1. S

    Macro for DATEVALUE

    I have software that exports date data to a workbook. I am expected to utilize this data to feed another report. The issue is all of the dates are exported into text, I have to update this weekly sometimes ad hoc when requested. I was wondering if I could modify my macro to somehow get around...
  2. K

    Modification in the formula

    Hello Folks , I am working on a file where in i am setting control limits "Upper Control Limit" and "Lower Control Limit" Sheet is working fine for me however need a small logic to be build in the below formula . =MOD(COUNTA(C24:C523)-1,K7)+1 In the above Formula "C24:C523 is the range...
  3. A

    VBA clear contents (number and date formats) but keep format

    Hello, I appreciate if somebody please help me with how it's better to clear contents but preserve formatting. I have a data with dates and numbers. When I use Sheet.Range ("A2").CurrentRegion.Delete this preserves formatting for numbers but does not preserve for dates. When I use Sheet.Range...
  4. K

    Check if date is Sunday

    Hi Everyone. I have a UserForm where the user must update the Public Holidays (South African) for the year. Basically the user must only change the year and then the date of Easter Friday. All the other dates will auto update in the relevant Table ("tblPPH") In this UserForm, there will be a...
  5. M

    Rounding the months and days in between 2 dates

    I'm calculating number of months and days in between 2 dates (jan1 2019 & Dec 31, 2019) using a formula Value(Datedif(A1,B1,"M")&"."&datedif(a1,b1,"md")+1) and i am getting a result of 11.31 but i wanted to appear as 12 instead (since 31 completes the whole month). I want to get the real...
  6. C

    Summerizing Dates

    I have a column of both future and past dates. I would like to create another column that groups the dates into summary classes (ie. Overdue, Due in 7 Days, Due Between 8 - 30 Days, Due Between 31 - 90 Days, Due 91 - 365 Days). Is there a formula that can do this?
  7. R

    VBA code to find colunn number of specific data

    Im using this code to color an specific row, from the starting column to the end column for a 4 weeks timeline graphic (not a grant chart) but since I'm using dates as headers the columns are not corresponding with the dates can you please help me to find the column number (StartColumn) based...
  8. A

    Generating Sign In Sheets from a Master Schedule

    I'm usuallypretty good about self-learning/teaching myself enough to do what I need to,but today I'm at a standstill. Two reasons why, one, I can't seem to think ofthe best way to approach what I need to do, and second, trying to google thequestion in my head doesn't translate well at all. So...
  9. C

    Count Days Between Two Dates

    I thought this would be simple but my attempts are not working for me. I need two things PLEASE. I am trying to calculate the total number of "days" between two dates, and secondly, calculate the number of "week days" between the same dates. Each would be in a separate cell. I am totally...
  10. D

    Charting Data

    I am trying to take data with random dates 9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26 on the X axis and graph them and when I do the axis with the dates is reading all dates in between is there a way to only have the dates specified show up on the graph rather then all dates in between?
  11. L

    Calculate Between two dates

    I need a formula that will calculate two dates Sample In Column K put the number of dates between the Starting Date (I20) and Ending Date (J20), but if I20 or J20 is blank Leave K blank
  12. D

    How to Sum the Frequency of column dependent on another column.

    Hi, I am trying to solve a problem I am have trying to add the days of shifts for multiple people but running into a issue it will correctly workout the number of shifts excluding dates that are the same but I need it read a repeating date if that person name is different. I have all this...
  13. sharky12345

    Listbox dates not formatted correctly

    I have a strange behaviour occurring whilst trying to load a Listbox on a Userform. I have the following code which populates the Listbox with data dependant on the value of column E: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()Dim Rng As Range, Dn As Range, c As Long, Ray() Set Rng = Range(Range("A2")...
  14. L

    Sorting by date

    Hi, I have exported a file as a CSV that includes dates and other information. Upon export, the dates are not in chronological order and I cannot seem to get them sorted into chronological order. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I also do believe that the dates are stored as text but can't...
  15. T

    matching and returning values from different ranges

    Hello, I have a list of dates and I need an excel formula that will match the date with another set of dates and if they match, then return a different value to me. For example, I have the list of dates below and I need to compare that list with another list of dates. If they match, I need...
  16. D

    SUMIF Formula where Excel is treating the Date criteria as Text

    Hi, I have a very simple SUMIF formula =sumif(L:L,O6,H:H) Where L:L are week commencing dates and O6 is the week commencing date I want summed from numbers in column H:H. As I'm building the formula, I can see it is treating the dates as a number, 43464. The result should be 22, but I keep...
  17. L

    # of months or year between start and end dates

    Hi I know how to find number of days between start and end dates by simply subtracting end-start. I also know how to find how many working days between start and end date using networkdays() function. My question, how can I find # of months between a start and end dates? and also can I find how...
  18. H

    Urgent Help!! excel formula to calculate time difference between two dates in Milli seconds with AM

    I have dates in excel as shown below: <tbody> 26-JAN-19 AM 26-JAN-19 AM </tbody> I need to find the difference between 2 dates... In the example above, I have difference at Sec and milli seconds. How can I find the time difference. This is bit urgent
  19. T

    Extracting Data from a Range that Excludes Blanks

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with a range of dates based on fiscal years from 10/01/2019 through 09/30/2022. I'm trying to use a formula that looks at this list of dates in a column and then extracts only the dates that occur within fiscal year 2020 which is from 10/01/2019 through 09/03/2020...
  20. L

    Need Order of Date Range Indicated Numerically eg. (1-5)

    I have a column with hundreds of dates. The dates are always the most current 5 sequential dates so they change daily. I need a helper column that will tell me which date is 1, which date is 2, which date is 3, which date is 4, and which date is 5 in order of occurrence...

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