1. L

    Need Order of Date Range Indicated Numerically eg. (1-5)

    I have a column with hundreds of dates. The dates are always the most current 5 sequential dates so they change daily. I need a helper column that will tell me which date is 1, which date is 2, which date is 3, which date is 4, and which date is 5 in order of occurrence...
  2. H

    Formula to fill dates but leave out those that don't meet specific criteria

    I've received some great help with a formula for date series' that allows me to fill this formula in date sequence however, omitting Bank Holiday Mondays and where a BH Monday occurs, it simply skips that Monday date from the series and just goes straight on to the Tuesday. I'm then able to use...
  3. G

    How to save meeting dates permanently with Excel?

    Someone wants the meeting dates they have held to be recorded and to be retrievable. This kind of makes me think a proper database is required, but maybe someone has a reasonable format where this can work. The workbook has already been setup to save the dates for a particular job number, but...
  4. A

    Autofill dates for specified year

    Can someone assist with an Autofill code that autofill dates in column A for a specified year (i.e. 01/01/2019 - 12/31/2019) Thank you kindly
  5. A

    Sumifs using two date ranges

    Hi, I am struggling to find a formula to sum utilisation days using two date ranges which is a dump from a system, ideally i would get users to enter info one day at a time but that's not possible and they group info as per example below: Employee........Date From.......Date To...
  6. G

    Number of days of week between two date range by month

    Hello, I am looking to get the following result: So basically I need to figure out how many turnaround( airplane comes in gets services and departs with another flight number to different destination) I have between two dates and week days. For example: Start End...
  7. S

    Using column count to end of range

    I have two dates and i am trying to create a dynamic date range based on those two dates. in cell E5 is my starting date and E7 is my ending date. I have a formula to count the number of months between the dates in Y8="IFERROR(DATEDIF(E5,E7,"m"),0)" I cannot get the end of range to copy my...
  8. B

    Master Schedule: Conditional Format based on Date

    I have a master schedule file to compile projects from various managers. There are four phases with start/end dates. I'd like to be able to enter the dates for the phases, and have the colors change in the cells to the right of the dates based on the entered dates. Is this a stacked conditional...
  9. O


    Hi I have a spreadsheet with dates in it. I want to add a value for each date of 1 and the cells without dates a value of 0. How do I write the formula for this
  10. T

    Populate a listbox from a range skipping duplicates

    My spreadsheet contains a range of cells with dates. They are in random order and there are duplicates I want to use this range in a listbox on a userform. But I want to prevent it showing duplicates and preferably would have the dates ordered from old to new. I am trying to do this by copying...
  11. D

    Can query Assign on-or off-quarter based on date value?

    I have a table which includes Column 1: Client Name Column 2: Project date (Must be last day of month) The unique ID is a combination of column A and Column B. So, there may be multiple instances of the same client with different project dates. I want to create a query that looks at the...
  12. L

    Returning Values for Date Intervals

    I need some help with a formula and I've tried searching but not finding an exact match to what I'm looking for. Column A has hundreds of dates, past, present(today), and future. I need a formula that will tell me how many days old (by interval) any past dates are. The intervals would be 0-5...
  13. A

    pivot table

    Hi, I am using a pivot table to display current lease expiry dates. I have run into a little problem relating to Extensions. A lease may have been extended so will have both an expiry date and possibly also an extension date. how do I capture the maximum of the two dates?
  14. T

    VBA to clear duplicate dates in column but keep row

    Good morning, Please help me out with macros that would cleared out duplicate dates on column A but keep all rows. For example clear out the one I have it in red. <tbody> A B C D 1 10/15/2019 lesson plans TBA TBA 2 10/15/2019 homework TBA TBA 3 10/15/2019 extra credit TBA TBA 4...
  15. N

    Visual a rota in a Gantt chart

    I have a rota with job roles as columns and a dates down the first column and initials in the cells displaying who is in what role that day. I would like to link this data to a worksheet that has this information as a Gantt chart - with roles down column A and dates long the columns with a bar...
  16. M

    Consolidate by reference - automatically select data

    Hello, I've workbook with some 100 sheets. This number increases each week. In each sheet there is a table with different dates and values assigned to these dates. Each sheet has a same structure. The difference is only in the entered dates. I have to consolidate by dates to get sum of...
  17. smide

    Subtract dates

    Hello. In cell A1 I have current date created with formula =today() eg. 3-Oct-2019. In the same column starting from cell A3 (A3:A600) I have dates and time in format - hh:mm (example. 04.10.2019 - 21:00). All those cells (A3:A600) are text cells. I need to subtract all those...
  18. J

    Date format help

    Hello, How do I format the second half of this formula to be in date format...
  19. N

    SUMIFS between two dates noted in cells

    Is there a way to switch it so that instead of listing the dates in the SUMIFS formula [ =SUMIFS($F:$F,$A:$A,">=1/1/19",$A:$A,"<=1/26/19") ] when totaling the value between two dates to make it so I can put the beginning and end dates in cells and having the formula refer to the cells? It gives...
  20. X

    Transform Date Column

    Hello, do some one know how to transform Dates? I have a column with the ends of all Months per year: End of the month date 31.01.2019 28.02.2019 30.03.2019 etc... Question: How can I transform this column. I want that all of this dates only the days are changing to 14. this: 14.01.2019...

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