date & time

  1. H

    Have Rolling 8 Week Data

    How can I have dates be on 8 Week rolling data but always start at a Monday? For instance this is what I did to get it to start from 8 weeks ago: But I would want it to actually start on 5/2/2022 because that was the Monday of that week.
  2. R

    Automatically shift columns based on start/end date

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project employee capacity-sheet, with several projects and the capacity for each month. I want the percentages (D2:M4) shifted automatically when I, let's say, change the end date to 2023-05. How do I achieve this? Thank you so much in advance! :-)...
  3. V

    finding a date in multiple sheets

    So it's a little complicated what I need. Therefore bare with me :). I need to find a date which will be taken from a sheet called Raport. Cell where data validation of the date is "D4". I need that date to be searched in multiple sheets. Each sheet is showing like this...
  4. D

    Auto fill in and update current date/time whenever certain cells are filled

    ABCDEFGHIJKL1DAYDATADATE/TIME2DAY 1E2F2G2H2autofill date/time3E3F3G3H34DAY 2autofill date/time56DAY 3autofill date/time7 Hi, I have tried to post this previously but have yet to get this solved. I need Excel to automatically FILL-IN and UPDATE the current Date & Time in cell L2 (which is...
  5. D

    Auto fill in and update current date and time whenever certain cells are filled

    ABCDEFG1DAYDATADATE/TIME2DAY 1cell B2cell C2cell D2cell E2cell G23DAY 2auto-fill dd/ hh:mm:ss4DAY 3auto-fill dd/ hh:mm:ss5DAY 4auto-fill dd/ hh:mm:ss Hi, can anyone help me get this done? I need Excel to automatically FILL-IN and UPDATE the current Date & Time (dd/ hh:mm:ss) in cell G2...
  6. WaqasTariq

    Find if Excel is using US or UK date format

    Hi, Is there anything in Excel VBA that will identify the current date format of Excel? I am writing a macro and the people who will use it will be in the US and UK. I do not want to create two different solutions. Is there a way I can know what date format Excel is using so that I can base my...
  7. M

    Issue formatting Date and Time Format, remove the 'T'

    Hi all. I have thousands of rows of interval data where the date/time column is written like this: 2020-10-26T00:00:00. I would like the data to read dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss. I tried doing a custom date and time format as per my requirement but it wont convert it. The 'T' in the original data...
  8. kelly mort

    VBA code to list the individual dates between two dates

    In the post at: I was looking for a way around getting advanced Filter to work for dates stored as texts in the format "dd-mm-yy". According to @Marc L, it is not a good idea to...
  9. B

    Dealing with overlapping time ranges using Excel VBA

    Hi, I have a really big table in Excel that has multiple rows where each row contains a comparison between two employees that had worked over the same time. See examples of some sample rows in the image below: My aim is to find out which employees had the highest income during the day but I...
  10. J

    Formatting date/times issue

    Hi, I am trying to sort orders by date/time within the CSV export from my order system, however when I try to sort it does the dates correctly, but not the times (hour/minute). How can I make it so the sort works for the hour/minute as well? I tried changing the formatting to see if that would...
  11. B

    Grouping overlapping times in MS Excel

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that contains multiple entries each with a start and end time. I want to be able to identify overlapping time entries and then be able to group the overlapping entries by perhaps assigning a Overlap Group ID to pairs of overlapping entries. Start and End Times can be...
  12. B

    Assigning recurring weeks that reset every month

    I have a set of dates say in column A and want to associate custom week numbers that reset after every 5 weeks. So for example, the week counting starts from 27/09/21 (Monday) and will end on 31/10/21 (Sunday) making it 5 weeks. For dates after 31st of October, I’d want to reset the week number...
  13. V

    USA Date Time AM & PM convert to UK Time 24hr

    I thought I was pretty good at managing Date formats in Excel but this one has left me stumped. The raw data field in the csv pre import is in the USA format and complicated by being AM/PM too. ,"8/30/2021 7:39:07 AM", ,"8/29/2021 11:28:40 PM", All other columns are simple numeric or text How...
  14. W

    VBA multi timestamp option?

    Hello people way more skilled than this guy. I'm trying to create a bit of a call/issue tracker making it as simple as possible for those taking the calls to complete and get me useful data. I'm totally a google stealing machine and don't know much but when it works it works. So I found a...
  15. E

    Can I use any sort of formulas in custom formatting?

    I have a report that gives the time as "8/19/2021 12:26:01 AM -04:00", but I need the " -04:00" part to be taken off. Is there any way to custom format or integrate a formula within that custom format so this would be the case? I want to avoid altering the spreadsheet otherwise. My alternate...
  16. M

    If statement....

    So I have a list if things in a sheet. In the A column there are names, B column has a date, C column has a number and the D column has another date which is 5 days from the date in column B. I want to be able to come up with something that when someone's name is written into column A and if the...
  17. N

    Formula for Now() that doesn't update dynmically

    Hello, I have the below formula which work to determine the date a case was closed, but the issue is when using Now(), is always updates to the current date. =IF(OR([@Status]="Closed: Call complete",[@Status]="Closed: No Call"), NOW(),"") For instance someone changed the case status to closed...
  18. R

    VBA code for recent file search and open with variable date and time in file name

    Dear all, I am looking for a vba code which can help me find a recent file uploaded in a path for example "D:\Test\" and copy the data from the file to current workbook open. The file name contains both the date and time of upload in its name. eg- "20210126_11_03_42_Test_2" and in the file name...
  19. D

    Conditional formatting expiration date

    Hello everybody, I want to create a conditional formatting for the following column in my stock portfolio: I would like 2 conditional formatting (i have two of these sheets, which are identical, so one for each): 1) I would like the first formula to highlight the cells if the date entered...
  20. C

    Automatic date calculation

    Hello, I have a table that I want some people to fill in. The last column is called "Submission date" and I want this to be automatically calculate. Trigger: When they (start to)complete a row in the table Rule for calculation: If that persons input is before the established cutover date -...
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