date intervals

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    Calculate discount based on dates variable in PowerPivot

    Hi! I have two tables in my PowerPivot (see example below). The first one (Table A) shows different packages at different hotels and how much they cost. The second table (Table B) shows how much discount we can get from the different hotels. The discount is based on when the guest are staying...
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    Find interval in data set given a date (i.e. exact match not possible)

    I have a table with info on what state a given item is in at a specific point in time. ----------------------------------------------------- Item | State | Start Date of State ------------------------------------------------------ Item1 | Not started | 2013-jan-1 Item1 | Being prepared |...
  3. D

    Do Loop with Dates

    I am attempting to create a do while loop to loop through the following date ranges and several into the future. 06/23/2011 to 07/7/2011 07/7/2011 to 07/21/2011 07/21/2011 to 08/4/2011 08/4/2011 to 08/18/2011 The following code runs when a command button on a sheet is clicked. Private Sub...
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    find date interval and lookup value

    i have compile a table that would determine the value im looking for, please see below: A || B || C || D || E || F 1 || Start Date ||End Date || Debit Month 2 || 19-Apr || 15-May || MonthA 3 || 17-May || 19-Jun...
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    Updating Date Intervals VBA or Formulas

    I'm trying to make a date interval legend in a userform. I don't have any issue with getting values into text boxes, I just can't rap my head around making the updating date interval into code or sheet formulas, and causing the code or formulas to update every new pay period. Example: I use...
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    find/match datesand apply formula?

    Hi All, I am trying to locate all the cells withing a given date range and apply a function them. The data look like this: <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 247pt;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="330"><col style="width: 48pt;" span="2" width="64">...
  7. R

    Counting the number of days between dates, including a blank cell?

    On one of my weekly reports, I need to count all service requests that are "Past due", "Due this week", "Due next week", "Due in 3 weeks", etc. The counts are populated into a summary at the top of the worksheet. Column G contains the due date of the request. Columns T and U are part of...

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