1. kevin lazell

    conditional formatting

    hi everyone not been on here for a while and am very rusty to say the least i have 5 consecutive cells say b1:f5 each cell has a date in each date is later than the previous one when b1 matches todays date then format red when c1 matches todays date then format yellow and b1 to go back to no...
  2. B

    VBA button to import into data model

    Hi All, I have a scenario where i want to automate as much of a sheet as possible in order to idiot proof how data is inserted into a sheet. For my company, we are able to extract data on a daily basis to show where we are currently sitting. The twist that i want to add is every day we would be...
  3. D

    needing formula to calculate fulfillment needed per day

    I'm a photographer needing help with determining how many images to edit per day in order to meet a deadline. The columns are as follows: D) Status - The status column indicates where the client currently sits in the workflow, such as "Scheduled", "Edit", "Reveal", etc. F) Due Date - The Due...
  4. A

    Add Sequence numbers Based on Dates

    I have one excel file where data is entered, and then transferred to another excel file with macros. On the second excel file I would like a macro that inputs a sequential number for each day in column A, and a sequential number for each week (or Month if week isn't possible) in column B. The...
  5. F

    Formatting column with custom date format

    I have a worksheet with a column with date and time that I get from our IT showing all incoming and outgoing calls. The date and time column is formated to show Aug 30, 2019 7:15:22PM. I want to change the format to be mm/dd/yy hh:mm. When i highlight the column and go to custom and format the...
  6. L

    Count if Date Matches

    =COUNT(Raw_Data[Week],44,Raw_Data[Region]) How can i change the above formula to count if the date under the header name Date in sheet Raw_Data matches the date in D2 or withing the week of the date under the calculation Sheet and the if the header named Count of assets in BU have data (if...
  7. H

    Time used in-cell bar - today's date compared to due date

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet with the following layout: <tbody> H I J Due date Today 5 15/11/2019 =TODAY()<strike></strike> Progress bar needed 6 24/12/2019 =TODAY()<strike></strike> Progress bar needed <strike></strike> </tbody> <strike></strike> 1. What formula do I need in J5...
  8. S

    Comparing two date cells

    Hi I have a date in K (11/11/2019 17:20:35) and a date in D (11/11/2019) I want to calculate if D was after or not on K. My formula is =IF(K1<=D1,"yes","no") This seems to work, expect in this example, where the dates are the same. Because the time is also in K, is doesn't see it as a...
  9. P

    Depletion for expiration date product - multiple batches

    Hi All, I am trying to understand the best combination of formulas to calculate the sell through of products with different expiration dates. All products with the closest expiration date (column c) to todays date (cell E1) by SKU (column a) should be depleted first inline with the weekly...
  10. L

    log date when the file is open

    Hi I want to log the date that a file is opened. For example, If I open the file today and I entered case#2 then the date should be today date in date column but if I open this file tomorrow for case#3 then tomorrow date should be in date column at the same time case #1 and 2 date should not...
  11. N

    Excel VBA Date Picker for win64 bit

    Hello, I'm using Microsoft Office 16 in windows 10 / 64bit I'm looking for a solution to have a popup date picker in my userform I'v been searching for a solution long time ago, found a lot of solutions but most of them for 32bit, and some for 64bit but none of them worked correctly Please I...
  12. slave1spectre

    Scan against X in cell when matched...automated

    <a href="" target="_blank"> Hi All, Please bear with me as I am not a programmer and therefore aren't fully competent with the terminology or...
  13. T

    How to add a certain amount of years to a date?

    In cell A I have a date (e. 22-Jan-16). In cell B I have a number (ie. 10). How do I make cell C return the cell A date plus the number in cell B in years? So it would return 22-Jan-26.
  14. B

    Entering a date stamp if a value in cell is True

    Hello everyone, Couldnt seem to find the correct formula for what I am trying to do. In Column O There will be a Yes or a No depending on Checkbox selection on userform. Say cell O2 is entered or changed to true then I want cell P2 to have a non changing date stamp. here is a screen shot of...
  15. M

    Enter "today's" date when data entered into a specific cell?

    Hi guys, I'm setting up an Excel sheet to maintain a spreadsheet for asset management. We have an asset management system in place, but there are occasional times where it's offline(Or I am), so I wanted to make something that I could chart these items on, and I wanted to get a little fancy. So...
  16. S

    Formatting date question ....

    I have data in columns G & H which is 13/11/2019 (ie, 13th November 2019) I want this date to display as 2019/11/13 When I formal cells > custom and enter the format as yyyy/mm/dd, this looks good. I save (as csv) and reopen the file, but it reverts back to it's original formatting? How do I...
  17. L

    SUM by Week

    I want to enter a formula in sheet name "calculation" B4 that if the Date in Sheet named "Raw Data" Header named "Date" is withing the week 44 date that in the Sheet named "Calculation" D2 sum the data in the sheet named "Raw Data" heater named "Count of Assets in BU"
  18. K

    IF ISBLANK formula

    <tbody> Original Revised Days Overdue 12/2/19 31/3/19 X 31/12/19 X </tbody> Good morning all, I wonder if you could help me out with a query. I have a table with two dates, an original date and a revised date. I need the formula which looks at the revised date first and...
  19. S

    Calculate start date

    Hi I am trying to calculate the start date of the first operation based on the start date of the second operation. Typically this is always going to be 7 days (5 work days) before. I can do this easily by just deducting 7 from the second operations start date however I have a calendar lookup...
  20. I

    pi>Visible <Type Mismatch>

    Respected gurus, experts and MVPs, I have written the following code for the pivot table and it is generating pi.Visible <Type Mismatch> error. Sub piVisibleMismatch() Dim lastrow As Long, endrow As Long Dim Psheet As Worksheet, Dsheet As Worksheet Dim Pcache As PivotCache, Ptable As...

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