dates between

  1. D

    Display the count on each day of the month based on start and stop date and match criteria

    I have a list of people that have individual start dates and end dates as well as an "X" criteria. I want to be able to show the number of people for each day of the month that match the criteria "MA" and falls between their start and stop dates. 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10 1/11...
  2. A

    Excel deference between two dates in year month and days in mac 2016

    Hi, How to get deference between two dates in mac excel 2016 i tried but it is not working accurately Refer screenshot Ex: date - date2 =( 2 years 4 months 11 days) in one cell
  3. C

    Number of working days per month between 2 Dates

    Good Afternoon, I'm trying to find a formula that will count the number of working days per month between two dates. I can do the number of working days per month between two dates (If "End Date is blank it calculates using the last day of the current month): Formula in C2...
  4. S

    Count IFs Formula With Dates

    Hello, Currently i'm using the following formula below to identify how many shifts are scheduled by criteria by day. Currently i have to change the row letter for the column each time. is there a simpler way of doing this? =COUNTIF(B2:B4,A7) Example: <tbody> a b c d e f g h i j k l 1...
  5. N

    Unit count between Start- & EndDates

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to Power Bi and I looked at a couple of questions on the forum, but I couldn't find the right answer. I hope some of you could help me. I have a field which included a StartDate and a field with an EndDate. Between those dates, certain units should be built (let's...
  6. M

    Automating Dates

    My "Days Worked" column keeps breaking with every new month... and i think i have it coded wrong. My formula is =NETWORKDAYS($C$7,$C$8)*-1-$C$11 C7 is Today / C8 is Start Date (beginning of the month) / C11 is Holidays (which i manually enter due to company picks).. Currently it's showing...
  7. J

    Add a date lookup to index Match formula

    Hi, I have the array formula below that is working correctly. =IFERROR(INDEX('Roadmap'!$H:$H,MATCH(1,($A$3='Roadmap'!$D:$D)*(C$3='Roadmap'!$E:$E),0))&"","No Content Found") What I need to do is add one additional lookup criteria that I can't quite figure out. On the Roadmap tab there...
  8. M

    Return Value between two dates on another sheet

    Evening, I've tested the lookup formula within the same sheet to enter a date and it returns a period date (For Work), but when i want to search from another sheet it doesn't work Below is on the same sheet =LOOKUP(2,1/(C5:C17<=L5)/(E5:E17>=L5),F5:F17) Below is from another sheet that doesnt...
  9. C

    Excel formula to use a countif if the number of days between 2 dates is within a range WITHOUT using a helper column to get the number of days first

    Say I have about 3000 rows of data. I want to compare two columns dates to each other and then countif its within a certain range---ie, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc... Except I don't want to create the "helper column" to get the # of days between the dates first, I want to do it on the fly for...
  10. H

    calc. time between 2 dates INCLUDING weekends!

    Hi! I need to calculate the time [h]:mm:ss between 2 different dates. working hours are monday-sunday & times are 05:00:00 - 18:00:00 Public Holidays should be excluded! Example: A complaint was lodged on 26/09/2017 09:00:00 Solved 29/09/2017 15:00:00 28/09/2017 is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY I...
  11. D

    Formula to calculate month between dates in different years - Three scenarios

    Hi Excel Community, I consider myself an advanced user of Excel but even this formula has me a little stumped. I have a data sheet with various lines of contracts with varying contract term dates (start and end). Three different scenarios - start in 2016 and end in 2017, start in 2017 and end...
  12. M

    How to add rows to a new custom table based on values in other table? Options

    Hello, I'm stuck in one of the business use case where we need to add duplicate entries in a new custom table from the inputs given in other table. e.q. consider i have a table with Subscriber Effective_date Expiriation_date Service_Code Now i want to dynamically create a custom table...
  13. R

    Return Values in a Column if date is between 2 columns

    Hello, This is my first time posting here and I've searched everywhere to find the resolution to my issue but was unable to find a solution. I am trying to get B1 to bring back the value in Column F based on multiple criteria: (A1 is >= D:D and A1 <= E:E and C = "Collared") If we do this...
  14. G

    How to find median/average days between entries (orders) for 50,000 items

    <tbody> 9/1/16 9/2/16 9/3/16 9/4/16 9/5/16 9/6/16 9/7/16 9/8/16 9/9/16 9/10/16 9/11/16 9/12/16 9/13/16 9/14/16 Item 1 1 1 1 1 1 Item 2 1 1 Item 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 </tbody> Hello, I was trying to figure out the best way to find the median/average...
  15. J

    Auto Select Last active Cell in a column

    Hi, I am trying to find out the frequency with which we service certain neighborhood recycling points. In one column I have the dates of service listed, and the next column I have this.... =(F6-F3)/count(F3:F500) formula to figure out the frequency. F6 is the most recent date, however, I am...
  16. T

    correlation between 2 dates

    Morning All I'm trying to use the correlation formula but am unable to get it to work between a date range, this is what I currently have: =CORREL(Account_Opened!$P:$P,Account_Opened!$AV:$AV) There is a from date in A1 on the current sheet and a too date in D1 I'm sure this can be done but...
  17. C

    Duplicate years in Gantt chart

    Hi everyone <tbody> I have created a Gantt chart, but the years on the axis have duplicated, year 2000 is listed twice. I am not too sure how to attach the chart here????:eeek::eeek::eeek::eeek: Could somebody have a look at this for me? Many thanks...
  18. C

    Beyond frustrated with this dates,lookups?

    Good day all. I am having a difficult time with getting a formula that would provide me with my answer for the following. I have the following in the columns mentioned. basically i need a formula that will calculated the days between today and the date within column b, when it has that number...
  19. C

    Caculating dates inside days.

    Hi Team, I am new here and I need your help to solve a tiny problem that I am having. I am looking for a way to calculate dates inside days, so dates I have are below and days can be any number (lets call it 34 as an example). 20/01/14 07/03/14 26/03/14 18/04/14 24/05/14 21/06/14 So the 2nd...
  20. U

    Macro to Find dates and replace with Text.

    Hi, Not sure if this is even possible but maybe it is and Im just not creative enough to create. I would like to be able to find dates in column C dates and replace the cell with text representing the month. For instance if cell C9 has 1/1/13, the macro would replace the data in there with...

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