1. gheyman

    ACCESS: Default Value for a Table Feild

    I have a field that is a Date/Time. It is a required field so I want to put a default in it. I want to add an expression that will give me 90 days from the date the record was entered. I don't think it is =NOW()+90 because I think that includes time. Is it Date()+90?
  2. C

    Datepicker, Default to previous workday

    OK I have this in my code which defaults the datepicker to todays date but I have tried to no avail to get it to use previous workday as defasult date. I know this is gonna be simple but here is what I have now which works for today. PrevRptDate.PrevDTPicker.Value = Date I have tried a few...
  3. R

    View zero values = false with VBA

    Hi All I would like my workbook to default to not view zero values with VBA. Thank you! Russ
  4. A

    Textbox Default Value Not displaying During Userform Initialization; Selection Highlighting

    With the code below, I am trying to highlight a default value of 000000 in a textbox (textbox1) in my userform. This will allow the user to overwrite the default entry without having to first select it. With TextBox1 'rental number 'cb_mri.Visible = False...
  5. C

    Set a default folder when trying to save/print file

    Hi Everyone I hope you can help. I am a bit stuck. I am using the below code to run a macro to print a selection of data to PDF in a destination folder. At the moment this prompts the user to select which folder/directory to select. My intention is that I want to set a default folder...
  6. T

    Change default color for shapes

    I like blue as much as anyone but not for geometric shapes like lines and boxes. How can I change the default color to, say, black?
  7. M

    Using tabbed workbook windows

    Am I wrong, or did Excel use tabbed windows in the past? I have Excel 2016 and all workbooks open in new windows. Wasn't the (old) default behavior tab based? Is there a way to get it back?
  8. H

    Fill Series as default when drag-n-drop

    is there a way to have excel to only allow Fill series instead of copy cells when dragging the + sign down. For example if I input value #2 in a2 and i slecect cell a2 and drag the + (bottom right of cell) to only go to 3,4,5,6 etc, instead of copying the value #2 . If there is a way to...
  9. M

    Setting default values in a query criteria form?

    Hi Folks, I'm sure there is a simple explanation but I am stumped on how to ensure that a default value is used if a user doesn't select a start or end date in a form that feeds the between dates criteria in a simple query. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer or point me to helpful...
  10. J

    Table DropDown Default Value for new Row

    Hi, I have a table, the 3rd column is a drop down with 5 values in it. When I insert a row or add a new row to the table I would like that cell to automatically default to one of the values ie. "ACTIVE" or the first value in the list rather than be an empty cell. Any help always appreciated :)
  11. krishhi

    Excel Datepicker to show by default NA value

    Hello, Is there a way to make a Default Value N/A for Datepicker. So, user will know that there is no date selected for a particular. Thank you in advance.
  12. R

    Fun one - I have a user form that opens with an image embedded, I want a different image to show approx. 1% of the time.

    Just to give the staff using it a nice surprise.... Thinking I could use "Randbetween" 1-100 and say if it's 1 then show image A, if it's 2 then show image B, if not then show image C. Image C would therefore be the default with 98% chance of showing, where image A and B have a 1% chance...
  13. W

    Multiple signatures in email

    I am using a script from Run De Bruin to email from excel. However it pulls the signature from the default email account. How can i create multiple signatures and swap them based on a cells content? IE. if b1 - mike then the email would be mikes signature, if b1 = steve then it would use...
  14. A

    Setting Focus On A Textbox And Preparing Default Text To Be Over Written By User Input

    On my userform, a combobox change event is triggered when the user changes the value from the dropdown. If the user selects "Other", this code is executed: Private Sub uf1cbx1_operatorini_Change() If uf1cbx1_operatorini.Value = "Other" Then With uf1lbl1_name .Locked =...
  15. P

    Change Excel Default picture location

    I have added a new drive to my computer and I want to change the default location of the pictures. I have changed it in word but can't work it out in excel. Can you help ?
  16. S

    how to change code to late binding

    hi folks, I tried to change code to late binding but messed it up at all. I am very beginner, so I ask you. Can somebody help ? I need it because code runs betweeen different stations with different office versions... can you help ? thanks '-------------------------------------------------...
  17. B

    Pivot Table Layout - setting a default on Layout-Format tab

    For some reason on the Layout and Format tab, under the Layout option, the "Merge and center cells with labels" is checked when I first create a new pivot table (it seems to be a default setting). I looked in the backstage options on the Data tab (I'm running 365 on my computer) but I don't...
  18. D

    What is wrong with this vba code

    Sub Workbook_Open() 'Application.WindowState = xlMaximized txtName.Value = "Type sheet name here." End Sub I am just trying to make a default value appear for a text box upon open of worksheet and it won't work and I don't know why.
  19. P

    Clear control boxes to default value on Userform

    Hi Everyone, I'm working with Text and Combo boxes on a Tabstrip in a Userform. I have multiple Tabs on which the user will input data and then click a button to write the data to various worksheets. So far so good. My problem is that because Tabstrips share the same controls I want to reset...
  20. T

    Nomenclature: textbox names same as field names

    I expect there's an obvious answer to the following question, but I've not been able to find one: is the Access default of textboxes having the same name as the field that's the control source how it should be done? Since I lack enough experience and understanding of what's going on under the...

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