1. A

    Custom Week Number

    If anyone could help on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I thought this was gonna be just a simple WEEKNUM formula but it's giving me quite a hard time. I have a column of dates (column A) and I want to get the week number based on a custom week. The week starts from Thursday to...
  2. N

    Array Help!!

    Need to filter a list of ID's (with multiple entries per ID) which includes end dates for events and a "day count." Ultimately, I need to get the number of ID's (not which IDs, just a count of them) that have exceeded a "day count" (say 220 in a year or 400 in a two year window). Each row is an...
  3. H

    Drag down date from second last row

    I have the table automatically filling in the next row with data for this table but at the end i want the date to be dragged down from the second last row I have been using the following for my other tables Range("A61").Select Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A61:A62")...
  4. T

    Excel Formula Date

    Hello, I'm hoping someone will have a good solution for this. Our client sends a list of dates and it either has seven or eight digits in column M, depending on the month. The format we want is MM/DD/YYYY. The formula I have is: =LEFT(RIGHT(M2,8),2)&"/"&LEFT(RIGHT(M2,6),2)&"/"&RIGHT(M2,4)...
  5. S

    Looking for logical date formula

    Hi Every one, I have a following data of Fixed Deposit Principal Amount Interest Rate % FD Start Date FD Maturity Date No. of Days Maturity Amount Total Interest Earned 1,000.00 5.00% 29-Oct-18 29-Jan-19 92 1,013.00 13.00...
  6. A

    week/year (wwyy) format

    Hi everyone, I am looking for create a gantt chart to track different stages of projects, I tried rearranging a template I found that had the week already in the template (the only one i could find). Each stage has a start and end date, and the date has to be entered in the wwyy format. The...
  7. C

    Concatenate Date and Time Fields

    I have date and time columns (start date/start time and end date/end time) that I am manually concatenating (typing) so that I can calculate a duration. I would like to be able to have a formula do this for me, but a standard concatenate doesn't work. How can I achieve this? START DATE START...
  8. D

    VBA - Print sheets based on Date

    Hi All I currently have 3 sheets that I am required to print every Monday (but forget). I want to add a VBA to automatically print a sheet when the data rows which fall on a Monday are filled in. The print out comes from sheet/tab "KPI's" and the data which is compiled is under tab "Daily Data...
  9. A

    VLOOKUP and return complete row but with certain conditions

    Hi, I am new to the forums and I need some help please I have several rows where a specific Event ID (Column A) occurs multiple times. What I want to do is have all the key information on just 1 row without having the Event ID being displayed on multiple rows. As shown in the attached image...
  10. K

    Format Month Number Variable as mm ?

    I am writing a script that will save files to a new monthly directory for 3 months in advance. Directory naming convention is this: 04-April 2020 I can get the year and I can get the month name. I can get the month number to return 4, but I need 04. FY = Year(Date) FM =...
  11. M

    Index Match Issue

    Hey all, please help me solve this issue. I'm using a really simple index match to look up dates when a certain value occurred. The dates are located in the rightmost column ($A$5:$A$54) . This part of my formula doesn't change at all and this is what my initial formula looks like...
  12. A

    IFS with addition? Help Please

    I am looking for a formula that will add 180 days to G3 if the answer to E3 is NO with the result put in H3, if the answer is yes put the date in F3 with the result put in H3. I have uploaded a screen shot for reference. Thank you for your help!!
  13. X

    VBA excel code - to update spreadsheet based on the date

    Hi All maestros of excel VBA, I am writing here to receive maybe some help, advise how to write a right code. Given: I have my excel macro sheet .xlsm in which i am trying to pull data from the archive folder based on the date. For example in .xlsm file in the cell B1 I have a date. In...
  14. C

    Table column with date field

    I have a table created with one empty row at the start and one of the columns is a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy When a user inputs data and tabs down to create a new row the date column reverts back to mm/dd/yyyy Is there a reason for this even though I have set the format of the initial row...
  15. R

    Date Format Conversion Question

    I regularly download a .csv file which I open in Excel and then save as 97-2004 workbook (.xls). Contained in this .csv file is a column with dates which are formatted as short dates. I can't seem to find a way to convert these to long dates other than changing the format and then manually...
  16. C

    Month Sum based and dates and a name

    I have a spreadsheet called "Scrap Detail" where we log what items we scrap and against what work cell. Column A has the date and column B has a drop down to select the Cell. The value of the scrap is then totalled in Column F. We then have different work cells within the business where I have...
  17. E

    Return unique values based on multiple conditions and sorted by date

    Hello, I have data similar to whats shown in the "Orig Data' table. I would like to pull unique Names only, based on two criteria (Start Date <= today AND End Date >= today. I would also like the data sorted (oldest to newest) based on the Name's corresponding End Date . My goal is to have a...
  18. J

    Incorrect result when working with Max Date

    I need some help as I get an incorrect result and I can not solve it. I have a table with following fields: - Ordertype ("Actual" or "Forecast") - CustomerNumber - OrderNumber - DeliveryDate - Plant - Material - Volume I have following measures - Sum of Volume = SUMX ( FactData...
  19. C

    Use formulae to check that 2 variables on sheet A appear in the same row on sheet B

    Hi I am trying to use formulae to check that the order number (sheet A, cell B4) and week due (sheet A, cell Q4 as YYWW) values are found in the same row of sheet B. The order numbers are stored in column E of sheet B, the due date is stored in column O of sheet B as WW. Note the order number...
  20. K

    Query Editor - Issue with coverting date format when year changes when date format is Day DD MMM e.g Sat 28 Dec At the switch over to 2020 it just shows as an error using the following #"Changed Type" =Table.TransformColumnTypes(Data0,{{"Column1", type date}, Is there an way to handle this?

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