date range

  1. A

    Populate Column based on date range

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me. This is driving me crazy! I have multiple charts which contain environmental monitoring data: These are based upon data pulled from colums containing dates sampling took place and then adjacent columns containing microbial colony counts. for...
  2. G

    Formula to Determine How Many Days From a Specified Date Range Appear in a Different Date Range?

    Hi All, I have a list of events with start date and end dates (sometimes these are single day events) but I need to know how many working days appear in a certain month. For example someone has taken a holiday from the 29th of January to the 5th of February 2021 this is 6 working days but only...
  3. M

    Trigger event between dates

    Hi, I'm wanting to trigger an event between certain dates. I have a named range called "Licence" on the sheet named "Lists". Within "licence is a date. For the full week before this date is met I want a message box to open, after the date I want the code to be bypassed. I was trying to use...
  4. IIII

    Return week number within specified date ranges.

    Hi All -- I am just looking for some help on the following issue -: I am trying to find a way where, I can return the week number, within a specified date range, based off an entered date. In the example below, if I enter a date in column E, column F will return the Period for which that date...
  5. T

    If this Date Range and This Cell Value Match?

    Hello, I am trying to highlight a collision if the date ranges in columns B and C coincide as well as the values in column F. The collision column G should then be either red, or indicate yes or an x. How would I express this? Thank you!
  6. M

    Sumif on date range, for data spread evenly in another date range

    So I have date in the format Value Start Date End Date 40 14/10/20 05/11/20 50 01/10/20 31/10/20 Assuming the value can be spread evenly over days, I want a sumif function that tells gives the following output (ie for Oct, 17 days of the 22 days of 40, PLUS 31 days of the 31 days of...
  7. tycasey17

    VBA Print Page Range

    I have a 75-page spreadsheet that I want to be able to print a page or a range of pages without having to specify the normal way. Is there a way to be able to have a dialog box or have a cell dictate which page(s) I need to be printed?
  8. H

    Return multiple results from duplicate name and date range lookup

    Hello Forum I am needing some assistance bringing back multiple results into one cell if a match is found based on a name match and a date falling within a range on another sheet. Sheet 1: this is my results sheet Column A = list of names Column D = start date Sheet 2: this is my lookup sheet...
  9. D

    Counting Unique Dates within a Date Range With One Critieria (with Photos)

    Hello All! I'm trying to create a formula that counts the number of unique dates within a date range based on the type of item. I've tried several different formulas and researched ways to do it, but each formula was so specific to the poster's specific problem, that it did not work so I...
  10. A

    dates between range including start and finish

    I've tried using =NETWORKDAYS and it does work, but it excludes the start and finish dates. Is there a method that will count weekdays in a range while including and the start and end in that range? example: Start date: July 8th, 2020 End date: July 15th, 2020 NETWORKDAYS: 4 Desired count: 6
  11. S

    LARGE Function using a date range

    Im trying to show the Top 5 performers within a date range using the units per hour (column G) At the moment im using the following formula (for first place) which gives the answer i need but you have to manually put in the date range. =LARGE('Sheet 1'!$G$2:$G$60,1) I want the user to be able to...
  12. ncsushley

    Array formula with lookup based on multiple criteria including a date range

    I tried to find help with this question on Stack Overflow here but did not get a complete answer. I use this Google sheet to track proofreading jobs. I'm trying to modify the array formula in P1 that calculates the billable total for each job. The formula currently uses the Turnaround and...
  13. N

    Multiple Criteria Lookup with Date Ranges

    Hi everyone, I need to create a lookup which returns a value based on 1.) an employee ID 2.) a date range. I have included an example image. Basically, I need a formula for column H which returns the correct Union of an employee, based on their ID and the award date (column G). The dataset...
  14. S

    Index/Match Formula - Sum if falls between a date range

    Hi all, Please can someone help? :-) I am trying to find a tidier version of the below formula - what I am trying to do is basically add up the values in row 2 for the week before. The displayed dates are Mon-Fri (not inc Sat-Sun). Note, the below formula would be in cell F3, so on the 2nd...
  15. H

    Counting in date range with 2 criteria

    Evening everyone, I hope you may be able to help. knowledge of Excel is okay, however I am struggling with this one and any help would be appreciated! I need to calculate the total of payments paid from a certain person based on a date range for over 300 people. For example in the following...
  16. N

    Unit count between Start- & EndDates

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to Power Bi and I looked at a couple of questions on the forum, but I couldn't find the right answer. I hope some of you could help me. I have a field which included a StartDate and a field with an EndDate. Between those dates, certain units should be built (let's...
  17. S

    Populating worksheet with a range of dates from a UserForm

    Greetings, I'm making my way up slowly but surely to get better at VBA coding but the road is still long thus I humbly request for any assistance from your side :pray: I actually have a worksheet as per below: <tbody> A B C D 1 Date Item X Item Y Item Z 2 3 4 5...
  18. H

    Count cells containing text string, based on date range and additional condition

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Date Red Blue Red Green Blue Red Green Green 2 02 Jan 2018 x x x, y x y x 3 11 Jan 2018 x, z x 4 24 Jan 2018 z x x z y 5 04 Feb 2018 x, y 6 15 Feb 2018 z y x, z x x, y 7 07 Mar...
  19. D

    Searching with date range and other variables.

    I am wanting to search a price table with a number of columns; store, product, date range (from /to) & price. I have the elements I of the store , product and exact date within the range an looking to get the price as an output. I have tried all sorts and can't get a working approach, this is...
  20. C

    Dates in different formats to be ordered chronologically

    Hi, Total excel amateur here. I am compiling a list of documents and wish to order them in chronological order. However some of the documents have a single date while others have date ranges. The straight forward dates are fine and ordered correctly however Excel is not recognising the date...

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