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    Date Lookup Function - Flight Logbook.

    Good Day, I am a commercial pilot and I am developing my own flight logbook sheet (I know there are 1000'ds out there, but I want my own.) I have it fine tuned, I just need some help with what I think is a VLOOKUP function, but I am not sure. So what I have done is I have 2 Tabs, Tab 1 is the...
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    VBA date match by rounding

    Hi, I'm looking to pull a date (call it D1) from 1 tab, and look it up with the match function (yes, must be the match function because there are other criteria involved). Problem is, the date i am looking up can be Any day of the year, but the table i am looking it up in (call it D2), is only...
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    Find nearest match date and time for a particular user

    Hi, I have two different data sources which gather information on users. One is a telephony recording system and the other is a CRM type system. I have generated CSV dumps from both systems. I would like to build a formula which would use a name and date/time from the CRM sheet and then find...
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    Max Date Lookup with Multiple Condition Criteria

    Hello, I have two tabs on my excel sheet, one is the summary and the other tab is the data tab. I need to find the most recent date for the "State" and "Store" combination where a sale occurred. Example: PA had a most recent sale on 1/21/13 in Store 20 NY had a most recent sale on 1/22/13...
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    Excel Perpetual Calendar Date Lookup VBA Issues:

    So I have been researching this issue for days and I have to say I am stumped. What I am trying to do is put together a perpetual Calendar that is it's own worksheet that can change month to month and year to year. I have been successful building the Calendar and many other upgrades with out...
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    Need help with a macro to look up today's date in a file in a specific sheet & return back values in specific cells within that row

    Hi I have several files which I need to run a report for, I'm looking for a macro which can look up the date in Column "V", in workbook xyz worksheet1 & return back values in column A,B,D of the same row. Thanks in advance
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    closest two dates macro

    hi, i have sheet1 that has a list of dates in column J, starting at J2 down to J42. in sheet two i have another list of dates in column E starting at E5 down to EX, X because these dates are being populated from an external feed and I don't know how far down the rows it will be populated (i.e...
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    VBA and Macro for a vlookup input and retrieve

    What would be the macro and vba code for this project? Here is a print screen of a project I have designed. It is for a small hotel, for group sales managers. I don't want them to have access to change the excel file. Currently they manually put in all the dates they are looking for to get a...

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