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    Dynamically change connection string (different windows/office) ?

    Hi guys please help, my office have some old computers with Win XP & Office 2010 (32bit) and some new computers with Win 10 & Office 365 (64bit) the old computers with replaced with the new computers but we still have old macro in excel, after some research, i found this Win XP & Office 2010...
  2. J

    Failing to import data to tables

    Hello all, Recently I have noticed that my dBase has not been importing all data from the excel sheets into the dBase tables. After examining the dBase, the tables and the raw data sheets, I see no reason why it shouldn't be importing. I was hoping someone here might have an idea why, though...
  3. J

    Date parameters

    Happy Friday. In my dBase, many queries have a >= or <= parameter, like such <=(Date()-365) Is there a more accurate way to write this? One of the queries using this is missing one item that a different routine (pulling the same data) is picking up.
  4. J

    Script to change query parameters

    In my dBase, I have three queries that have a parameter that is coded Like"*TUC*" The dBase is designed to be used by various locations with different location coded. Is there a way to change the query parameter in these three queries via a script?
  5. C

    Lightest formula for sumifs with multiple criteria

    Hello, I have a database set up in "Dbase" tab as follows: Column A labeled LE, Column B labelled GTM, C labeled LOC, D labeled DEP, E labeled Amount. Each of these columns have over 20 different possible values. IE. LE (over 20 different possible values found in the database, ie...
  6. J

    Placing Dbase criteria on sheet

    Is it possible to have criteria for a Dbase function not directly above and below each other? This would be really useful, as I want to hook up my table with the Dbase formula, and I would be able to drag the formula instead of manually copying and pasting. My Dbase criteria heading is 'Team'...
  7. J

    DCountA - how to apply FALSE condition?

    Im using the Dbase functions, such as DCOUNTA and I've encountered a problem with the Data that is counted. My criteria for what to count is i.e. all of 'Dave's' sales. The problem is the formula is counting all of "Dave", 'Dave N' 'Dave S' and 'Dave Brown' How do I get my formula to count...
  8. L

    Pivot Table Dbase IV

    Hello, I have several files that I've downloaded in Dbase IV format. They are larger than 65,536 lines so I would like to pivot them directly from the Dbase IV format. How do I go about doing this? I went into external source and clicked on dbase, but for some reason my .dbf file didn't...

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