1. S

    Value form a SUM formula doesn't equal the manual calculation

    I have multiple cells in column A that contain formulas calculating values in another sheet. These cells in column A need to be summed together. I have a ROUND formula to two decimal places for each cell in column A. I expanded the decimals and verified that the values have zeros after two...
  2. B

    Divide values with two decimals, how to split the rest

    Hi , i have a formula where values need to be divivded into 3 equal numbers rounded with two decimals: Like 38/3 = 12,67 However as i need the value to be the same as the value before the split, i need to remove 00,01 on one of the values named 12,67, how do i manage that? - its not important...
  3. M

    European formatting number error

    Hi I have a spreadsheet where data for three columns from a certain row is in "European" format. So, $5.50 (fiver dollars and fifty cents), is down as $5,50 i.e with a comma instead of a full stop. This is causing errors with some calculations, as Excel can't handle 5,50/100, for example...
  4. S

    MOD function problem Excel 2013

    Any idea why =MOD(-40,60) would produce -40? On some worksheets, I get the correct answer of 20. On others, I get -40. A fresh Excel session gets me the correct answer so I suspect it's this workbook. If I open a new worksheet in this workbook, I get the correct answer. No decimals are...
  5. C

    Random Numbers totaling "X".

    I want to create a list of random numbers, preferably the ability to choose however many I need so that their total sum equals a value "X". As an example, I need 5 random numbers that total 6,000. I do not want decimals. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris
  6. F

    How To Force Other Cells To Adhere To Decimal Point of a Given Value?

    Hey all, I am looking for a way to create a sheet that will adhere to the decimal positions of a given value. I have one cell that I put information into that is referenced in other cells to generate information for me. Sometimes I need this information to have 2 decimal positions (0.00) and...
  7. C

    Truncating Cells

    Hello I need the letters cut off on the end of these cells. The letters vary from 1-2 characters and there is no space after the number. Some numbers are also decimals. 1ML - 1 450G - 450 120ML - 120 1.5ML - 1.5
  8. R

    Extracting numbers and decimals from cell

    Hi, I have a column of data that is formatted like this: "+$ 29,635.94" for positive numbers and "-$ 50,000.34" for negative numbers. How can I just get the numbers without the negative or positive sign and the dollar sign with the space after it? Thanks!
  9. A

    Rounding won't round!

    Hi all, I have numbers in column B, in column C I have =round(b2,2). Then I copied column C and pasted special values into column B. When I add decimals to column B and look at the total number in the lower right hand bottom of the screen it shows my total as 1,333,844.710005000 The system I...
  10. D

    Rounding shares to whole numbers

    Hi everyone, This is potentially more of a math question, but I'm hoping there is an excel formula that could also help. I'm trying to divide a number of shares by percentages with 14 decimals. The end number of shares needs to be a whole number, however whenever I round I am always left with...
  11. V

    Change number format

    I am trying to change a currency type amount eg: 2,300.60 to a number without commas and decimals as follows 230060 . Does anybody have any ideas Thank you
  12. S

    stuck with problem

    <tbody> 2754 2785 2742 2709 73 0 2636 2719 2696.66425 2712.02986 2662.09163 2595.82745 60.5020826 0 2500.75275 2652.48813 2709 73 0 2636 2719 2696.66425 2712.02986 2662.09163 But I only want to count the absolute numbers that are above 2000 not...
  13. T

    Is there a formula to add decimals to values in a new row?

    I have a data set that does not have any decimals. I turned on fixed decimal and tried to copy the data in a new column, but that didn't work. Instead of having to re-type 30K entries, is there a way to copy the data with no decimals to a new row with decimals? For example: <tbody> Current row...
  14. A

    Quadratic Roots from Decimal to Fraction

    I found UDF that gives the roots to ax^2+bx+c=0 using the quadratic formula. The roots are given in decimals. Is there an easy way to change the decimals to improper fractions? Example: for 15x^2+52x+45=0 the unction returns the roots as -1.8 and -1.667 each in separate cells. What I need is a...
  15. S

    Conditionally Show Decimal Places Withough formulas or conditional formatting

    I have a sheet the pulls data from records to calculate the average length of time different actions we track take to happen. The problem is this sometimes results in nice neat numbers with no or only a few decimal places and sometimes results in irrational numbers showing 9 decimal places. I...
  16. K

    vba userform textbox formatting

    How can I maintain decimals in a textbox but only display in this format: "#,###"? For example, the user inputs a cost estimate of 1,300 for the year so the Jan - Dec text-boxes are populated with 108 but the real number is 108.3333 but when I have the textbox save the data back in the...
  17. T


    Good afternoon, I was wondering if there's any way to conditionally format a cell to display two decimals only if the value in that cell has decimals? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Elias
  18. K

    Aligning periods while keeping them as a percent

    I have fought with this for an hour or two and would greatly appreciate any help. I have a document that I need the periods to be aligned, the need to be in percent format with two decimal places. Some of the numbers have negatives and others have not. All help I've found doesn't keep the...
  19. B

    Paste as values changes the outcome of formula...

    Hello everyone, I am facing an issue with copy/pasting a formula as values which results in my pasted value being incorrect according to me. This is what I did: value 503 in A1. value 1.14 in B1. value 573.42 in C1 (outcome from sum A1 * B1) Value 0.42 in D1 (outcome from sum A1 * B1 - C1)...
  20. E

    Keeping Decimal Places in Formulas

    Help! I have users input a number into a cell. I want that number to automatically format to have 2 decimal places. Then I am using that number and equation to auto-fill another section that has units also autofill in the cell. See below: Left = Auto-filled from right side entry...

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