1. A

    Counting values in 1 column based on a category in another

    Hello, I need a formula to count values from one column(Vendor) by the category of another. From there need to sum the value if the count is greater/equal to 2. EG.) Category......... Vendor......... Count(formula)........ Value.......... Sum(formula) Blue...
  2. J

    Return all billing codes billed per customer visit

    Hi folks, I need a formula column to aggregate the codes billed per customer visit (solution would look like E2:E10 below). Then later I can include the results in a PivotTable to see the combo frequency of codes billed at this store. There is a large list of customer transactions. Each row...
  3. K

    Find out differential value of two sheets based on criteria match

    Sheet 1 <tbody> ABC 40 DEF 25 GHI 35 XYZ 20 </tbody> Sheet 2 <tbody> ABC 45 DEF 20 GHI 10 PQR 18 XYZ 40 </tbody> I want changes in value in 3rd sheet based on name criteria match of both sheet and additional name and value of sheet 2. Could you please solve my issue.
  4. JTL9161

    Sorting Rank Results

    I have a table that I determine the rank # with this formula:=SUMPRODUCT((ABS(AF7-0)>ABS(AF$5:AF$19-0))+0)+1 To get this: <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:1938;width:40pt" width="53"> <col...
  5. O

    Applying the Excel's Trim Function on the Entire Workbook.

    Hey Excel Gurus, I have a large data with multiple worksheets. Please my requirement this time is for a vba code that performs trimming on the existing data present in all worksheets of my workbook. For example if text is (without the quotation marks): " abc def " the code runs and check for...
  6. R

    copying records to downward dynamically

    Hi, I have spread sheet and wants it to be in new order. Existing sheet Records <tbody> Roll No Name Ph1 ph2 ph3 ph4 ph5 ph6 1 abc 0300 677 748 2 def 767 87 3 hij 88 88 88 88 88 88 </tbody> New look i wants as <tbody> Roll No Name Ph 1 abc 0300 1 abc 677 1 abc 748 2...
  7. J

    Sequential Numbering Based on Data in Cells

    Hello, I am attempting to do the following and would appreciate any help: I have a spreadsheet that looks like the following <tbody> ABC ABC-001 DEF DEF-001 ABC ABC-002 ABC ABC-003 DEF DEF-002 </tbody> I manually enter in the information in the first column. In the second column, I...
  8. A

    Limiting the SPLIT function...

    <tbody> ABC - DEF - GHI - JKL - MNO ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO ABC - DEF - GHI - JKL - MNO ABC DEF </tbody> Using SPLIT with a "-" delimiter gives the first output above - is there a way to limit the command so it splits ONLY the first two parts? Thanks for your help!
  9. J

    Rank by Year/Client/Count when lines are duplicated

    <tbody> YEAR YRFILECNT YEARRANK CLIENT BR STA STACNT 19 342 1 ABC 32 CHIO 207 19 34 1 ABC 32 CHIA 134 19 342 1 ABC 42 LAX 1 19 267 2 DEF 52 SFO 250 19 267 2 DEF 52 SFA 16 19 267 2 DEF 32 CHIA 1 19 223 3 GHI 32 CHIA 222 19...
  10. S

    running numbers in pivot table's row

    i created a pivot table as below. in my table i want to running serial number of every row as sequence wise. Date: 00-00-0000 (report filter) ROW NAME LCB CB VCB LMDF 1 ABC 10 05 15 20 2 DEF 09 12 21 10 3 GHI 15...
  11. P

    Calculation based on previous transactions

    Hi, I have a problem to solve. I have a data set of 7000 transactions and I need to calculate the amount for each transaction as per below formula. Please note that calculation will be done basis of account number. <tbody> Account Number Value Percentage Amount ABC 1000 0.1 =(B2)*C2-0...
  12. gheyman

    Count if used at higher level

    I have a list. The first column is the Parent Part Number, the second is the individual parts that go into each parent. I am trying to see if the individual part is used in more than one parent. What I need is to come up with a percentage. its kind of hard to explain. Hope this helps. The...
  13. M

    VBA code

    Hi, i need help friends for writing VBA code for copying data . For example i have data in A and B columns. when I click on button Data must get Copy as Jan ABC,JAN DEF continue till B end, then a2 b1,a2 b2 etc. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="2"> </colgroup><tbody> A...
  14. E

    Extract name

    Hi I need help on how to extract unique name from the excel cell and then sum up the total score for each name. I have excel sheet where the name for all participates has entered in one cell as example below Name Score ABC;#DEF;#HIJ;# 5 ABC;#XYZ;#HIJ;# 2 MNO;#DEF;#HIJ;# 3...
  15. F

    Large if returning name instead of value

    Because the heading is so clear! I have the following data: <tbody> A B C D E F H I J K UPN Name Year SEN Care FSM Subject Type Class Points 123 abc 7 S Y Y Geography Homework 7L4/Gg 1 456 def 7 Technology Homework 7L4/Te 1 678 ghi 8 S Y Science Disruption to Learning 8a/Sc3 2...
  16. X

    SUMPRODUCT/SUM with criteria

    I have a portfolio with hundred of stocks, but for simplicity, let's say I have three stocks, with their respective PERs and market caps: <tbody> PER Market Cap ABC 15 150 DEF 10 101 XYZ 12 80 Market-cap-weighted average 12.99x Formula ? </tbody> I would like to take a...
  17. K

    Macros : to copy the number down

    Hello, I have 100 GL accounts and each GL has the same list of projects, as example- six projects. I need to copy each GL account down for each project. Can you help to write a Macro to automate this process? <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3876;width:80pt"...
  18. T

    Array formula, copy column to another column ignoring blank

    Hello, I search the forum for something familiar but I cannot find any. Please help me out. Example column H, row 3-10 have data which includes blank. What I want to do is whatever data entered in column I get extracted to column T without the blank. Copy and paste are tedious for hundreds of...
  19. L

    Lookup Formula for Nth Line in Wrapped Text

    I have the following text wrapped with a line break in a single cell: ABC 1232 DEF 456 GHI 78910 I want a lookup formula to just return DEF 456? Can someone help.
  20. X

    Sumifs VBA with multiple criteria in multiple cells

    Hi Excel Champs, Please help me getting this calculated I have data like this <tbody> Date Emp Code Emp Name Productivity AHT 15-02-2018 726462 ABC 254 10 Min 15-02-2018 734840 DEF 123 12 Min 15-02-2018 746569 GHI 656 3 Min 15-02-2018 726462 ABC 153 20 Min 15-02-2018 734840 DEF 345...

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