date picker

  1. M

    Looking ‘Monthview’ alternative

    I’ve been using monthview control on a user form for many years even though it is no longer included in Excel 365. I’ve had to re-register mscomct2.ocx many times but always was successful in getting the control to function until last week. I had a problem and had to reinstall Office 365 and...
  2. J

    Date Picker - Validation to only allow workdays

    Hello, I have a User Form with a DatePicker. I want to Add validation so that only future workdays can be selected (excluding both weekends and Holidays). Date Picker name = DTPickerLaunch Validation occurs on command: Private Sub CommandButtonContinue_Click() List of Holidays is located...
  3. J

    Userform DTPicker won't show correct date when feed to cell

    I have a Userform with a Date Picker field called "DTPickerLaunch" When the form is initialized code reads as below so it defaults to today + 30 days (this works fine). The issue is when I transfer the field value to my sheet. On one Userform (UserformScopeLodging) the date is transfer/display...
  4. K

    Malfunctioning: Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control

    Greetings, I have a question for which I cannot find the answer to anywhere. I'm using the Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control in a form at the request of leadership who want to choose the date for the form. The info doesn't go anywhere, it just shows up on print outs. The problem: This...
  5. T

    Auto populate textbox with date according to date in other textbox

    I have a form with a button that puts the beginning and ending date in two textboxes. The start date is named Start_Date_Corp and the stop date is named Stop_Date_Corp. I would like to have another textbox that looks at the Start date and populates with a date that is 24 months prior to that...
  6. A

    Date formatting from VBA Userform Date & time Picker Incorrect

    I'm creating a database in excel where each record has an associated year/period end. I've created a user form to collect the data for each record and the user form contains a date & time picker to set the year end date. The code of my user form writes the date picker value to a global variable...
  7. C

    Formula to Pick latest data based on criteria

    Hi, I wonder if someone could help with a small Excel problem I am experiencing. I have some information in columns A to D . The data in column A is a six digit number (Please note that they are not unique numbers) and If possible I would like a formula to search down the column for the last...
  8. D

    How to update MonthView for current year

    I made an attendance register (using Excel 2013) for my classroom about 2 years ago. It uses MonthView to select dates from a form for new student admissions. My problem NOW, is that the Monthview is still stuck in 2014 every time the form pops open. How can I change the MonthView so it reflect...
  9. samrad

    Updated Date Picker Add-in For Excel

    Hey! I made a date picker a while go but just recently refreshed it so I wanted to share it with folks! I think there are a few add-ins that do this already, but I wanted to try and make one a bit more modern looking and use a few extra features like mouse wheel to navigate. It adds a button...
  10. J

    Date Picker not displaying in correct cell when worksheet opened

    Hi Everyone, Hoping I can get some help with this problem (be kind please I'm a first time poster :) ) I have just discovered the date time picker and have inserted it into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is saved as a macro enabled template however when I open either the template itself or a new...
  11. B

    Archiving and Retreiving Data

    I have a spreadsheet that has data input into it every day to track daily completions and hours of projects. I am looking for a way to be able to archive (I think that's the right term) the data every day at a certain time (say 11pm) so I can come back and see how much of the project was...
  12. T

    How do I enter Date Picker pop-up on userform

    I have created a userform for entering data on a worksheet. One of the fields is a date and I would like to know how I can enter date picker on that field. I have the Monthview as part of my controls in VBA toolbox but I am unable to integrate it into the userform. I am new to VBA Any help...
  13. G

    Microsoft Date Picker 6.0 and Month View SP6 not on everyones EXCEL - My Macro therefor wont always run

    Hi I am completely new to Excel, but have so far managed to set up a date picker Macro using the Microsoft Month view SP6. However initially neither the Date picker SP6 nor the Month View SP6 controls were available. I had to track them down online and install. However I was disappointing to...
  14. K

    Dates of working days in a month

    Is there anyway that I can populate the list of dates (only working days) in a month? For example: Cell A1 has the drop down list of all the months (Jan to Dec) Cell A2 has the drop down of year (2011, 2012, 2013, ...) If I select "Dec" in A1 and "2011" in A2, then column A3 should have the...
  15. L

    DTPicker Issue

    I have created a userform in Excel VBA that includes a DTPicker. It works fine on my home PC and my work PC. I installed it on another PC at work - for the person who will be using the app, and the code locks up. I commented out the DTPicker lines and it loads now, without the date picker...
  16. T


    I found an Excel Workbook on the web and found it very helpful to create a calendar that has no controls. I modified it to this below. I am trying to change the look of this calendar. Here is a picture...
  17. T

    Pop up calendar

    I am sharing this with the community as I spent all day trying to find a pop-up calendar that will automatically open up when specific cells are selected. I hope this helps someone that had the same problem I had. I am a complete novice. And I got this to work perfectly... with one exception...
  18. T

    cell formatted pop-up calendar

    When a user enters a cell (merged or not) that is formated with a date format, I want to pop up a button right next to the active date formatted cell? Then I want this button to open a date picker/pop-up calendar right next to the button. Then when the calendar closes... so does the button. I...

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