date & time format

  1. A

    Dates show DMY in cell, but MDY in formula bar - won't sort or convert

    Hello - I'm using O365 in the US but have system time on my PC set for Australia (in case this matters…) WorkSheet #1 I have received two excel worksheets, one has dates formatted in DMY, and if I switch the formatting of any of those cells to General, I see that the resulting number (in...
  2. A

    Sorting Dates with General format and time stamp

    Hello All - I have been sent a worksheet with dates from a user in Australia. The date format is: 17/06/2016, so Day, Month, Year. And to be more specific, what I've been sent is: 17/06/2016 18:53, so D, M, Year and a time stamp. There are other dates that I need to merge and sort with these...
  3. J

    How to copy date from excel to word

    Hi, I have the below code which opens a word document and find words in column A and replaces it with the text in the adjacent cell in Column B. This works well. My issue is that when it copies a date from one of the cells to word, it displays the date as a number rather than a date. Public...
  4. M

    Finding Date Fails with .Find

    Hello, I am having a very strange issue where I select two dates (in the format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss) and a table is generated with data from the Start Date and End Date. There is a 'data storage' sheet, Sheet4, that has all potential dates to choose from in Row 4. There are 5 columns of data...
  5. P

    Adding Hours to a Date

    I need to subtract hours from a date/time value using a formula. The results I have tried dont seem to work. What i've tried: Using a formula in B2 like =A2-4/24 to reduce 4 hours doesn't work. It returns #VALUE ! I have also tried =DATEVALUE(A2) and it returns #VALUE ! I have also tried to...
  6. A

    Mixed Date Formats (DD/MM/YY and MM/DD/YY) in same Column

    Hello, - I have a spreadsheet with loads of rows - In column C, I have dates with mixed formats (DD/MM/YY and MM/DD/YY) - Also some of these dates are showing as text(i.e to the left of the cell P.S The dates are mixed format, I dont need to change them all, which is what will happen. I'll...
  7. I

    Convert Month name to date - last day of the month

    Is there any way to convert a Month name to date format? It should be the last day of that month and current year. Example: June should be converted to 06/30/2019 July should be converted to 07/31/2019
  8. S

    Read File Based on Date VBA

    Hi. I need to read a file, based on latest date. Using VBA. I really don't know how to do since before this I only put exact name of the filename. I know how to do it using, I do like this, Dim stamp As String = DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd"...
  9. P

    Converting mm/dd/yyyy to mm-dd-yyyy

    Hi everyone, I've been stumped by this for a while now: when I try to convert a date value form mm/dd/yyyy to mm-dd-yyyy, and output it as a message box, the code works perfectly. However, when I try to put this value into a cell, it reverts back to the original formatting of mm/dd/yyyy. I know...
  10. M

    VBA Split cells date format

    Hi, I want to splits cells (text to columns) with a VBA Macro. I'm using the following code: Columns("A:A").Select Application.CutCopyMode = False Selection.TextToColumns Destination:=Range("A1"), DataType:=xlDelimited, _ TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote...
  11. J

    Date Swapping Formula

    Hey Guys/Gals, I have been using a date swap formula to basically swap the month and day between "/" slashes. =IF(ISTEXT(C7),DATE(RIGHT(C7,4),LEFT(C7,SEARCH("/",C7)-1),MID(C7,SEARCH("/",C7)+1,2)),DATEVALUE(TEXT(C7,"mm/dd/yyyy"))) I originally was working on the formula for sample dates such...
  12. T

    Formula or Formatting to return a value based on a date and 18 weeks in the future from that date

    Hi All, I am new here and admittingly not the greatest using excel. I am having some issues with a workbook that I am currentlyworking on. I need a formula that looks between 2 date ranges to returna value. E.G - If the received date is 18 weeks from the running timethe value is compliant, if...
  13. Y

    Format Today() in a string

    To show todays date the formula =Today() in a cell returns just that... A formatted date : 1/13/19 I have a cell to show the week number and todays date <style> <!--table {mso-displayed-decimal-separator:"\."; mso-displayed-thousand-separator:"\,";} Page {margin:.75in .7in .75in .7in...
  14. D

    Date in Cell with Text

    Hello - I'm trying to calculate headers for a workbook, where we have a new header by date. The headers would be named "Key Accomplishments: 11/25/18"... "Key Accomplishments: 12/09/18", etc. Right now my formula is: =LEFT($O$1,20) &" " & RIGHT(O1,10)+14 which returns: Key Accomplishments...
  15. B

    Using hire date to convert either a year later or the first of the year based on the hire date

    Hello, I am trying to do a vacation accrual worksheet base off of a start date, or the first of the year. So I need the cell to populate either the hire date or 1/1/18 if they have already been employed for one year. So in Cell B5 I have the hire date in cell C5 I have the termination date (or...
  16. S

    Find Hours lapsed from two Date with time stamp

    Hi All, I need help with finding the hours lapsed with a formula or VBA. I have 100+ rows in excel where two columns have dates with time and I need the difference in business hours. It needs to exclude Weekends and US holidays while calculating the business hours it would be great (optional)...
  17. W

    Dates in an Array Constant for comparison

    Hello All, I am drawing a blank. I need an example of using an array constant with a set of 10 days. I will use the array constant to determine if a date matches any of the dates in the array constant. This is part of an application that I am helping write for a non-profit organization so that...
  18. A

    Wildcard in IF statement - find date and reformat

    I have a "comments" column that will randomly include comments and a date string */* (eg. A1 = "del 5/20", A2 = "expected delivery 6/1", A3 = "4/7", A4= "delivery 11/01", etc.) I want to find that date string in "comments column" and post in the adjacent column as standard date format...
  19. M

    Increment a date by a number of days, months or years

    Hi, I have a date which I will need to increment the date by a day, month or year from the actual date. This is based of a list of fields below and is different per the input. Also each resultant date has to be a business day i.e not a weekend day or a bank holiday. I will forgo the Bank...
  20. G

    Date, Time calculation

    Hi, I am calculating the hours, min (calling it opportunity) by multiplying available slots of 2 hrs and no of slots as 20. This means 20 hrs available time. Now, i have sum of time spent (start date + time & End date + time) by 4 people. I have to calculate gap : [available time] minus [sum...

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