1. A

    Help With A Formula

    Hi, I have a column (D) in my workbook that shows when a file was last updated. I need help with a formula (or whatever approach is right) to determine how long it has been since it's last update. I would like to use the current date comparing against what the date is in the column it was last...
  2. L

    Use newest date in a range for formula

    I am a Field Sales rep and I have an excel report of what hospitals I went to on what days. I'm trying to make a heat map using conditional formatting to visualize time passage regarding who I haven't visited recently. I'm using the below formula to pull up the visit date minus today's date...
  3. V

    Delete rows from current month

    Hi there, I have a file with historic data which is weekly updated with a Month to date raw data can anybody help me to delete rows only from the current month? Date is on column B And on column AC I have a =MONTH(B3) formula.
  4. K

    Trouble with code

    I think this code is incorrect, it seems to be pasting the the dates the wrong way around and i know that its something simple but i cant figure it out. Workbooks.Open "P:\FETS Command\Business Services\STORES OFFICE\James - Work\#LineItemsReport\PurchaseOrders.csv"...
  5. E

    Fill in missing dates and data VBA

    Hi All, I have a data of 3 years daily exchange rate history. However, some dates (weekends, holidays) with corresponding rates are missing. I would like to fill in missing dates and copy the previous day's rates (for which data is missing) to missing date. So, in the example, the dates...
  6. H

    Create New Rows based on Start & End Date

    Hi Experts, I am looking for a macro code to create rows per employee based on the start & end date. Each employee will have LOP dates with From & To date, I need to create each row per employee for the dates available between dates. Attached screenshot for reference. Regards, Harish S
  7. A

    autofilter for dates by xlfiltervalues

    does any one know a location for the excel function by @Jon von der Heyden which displays AutoFilter criteria (including the date filter) in an Excel sheet
  8. I

    Copy rows in seperate worksheets to new worksheet based on date

    Hi, I've got a spreadsheet with 21 active worksheets. 1 of those is a home page and the other 20 all have data on regarding deliveries for my company. I want to make it so that Excel automatically searches for any deliveries >=TODAY on all the worksheets and copies those rows onto a new sheet...
  9. T

    greater/less than for dates in m language

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a column in power query editor that looks at a date and inserts 'exclude' if it's after 1Apr2020 and inserts 'include' otherwise. The editor, however, says using <= or >= doesn't work for dates. What expression should I use instead? Todd
  10. H

    Macro to calculate dates between two color range in gantt chart

    Hi, I need help in calculating start and finish date in a gantt chart color range. I have a excel with some data and gantt chart with color range between dates. I wanted a macro which show me the start and finish between a gantt chart color range. Attaching screenshot. Thanks
  11. deletedalien

    European dates to Us dates

    Hi all. i searched the board and i found how to convert dates (which didn't work for me) and there is lots of info on how to convert dates, BUT the data that im receiving is DUMB because im getting MIXED data and excel can read SOME of it but not all of it... and its SUPER anoying... is there a...
  12. F

    COUNTIFS Date Cell Reference +-Days

    Trying to figure out a Countifs formula to provide Something that is greater than 30 days but less than 90. Using a cell reference for the date. Example: A1 = 1/6/2020, trying to figure out if its greater than 30 days I've tried but can't figure it out...
  13. D

    Spreading Values while dates....

    I have been trying to figure out a formula to show how many days a project would take if a start date was given and hours of project assuming a person worked 8 hrs per day. See example below. I used the formula MIN(D$3-SUM($F$3:G3),8), which will "spread" the "8" until it reaches "0", but when...
  14. D

    Ensure that no blanks are left in Date column

    Hi Guys, I have a couple of sheets that are accessed my one other person. I have dashboards with pivot tables that are all based around grouped dates. My colleague is in the habit of not filling the info out correctly and has been know to leave a date blank and refresh the workbook, hence...
  15. X

    Use Formula to Insert Fortnightly Payments in Table

    Hello, This is my first post and I'm hoping to get a bit of help with creating a formula that I can use on a finance table that I've created. I am attempting to forecast my personal finances and want to insert fortnightly payments into a column automatically. I've managed to do this for my...
  16. R

    Date Format Conversion Question

    I regularly download a .csv file which I open in Excel and then save as 97-2004 workbook (.xls). Contained in this .csv file is a column with dates which are formatted as short dates. I can't seem to find a way to convert these to long dates other than changing the format and then manually...
  17. A

    Max dates

    Hi Experts! I need to get the maximum DAY dates of the following clients Client Max day dates A 15 B C Here is the source data: CLIENT CATEGORY DATE RECEIVED A MEDICAL 7-NOV-19 A DENTAL 15-NOV-19 A VISION...
  18. A

    Get the Dates

    Hi Experts! I need to get the deadline of the following client: Client Deadlines A B C D E The source data looks like this: Deadline 10th-15th 16th-20th 21st-25th Blank ClientA ClientB ClientC Blank ClientD blank ClientE What...
  19. R

    Compare Dates in Various Columns

    Hi There, How can I check to see if all rows in columns A, B, and C have the same dates and spot the rows where the dates are different in these columns? Thanks.
  20. S

    How to convert date

    Hi, I am downloading data from JDE in excel and dates are appearing like as follows, how to change them to normal DD/MM/YYYY ? 118362 119002 119246 119273 119316 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>

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