it as mm/dd/yyyy instead. But I've developed 2 macros for manipulating different sets of data and I'm puzzled why one of the macros is being affected by this whilst the other macro isn't. Dim...
  14. R

    Pivot table date Format Mismatch

    Dear All I extracted website data for a specified time period from Tool1 & Tool2 and try to compare date wise report between two tools Via Pivot table. But the date format is not matching between the tool even though the date format is same (YYYYMMDD) 20190201. How to sync the dates of...
  15. B

    Converting into date format in excel

    I have selected three cells A1 = Day, B1= Month & C1=Year. Now I want to get date format in cell D1 as DD-MM-YYYY. For example, A1=22, B1=10, C1=1975 and the result will be in D1= 22-10-1975. How can I do that?
  16. O

    Removing a // double slash in a date

    Hi, Back before my time, a program that was written that we no longer have access to the source code wrote dates for some cells with a double slash such as 12//01/2018. I have to go through multiple worksheets in the workbook and manually replace these after the application completes its run...
  17. C

    Require date format - Tried to combine some code but can't get to work

    Hi, I appreciate all the help. Here, I tried to enter the isdate function but can't seem to get it to work. So I took out and need help on how to have a line of code that requires this user to enter date format if the cell is empty. It works to say cell already has data but not to require date...
  18. tlc53

    Set Date Format in VBA Code

    Hi, I have a VBA code which is working great for me, however I want to define the date format on cell A3 to How do I incorporate it into this extract of coding? strName = wsA.Range("A1").Value _ & " - " & wsA.Range("A2").Value _ & " " & wsA.Range("A3").Value Thank...
  19. A

    How to format a date

    I had been hating write the code about date & time format. There are a problem as following code, I had tried to using Cdate, DateValue, Val...but not work,anyone solve it. Thks. Sub default_value() Dim fmt As String fmt = "hh:mm:ss yyyy/mm/dd" With Start_date .Enabled = True: .Value = Date...
  20. P

    Convert the date in ISO format

    Hi, I'm struggling to convert the date into ISO format which is giving me wrong results while I compare two different sheet. My inputs are <tbody> 4/9/1984 8/1/2007 F 21006.87 Regular School District 1 Average 34 54 57 57 57 1 4 33.4 18245.93 259616.66...

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