1. E

    CUBEVALUE returning blanks?!?!

    Hey all, I have tried to the following CUBE formulas in order to get a value based on results from two columns within a dataset inside Power Pivot, however they all return blank. =CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[Measures].[Path PP Plan Yes]", "[Path].[Pathway Plan].No", "[Service...
  2. C

    creating percentile bins at weekly level for daily data

    hello BI experts, have started to play around with power pivot and power BI over the last few days. Particular case here is to create bins (measure or column, not sure!) that reflect the weekly deciles for data which is given at a daily level. There is a lot of literature written on percentilex...
  3. K

    RELATED function send me back empty colum

    Hi Guy, This is my first time here, I would like you to help me concerning problem. Indeed I have got a cardinality One to One between two datas tables, until now everything is ok ; but when I wrote a RELATED function (Which is the same as VLOOKUP in Excel) all my entire colum is empty. If you...
  4. M

    DAX Formula for last corresponding text value in Max Date

    I am using Excel 2016 and have a very similar problem to the question posted in this previous thread: DAX Formula for last corresponding value in Max Date The solution given in the comments of that post work perfectly if the values I'm trying to show are numbers, but they don't work if they...
  5. O

    DAX - Find max value based on another column being filtered

    Hello, I have a column of financial values and I want to find the MAX value of that column when a certain value appears in another column. I tried this but without any luck. CALCULATE( MAX('IntCustomSearchResults'[Value of Incident]...
  6. S

    Extract the values from a table based on a rule and create a new table

    Hi I am quite new to power bi and trying to learn how to use DAX and other power bi queries. I have been trying but not able to get what I want from my below query. I hope someone can help. I have same data in below 2 formats and I want the output table as below. Any data table can be used to...
  7. S

    DAX = Index and match question

    Hi, I have 2 tables: SalesGOALSAppend, has LOCATION and SALES GOAL and DATES EWCHoursBudget, has LOCATION and SALES GOAL and HOURS BUDGET I would like SalesGOALSAppend to look up in what the EWCHoursBudget are when SALES hit a number. So if sales at 9100 in SalesGOALSAppend hit $100,000 look...
  8. C

    Is there a way to find out which days my products changed there content?

    I have tried to figure out which product has had it's content changed and on which date it changed. So far I created to column for the length of the content column because if that changes, the content has changed. And as there are definers for the product such as "ItemNum", "CountryCode" and...
  9. K

    Running total with two pertinent Date columns

    Hello all, I believe I need DAX measure and I'm not finding what I need on the google machine. It's also possible I found what I need but did not comprehend it. First of all, I'm using Excel (PQ & PPivot). I have two tables. Here's the first: Note each employee can have multiple positions...
  10. S

    DAX calculated column for any location <0

    Hi, I need help on creating a calculated column and or measure for any location where the OH is less than 0. I have a table with OH and location in the next column. But I need to list any models where and location has a qty OH less than zero. I want to see all locations OH so I can see if...
  11. G

    Creating Measures (or DAX?) in Power Pivot

    Hello, I'm looking for some guidance with if and how I could use measures to help me create some enhanced pivot tables. I have detailed a couple of specific questions in the document here (in red text in the Sheet: Pivot Test): s666-PQ-Impact system 2019.11.15a-ver4.xlsx But to summarise I'm...
  12. F

    PowerPivot, Running Totals, and Chart Lines with null data

    Good afternoon all, I'm certain that we've all had this issue at one point or another but I can't seem to find a solution--hoping that someone has something ready to go. Here's the summary: PivotChart with Date values on X AXIS and a Running Value Count 'flattens' when max is reached. The...
  13. S

    DAX Countrow Filter Userelationship not working together

    Does anyone know why the DAX below is not working? Do I have it in the wrong order? BTS Actual = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Schedule','Schedule'[Actual Count]), FILTER('Schedule','Schedule'[WO Type]="BTS") USERELATIONSHIP('Calendar'[Date],'Schedule'[Actual date performed])) Power BI just keeps...
  14. L

    How do i create this DAX table in Power Query

    I every one, i have a problem... I have created a table in dax, like this NISCountLT2 = SUMMARIZECOLUMNS(LT2[ID]; "Total"; COUNT(LT2[ID])) to count repeated IDs then i use this code to create a column with ranges for the report Bucket Range = SWITCH( TRUE(); NISCountLT2[Total]=1;"1"...
  15. S

    Return lowest date across two tables

    Hello- I am new to Power BI & DAX. I am struggling to work out how to return lowest date across two tables. I want the following rules applied If deceased date blank then end date If deceased date before end date- deceased date All else end date Format Looks like Below...
  16. J

    Extract unique value from column using DAX

    I've come across what I thought should be a simple problem, but I can't quite figure it out. I have a table that's the result of an expression that could have a column like this in certain instances: Row Key Index <tbody> AH4000 1 AH4000 2 AP9999 3 </tbody> What I want is to keep only...
  17. S

    Figuring out current QTR

    Hi, I thought I had this resolved. But starting in October it thinks November is the current QTR. This is my DAX columns I created in the Calendar table. These are the 3 columns i created =IF(MONTH([DATES])-1=0,12,(MONTH([DATES])-1)) = ROUNDUP ([SORT]/3,0) <today(),if(roundup(month(today())...
  18. M

    DAX for checking quantities

    I scrape the wonderful data at Brickset for showing basic DAX concepts, but I'm a bit stumped on a seemingly simple question someone posed. If I have Lego kits A, B, and C, can I create just a measure to tell if I have enough of the correct bricks to build kit D? I can use a helper column in...
  19. S

    Sort DAX measures random sort

    Hi, I just opened my Excel workbook and noticed all my DAX measures that were sorted into columns are now in a random order. I've seen this before and moved them only to find them just thrown back into a random order. Any thought how to sort them again and avoid this. Thanks
  20. S

    #GETTING DATA, DAX issue

    Hi, all of a sudden 4 of my tables wont update. They say "#GETTING DATA". Only if i go into dax and manually refresh will they update. Or if I select the QRY inside excel and refresh the workbook connection. I've tried removing and readding it back to DAX. But still have the same issue? Thanks

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