1. T

    VBA For loop suddenly broken--what happened?

    This sub used to work perfectly. Then I added the variable misCell in the sub declaration and in the first line of code, and for some reason, the ElseIf statement in the first For loop is now broken. Nothing in that code changed (as far as I know). But suddenly it is filling all the "TOEZ...
  2. S

    Debugging Help needed!

    I've followed the following Excel Tutorial from Youtube: How To Create Word Documents From Excel WITHOUT Mail Merge by Excel for Freelancers. I've attempted to use my own TEST Data (screenshot below): However, when I attempt to Print or Email it doesn't work. I got the below error but...
  3. E

    Debugging or program issue?

    My debugging features don't appear to be working. Wrote some simple code just to work with. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Intersect(Target.Range("A1:A10")) Is Nothing Then MsgBox "Nothing in here" Else MsgBox "something here" End If End Sub Now the code gives...
  4. P

    VBA Hyperlink Debugging

    Hey everyone. I am currently working on Debugging a code that has worked wonders for me for the last 10 years. Here is my code: 1 Worksheets(1).Select 2 R = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row 3 For Each Cell In Range("A2:A" & R) 4 Cell.Hyperlinks(1).Follow...
  5. M

    Issue with running several VBA codes (error 13 - debugging)

    Situation: I am building a excel sheet with several automated actions - done with macros. The 1st macro is for creating a new project and it copies the last aktive row with contents and pastes it one row below and clears the cell contents of defined cells in the row. The 2nd macro copies a row...
  6. N

    Excel Code Debug Help Needed

    Hi folks, I hope this is an easy fix because I am going crazy. File 1: This file is how it is supposed to look. The code for this file was written by another and sent to me. Apparently, the code runs perfectly in Excel 2016 and...
  7. S

    Run-Time Error 5

    I inherited this piece of code for VBA, every time I try to run the program I end up getting a run time error 5. Previously I thought I had it debugged after putting in a pause, but that only worked for so long. I am working in excel 2013. The code is as follows: Sub FAANotice() Dim...
  8. T

    Debugging formulae in Excel

    Is there any facility in Excel (I'm using Excel2010), whereby you can look at part of a complex formula, and immediately see what value that part equates to? Regards, TS
  9. M

    Simple Code Debugging

    Hi MrExcel users, I am new to VBA, and am following along with a youtube channel to learn: ( Although I am following his steps exactly, my VBA sheet needs bugging, and his does not. Is...
  10. D

    Formula Autofill Debugging Help

    Hello, I have a VERY strange error happening in one of my Macros that for the life of me I sure can't figure out. The weird thing is that this was working just fine before and now the error has crept in somehow. Basically I was using a very basic formula in H1 that just calls a value from F1...
  11. W

    VBA Error Handling Tips?

    I am actually fairly new to VBA coding and is at the point where I am trying to learn how to debug a current program given to me by a coworker that I wish to understand and possibly improve to suit my needs. Public Sub Patient_Records() Dim FF As Long, strText As String, strFile As...
  12. A

    UDF Array Formula

    I am writing a UDF that accepts several ranges as parameters. I enter the UDF as an array formula across 14 cells (e.g., C10:P10) and when I first enter it, it seems it gets called 4 times? If I change a cell value that would trigger the UDF to execute, it sometimes gets called once, and...
  13. S

    Wierd Application-defined or object-definer error on running but not when debugging

    I have a very wierd error I cant seem to solve. The error is in the subject and the funny thing is when i debug it and then step through the code (with F8) it works perfectly, with no error, and continues with the expected result. So basicly if I run the code and the error pops up, if I press...
  14. Z

    Sub or function not defined

    The code below automatically calls AddHeaderHours when something is entered into cell G30, this code does work (coded to the worksheet). '--------------------------------------------------------------------- Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$G$30"...
  15. Z

    Cannot jump to 'Application' because it is hidden?

    I get this warning when i run my code, and cannot figure out what it means? Would somone be able to tell me? I only have one case within my case statements because i am in the beginning stages. What the program is suppose to do is find the intersection of the two ranges set by the case...
  16. A

    VBA Macro with Pivot Table Question

    Hi guys! So I'm new to creating macros with VBA and am trying to create one (just finished recording and started debugging) that basically encompasses creating a pivot table from a data set, sorting it in the pivot table, running some calculations on the data, and then graphing the results. The...
  17. B

    Debugging my formatting module

    So I don't know what's going wrong with my code, it's just designed to automate a formatting task that I repeat often at work. I've put comments in for all the subroutines to explain them but basically it finds the used range, borders it, formats the headers, uses select case to find specific...
  18. bs0d

    VBA - Accept Column Letters Only as INPUT

    I'm creating a macro that requires user input into pre-defined cell areas. I need only column letters from the user. In the VBA code, I'm screening the input for invalid entries. Rather than write many IF conditions checking for blanks, numeric, length issues, etc. What would be the best...
  19. B

    Insert Macro multiple worksheets

    Hey guy, Below is a macro that I recorded earlier. I know it's poorly written (recorded). This will be used to update several workbooks which are the exact same. I have found a few errors below. I originally copied a formula from another workbook and used that to paste into my new workbook. It...
  20. J

    Excel 2010 debugging problem

    My work was kind enough to give me excel 2010 when my old computer died and it is annoying me as the debugging of VBA is atrocious compared to the 2000 version. It seems that whenever a macro has an error rather than the debugging function popping up excel just decides it needs to close...

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