1. J

    VBA Open Access database

    Getting a compile error: User defined type not defined Sub connecttoDB() Dim accessconn As accdb.Connection Set accessconn = New accdb.Connection accessconn.connectionstring = "provider=microsoft.ace.olebd.12.0;data source = S:\WL.accdb" accessconn.Open End Sub
  2. J

    Sumif with a defined named table?

    All I am trying to say is I want the sum of column D if no value in my defined named revenue (KNOWN_REVENUE) matches anything in column C. This is probably way off. =SUMIFS(D:D,C:C,<>KNOWN_REVENUE) Here is an example. KNOWN_REVENUE APPLES PEARS ORANGES column C column D APPLES...
  3. J

    Define Variable in subrotine

    Have a main sub code and then call another subroutine. All variables have been defined in the main code. However when using the variable in the subroutine I get an error that the variable has not been defined. How can I make sure that variables don't need to be defined in subroutines - but...
  4. D

    Run time error '1004' application-defined or object-defined error

    I'm getting the run time error at the point of Auto fill code (noted in red below). I've used this code before with no issues. The Range seems to be defined correctly and the last row was defined earlier in the macro. Sheets("DC_ORDER").Select Range("G2").Select...
  5. B

    Need a macro code!

    Hi! I need a macro code that will automaticly multiply a user defined cell value with a lists value. But the hook is that i need the cell's user defined value to be on the cell display but the value that the cell is defined as is the product of the list and the cells user defined value
  6. M

    Copying a column from one workbook to another

    Hi all. Long time lurker here. Usually I can get my excel question answered by searching the forums but I'm having a bit of a problem with this one, despite its simplicity. I have two workbooks open, I want to transfer what is in cell H9:H50 in my first open workbook to H9:H50 in the second...
  7. S

    VBA Toggle Button on "Fluid" Rows using a Defined Name

    Hello all! Trying to add some dynamics into a chart that our office uses in some reports. We have a few areas of the chart that will be used in some reports and not others, and I would like to have the option to hide and show those sections (rows) at will. I would prefer not to manually show and...
  8. W

    vlookup giving false returns

    OK, my manager and I are going crazy here. We have the following formula: =IFERROR(SUM(VLOOKUP(B2,cost8,2,FALSE)),"No Return") cost8 is the defined name for where to search for the value from B2. The exact same formula works on another spreadsheet for period 7, however; this one doesn't work...
  9. J

    Vlookup - existing table with a defined percentage converting to a decimal for a calculation

    I am trying to use a cell that is already defined as a percentage and converting it to a decimal instead of adding another column of cells for a vlookup calculation: k2:k21 are defined as xx.x% in column 11. I am trying the following with any result: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A$3,'Company...
  10. N

    ComboBox in VBA for excel having limitations. Searching becomes difficult

    Operational Issue 1. I've defined row source of combox having 30 items. So range from A1: A30. it all 30 items. As per the rows defined from the sheet. When searched or simply typed in it searched upto its limitation i.e not more than 10 items. I dont understand why. Though I have...
  11. P

    IUIAutomation not defined

    Hi All, I am using Excel 2007. The following statement in Excel VBA is giving "User-defined type not defined" error message. Dim AutomationObj As IUIAutomation Does it mean that 2007 version do not support IUIAutomation ? Thanks in advance. PS. Windows 7 64-bit OS.
  12. G

    Dynamic 'Defined Name' values within a formula not providing expected results

    Have a formula: =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIFS( INDIRECT("'"&$A$2&"'!$H$3:$H$99955"), $A$2 & UAT, INDIRECT("'"&$A$2&"'!$G$3:$G$99955"), $A$2 & Defect)) WHERE $A$2 refers to a dynamic value which serves as a prefix in the Defined Name naming convention. Results being returned are not in agreement with...
  13. H

    VBA puts formula into dynamic range

    Hi, I have no idea why this won't work. I get an application-defined/object-defined error. I have wsC defined earlier in the code. Range1/2/3 are Defined Name Ranges in the workbook. Any help is appreciated. Dim lastrow2, LastColumn As Long LastColumn = wsC.Cells(2...
  14. H

    Sort financial statements pivot with custom list

    Hi, . I'm trying to sort a pivot with financial statement line items with a few parent categories. The idea is once it calls up trial balance amounts/time series it should look like an actual income statement/balanace sheet etcI have a hierarchy defined (below link). Could anyone give me a tip...
  15. X

    run time error 1004

    I can't seem to figure out why I am getting the runtime error 1004 (Application defined or object defined error) For iRow = 2 To lrow wsA.Cells(iRow, IDcol + 2) = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(wsA.Cells(iRow, IDcol + 1), wsB.Range("$A$1:$D$3000"), 3, False) Next iRow Thanks.
  16. C

    Object defined error?

    Hi everybody, Can somebody tell me why Excel is giving me an error message "Application or Object defined error" for this code? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim a As Integer Dim b As Integer For a = 5 To 1 Step -1 For b = 1 To 4 Cells(a, b).Value =...
  17. A

    Using cell value as a defined name

    Good Day Dear Experts, I wish to use the text value in a cell to refer to a defined Name with a specific numerical value. Somehting like this: A1 = bwt Using Name Definition: bwt = 100. C1 = bwt* (another number). However, I want to use the cell value as a reference to the defined Name, i.e: C1...
  18. A

    Display and count unique values in date range

    Hi all, Im standing in front of the task (see picture attached) and I cannot to figure it out . Does anybody has idea how to achieve desired result based on the criterias defined? The result should be done by fromula, not by pivot or vba. If possible, do not use any formula in data table... Im...
  19. I

    Syntax Question - Passing a Table Name & Header Name as a variable

    I'm developing an excel application for a variety of users, and as a result several routines require the adaptability to test the location of several key columns of data. The goal with this small function is to identify the column index of a specified column via the header value. By assigning...
  20. M

    Need to Copy Date Field Across Range Based on Criteria

    I fetch a report in the below format. I want date value to be copied in column C. For an example : First group of data is related to 6/8/2018 in which I need date to be copied in corresponding cell to "Group Value" till last ID given in that group or before the next date comes in and so on. Data...

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