1. B

    VBA to Concatenate one column data in excel and dedupe additional line items

    Hello, Apologies if this is already on here - I did a search but was not successful in finding anything that is exactly what I'm looking for (and my VBA knowledge is limited...) I am looking to take data I have in an excel spreadsheet and concatenate one column's data for a referenced "tag"...
  2. K

    deduping, formatting and counting the dupes

    I have a need to dedupe a keyword list in Excel 2010. Easy enough. But some of the keywords have "" in them. First off how can I remove the quotes from every cell in a column? Then when I goto dedupe I need to count how many times a keyword was found to be a duplicate. The keyword list is...
  3. P

    Sort, dedupe, merge and format in excel

    I need to send out a holiday email to our clients and have all their data in excel. Simple enough, but I need to create a field/column that shows who in my company the email is from taking into account that in most cases each contact needs to have more than one person appearing in the “from”...

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