1. D

    Have one cell check whenever data in another cell changes for entire column

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a database full of stock quantities, here: Is there any way (I imagine some VBA coding) in which I can create a column 3 rows to the right of this one (row L in this case), where every single cell in row L would count the last time (in date, so for...
  2. M

    How to copy a column to another column in another workbook according to today's date using VBA?

    I'm totally new to VBA. I want to build a code that can DAILY copy values of column B in a workbook named by today's date (picture 1) to sheet 1 in another workbook named Credit (picture 2) in the column corresponding to today's date. The column headers of the file Credit is the days of every...
  3. M

    Need help with macro

    Hello! I am trying to use the below macro to flag an error message when a date range exceeds 7 days. I have used the below which only applies to the first cell in the column. What must I do to apply it to the whole column, I have 350 rows. Just to let you know column K is a calculation of...
  4. J

    Export Date from text box in userform to dtpicker in sheet

    Hello! i'm having trouble linking a Date box from a userform to a dtpicker in sheet (because i need the dtpicker with calendar available if the date is to be altered). I have tried this code, but obviously it didn't work...DATE1 is the box in the userform and DTPicker1 (from the development...
  5. A

    Identify Week from a date

    Given a date for ex:01/07/2020, is there any way to identify whether it belongs to 1st week of July or sec week?
  6. D

    MIN&MAX works for 18/19 but not 19/20

    I have a spreadsheet that for each item calculates the number of days that fall within the financial year and then the cost that would relate to it. The formula is: =I10*((MAX(MIN($Q$1,H10)-MAX($P$1,G10)+1,0))/365) Where:- P1: first date in the current financial year being reported -...
  7. W

    If a date is between 2 dates annually

    I am looking for a formula to determine if a date in column D is between the first day of October through last day of May from 2016-2021. I am looking to do this over several different years (Oct 2016-May 2017, Oct 2017- May 2018, Oct 2018- May 2019, etc.). I have a master spreadsheet with...
  8. V

    Dates to month with if conditions

    Hi All, Thanks in advance, we have the following sheets sheet1 Time and dateEmail AddressOptiontest5-5-2020 12:52:30goldy@zyx.comcall15-5-2020 12:58:38vin@fdfs.comcall 25-5-2020 13:14:23pate@dfd.comcall1Option 15-5-2020 13:15:34lucy@fdfd.comcall35-5-2020 13:25:03goldy@zyx.comcall26-9-2020...
  9. T

    Excel date vba filter

    Hi guys, Been stuck on this for days now so I'm resorting to asking for assistance on this one. I'm trying to filter between two dates in dd/mm/yyyy format ( my PC is formatted this way too in regional settings), but after I run the code, the date "custom filter" has mixed up the days and...
  10. Z

    Analyse Salary Received and Amount Invested Year Wise and Month Wise

    I have 2 table in an excel workbook. 1. Consists of Month wise salary received by an employee for a span of 5 years Date NET PAY Basic Basic Arrears Adhoc Pay 30 April 2015 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 30 May 2015 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 30 June 2015 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 30 July 2015 0.00 0.00...
  11. D

    Selective copying based on criteria

    Hi guys! I have kind of a complex question. It all starts with a very large spreadsheet (let's call it 'raw data'). It has many columns of information (A:GD). Much of this data is pretty useless to me, to be honest. But there are a few pieces of information that I want to extract (if the row...
  12. Y

    EXCEL: Date Late Submission

    Hi, I want to show if textDate.value is equal or is not greater than 1 day textDateSubmission.value show "On Time". Then if the textDate is greater than one day to textDateSubmission show (Days of late)" days late" if TextBoxDate - TextBoxReceived > 1, TextBoxReceived - TextBoxDate "days late...
  13. V

    Handling a large dataset: turning many datapoints into one

    Hi all, I have a problem with analyzing a large dataset for my thesis. My problem is this: I have a huge dataset of a river gauge, with measurements on certain parameters. These parameters are measured for period of 30 years, daily, every half hour. The problem is, I only need 1 value per day...
  14. M

    Creating calendar with month and date change on button click

    So I am trying to create a sort of month view: I have manually typed in the dates, and working hours each day. I have also added a button on the right side. How can I change month by using the button, and automatically change the dates so I can fill inn working hours for the next month?
  15. A

    Need to return earliest and latest time based on date criteria

    I have 4 columns, i want the first two to return the earliest and latest times from two other columns that have date and time (separately). I need a formula that will look at the data based on the date criteria and return the earliest time for that date and another formula to return the latest...
  16. F

    Pull in the last day of the year based on text

    Hi all, I need help with a formula, I need it to pull in the last day of the year when it looks up to a certain string of text... e.g. if it says ABC Ltd or ABC LTD International i want it to pull in 12/31/2020 otherwise any other company name it will pull in today's date. i know there is an...
  17. A

    Count Number of Monday between two dates

    Hello, I need to find Number of Mondays inside dates provided. Start date: 4/20/2020 and End Date: 5/18/2020 = Result: 5 ( Including both Start and End dates since both are Mondays) Start date: 5/25/2020 and End Date: 6/15/2020 = Result: 4 ( Including both Start and End dates since both are...
  18. M

    Pop up messagebox every Monday

    HI , How can I do pop up message" do xyz " in excel every monday ?
  19. D

    Calculate latest quarter end

    Hi All, In an older thread I have seen the below solution for calculating the latest quarter end from a given date and it seems to work. However, I am not sure how the formula works. Could you please explain? =LOOKUP(B1,DATE(YEAR(B1),{1,4,7,10},0)) Thank you!
  20. Please_H

    Hijri Date to Gregorian ( vise-versa ) below Hijri Year 100

    Dear Valued Members of Mr.Excel, I hope everyone are safe with the Epidemic of Covid19. I have a huge data set I need to convert as well as sort related to very old Date Info on Hijri, Most dates are either below Hijri year 100 and around the year 100-200, I need aging to be done as well. I...

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