decimal formatting

  1. P

    Generating a Unique, Sequential ID in Excel According to the String Value in Another Column

    In Column A of my excel sheet I'm trying to create a unique, sequential ID in each row according to the 'activity type' in Column C. Activity Title is in Column B, but the two relevant columns for this example are Column A and Column C. There are three activity types: Milestones, Tasks, and...
  2. dss28

    preventing rounding of decimals

    I have a userform and 2 sheets - sheet2 and sheet6. While entering a quantity in number through userform, data stored on sheet 2 is same as entered. Simultaneously the data is then copied to sheet 6 as current stock. However the sheet 6 shows rounded off number eg. if my input value is...
  3. M

    Decimal Place Formatting Based On Another Cells Value

    First post! I searched/read as many posts as I could but could not find that matching my problem. I have a work sheet that uses allot of =if() and =choose() formulas. Based on what a cells value is though I would like that to determine the number of decimal places shown in unlocked(manual...
  4. E

    How to Conserve Decimals When Using Transpose Method?

    Hi all, Been working on this problem most of the afternoon: I am transposing data from a data sheet to a temporary sheet, sorting it, and then transposing it back to the original formatting on the data sheet. I am avoiding using "Copy" and "Paste," so therefore I have not been using...
  5. R

    Combobox decimal

    Hello everyone. Can somebody please help understand what's going wrong with the line of code that's suppose to format the combobox to show only 3 decimal places? It is as if that line of code does not exist at all, since the result of having it or not it's the same. The userform code follows...
  6. P

    Decimal Places in Linked Cells

    Cell J3 is formatted number, 1 decimal, value displayed 15.3. Cell L3 has the formula =CONCATENATE(I3," ",J3), where I3 is text, but J3 displays 13 decimals. How to make the concatenated J3 display only 1 decimal?
  7. S

    Decimal proplem

    Hi all I want to get a specific ending in my numbers which are 2,5 - 5 - 7,5. for example; 0,7 * 139 = 97,3. 97,3 is closest to 97,5 =(0,7*139)??? 0,8 * 215 = 172,00. 172,00 is closest to 172,5 =(0,8*215)?? 0,95 * 204 = 193,8. 193,8 is closest to 195...
  8. A

    Currency formatting problems with different languages

    I have w7 installed in English with Spanish keyboard setting. I need this as I operate in both languages. MS Office 2010 is installed in English. When I right click on a cell to format the currency in € my problems start. If I want the number to be to 2 decimal places written as 25,00 € (this...
  9. M

    Pivot table loosing decimals (vba)

    Greetings, I am using Excel 2003, Windows XP. I am creating a pivot table automatically with vba in a custom built addin. The code creates an empty pivot pointing to a recordset. The users can access the field list and create their pivot any way they choose (the point is to get them the data)...

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