1. K

    Help with access query expressions

    I have a column in one of my Access queries called CustomerName_DBAName. Below is an example of what that data typically looks like. CustomerName_DBAName JOHN T. PUBLIC JAKE A. SMITH JR. ABC COMPANY STEVE JONES - DBA: SUPER STORE BIG COMMUNICATIONS, LLC SOME BUSINESS INC. JOE SLOW - DBA...
  2. A

    Add the first line of the array

    Hello Excel Forum I want to add column headers to the first row in the array so how can I not lose their data Sub RevisedLoadArray() Dim DBA As Object, RES As Object, SQL As String Dim Name_Sheet As String Set DBA = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Dim My_Array() Dim Ar Dim i, ii, C As Long...
  3. Welsh Mark3

    Instances of DBA

    Is there a formula that can give me the string of text after an intsance of DBA. Assuming the original text is in Column A <tbody> Original Text Desired Result Elite Southern Construction LLC dba Master Roofing Master Roofing Riland Richardson, Inc. Dba C & R Trucking C & R Trucking...

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