date range

  1. B

    Lookup data from multiple sheets within a date range

    Hi, I’m hoping you can help me, I stupidly said I could help a colleague with his excel sheet but this is proving way beyond my knowledge. I have multiple sheets for tracking spending from different budgets. On the final sheet I want to be able to pull all the row information from across all...
  2. X

    Extract Dates from Table into new Table

    I'm trying to create a new table of dates of the first and last day of the month. The date range for this new table is from the "Date Created" field of a separate table (Table 1) which is from an external data source. I'd like the new table to be dynamic so that as Table 1 is updated, the date...
  3. C

    Conditional Format for end of date range

    Hey Guys, I have a certificate column and its helpful to have the start date and the end date but id like to be able to use conditional formatting so if the date range is within 5 days of expiring its orange and if its expired its red. Here is the data A1Certificates201/12/22 -...
  4. J

    Standard Deviation between Two Dates

    Hello all! I am working on a very large spreadsheet and need to calculate the mean and standard deviation for each month of 2021. I've figured out the formula for the mean but the standard deviation isn't giving me the correct information. Cell References $D$1 is the year (2021) $D$2 is the...
  5. H

    Conditional Formatting based on the Date

    Hello!! I would like my column of dates to have 3 colors. Let's say that the date expires after 12 months. Based on the current date 6/1/2022 (or current year) Ex. The date entered is 4/13/2022 (this would be green) Ex. The date entered is 6/15/2021 (this would become orange) Ex. The date...
  6. U

    Unique formula with conditions on dates question

    Hello, I'm working on trying to pull a unique set of project IDs from a table that identifies certain aspects of projects such as a "completed" status and whether or not that status is between a certain date range. Unfortunately I keep getting a #CALC error which I assume means that it's trying...
  7. V

    Coloring of cells based on date within a range

    I want to assign a color to a cell based on there being an event that falls within a specific date range. As shown below, event1, falling within the week of July 4, would cause F3 to be blue, since it has category1. So the cells in range F3:I5 would be colored based on a running list of events...
  8. T

    Combine overlapping dates and find non-overlaps for multiple unique ID's

    I have a very large spreadsheet with headers (180k+ rows) with unique ID's in A, start date in B, and end date in C. There are multiple rows per ID and the start and end dates overlap in a messy way. I need to find any gaps in the date ranges for each ID. I've written a few different formulas...
  9. A

    Populate Column based on date range

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me. This is driving me crazy! I have multiple charts which contain environmental monitoring data: These are based upon data pulled from colums containing dates sampling took place and then adjacent columns containing microbial colony counts. for...
  10. G

    Formula to Determine How Many Days From a Specified Date Range Appear in a Different Date Range?

    Hi All, I have a list of events with start date and end dates (sometimes these are single day events) but I need to know how many working days appear in a certain month. For example someone has taken a holiday from the 29th of January to the 5th of February 2021 this is 6 working days but only...
  11. M

    Trigger event between dates

    Hi, I'm wanting to trigger an event between certain dates. I have a named range called "Licence" on the sheet named "Lists". Within "licence is a date. For the full week before this date is met I want a message box to open, after the date I want the code to be bypassed. I was trying to use...
  12. IIII

    Return week number within specified date ranges.

    Hi All -- I am just looking for some help on the following issue -: I am trying to find a way where, I can return the week number, within a specified date range, based off an entered date. In the example below, if I enter a date in column E, column F will return the Period for which that date...
  13. T

    If this Date Range and This Cell Value Match?

    Hello, I am trying to highlight a collision if the date ranges in columns B and C coincide as well as the values in column F. The collision column G should then be either red, or indicate yes or an x. How would I express this? Thank you!
  14. M

    Sumif on date range, for data spread evenly in another date range

    So I have date in the format Value Start Date End Date 40 14/10/20 05/11/20 50 01/10/20 31/10/20 Assuming the value can be spread evenly over days, I want a sumif function that tells gives the following output (ie for Oct, 17 days of the 22 days of 40, PLUS 31 days of the 31 days of...
  15. tycasey17

    VBA Print Page Range

    I have a 75-page spreadsheet that I want to be able to print a page or a range of pages without having to specify the normal way. Is there a way to be able to have a dialog box or have a cell dictate which page(s) I need to be printed?
  16. H

    Return multiple results from duplicate name and date range lookup

    Hello Forum I am needing some assistance bringing back multiple results into one cell if a match is found based on a name match and a date falling within a range on another sheet. Sheet 1: this is my results sheet Column A = list of names Column D = start date Sheet 2: this is my lookup sheet...
  17. D

    Counting Unique Dates within a Date Range With One Critieria (with Photos)

    Hello All! I'm trying to create a formula that counts the number of unique dates within a date range based on the type of item. I've tried several different formulas and researched ways to do it, but each formula was so specific to the poster's specific problem, that it did not work so I...
  18. A

    dates between range including start and finish

    I've tried using =NETWORKDAYS and it does work, but it excludes the start and finish dates. Is there a method that will count weekdays in a range while including and the start and end in that range? example: Start date: July 8th, 2020 End date: July 15th, 2020 NETWORKDAYS: 4 Desired count: 6
  19. S

    LARGE Function using a date range

    Im trying to show the Top 5 performers within a date range using the units per hour (column G) At the moment im using the following formula (for first place) which gives the answer i need but you have to manually put in the date range. =LARGE('Sheet 1'!$G$2:$G$60,1) I want the user to be able to...
  20. ncsushley

    Array formula with lookup based on multiple criteria including a date range

    I tried to find help with this question on Stack Overflow here but did not get a complete answer. I use this Google sheet to track proofreading jobs. I'm trying to modify the array formula in P1 that calculates the billable total for each job. The formula currently uses the Turnaround and...

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