1. V

    VBE Properties Windows Backspace Key Lag When Editing

    Hello all. I have this annoying issue on VBE for Excel where it lags when I use the backspace key to edit any properties of any object in VBE. For example, a Userform Caption. I believe it is not due to my keyboard settings because everywhere else the backspace key works with no delay at all...
  2. H

    Countif with Criteria only visible cells

    Hello Friends, I am using this formula to count cells if they contain the word DELAY in Cell A1 =COUNTIF(A2:A10,"*"&"Delay"&"*") Here is a sample list From A2 to A10 Delay 25 Days On Time Delay 52 Days Early 12 Days On Time Delay 52 Days Early 12 Days On Time Delay 52 Days I want the...
  3. H

    userform Update

    I need some Help with my userform i can Read in my textbox and see it in the Cell But my Label's Aint Update until i Restart userform again on the userform there is Textbox 1 - 16 and Labels from 1- 28 and Command button 1-28 the Commandbutton's Works ( each Command Button Get Labels Flashing...
  4. H

    Delaying production

    Hi there, I have a large excel model with multiple assumptions behind it. It works on a 250 month basis so is quite large and there are several types of production curves in the model. What I want to do is to be able to set a delay on when the production starts for each production curve. So...
  5. J

    Run-time error trapping question

    Back again folks with another question that is plaguing me and I am hoping someone will rescue me once again. The site that I am trying to scrape from is The code that I am using is the following: ' Dim IE As New InternetExplorer Dim...
  6. W

    Code doesn't work unless delay is added

    Hi all, I can't wrap my head around this. I have a userform that will resize frames and listboxes based on the number files in the folder. However the resize doesn't work unless I input either 'DoEvents' or 'Wait' into the code. The code is in the form and not in a separate module. Private...
  7. R

    Delay VBA before running

    Hi all I am using this code (Courtesy of Fluff) Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Range("A:A").AutoFilter 1, "<>0" End Sub The issue that I'm having is that when I open the sheet with this code, it runs before the sheet is calculated. The reason for that is that I have calculation set to...
  8. A

    Delay or Pause durring macro after send keys

    Hi all, Struggling a bit with this one. Basically i have a sheet which is protected from user changes, easy enough to unprotect to update prior to automatically refreshhing. My problem is I am using sendkeys to run a refresh on a third party software addin to excel which when runs just on...
  9. K

    Time delayed self-disappearing Shape

    Hello, VBA Nation. I am using Excel for Mac 2016. I would like a Shape to popup and disappear in a few seconds after a macro is finished. It works in Step Into mode, but does not when is attached to a button or ran from VBA Editor.The Shape does not want to appear. I will appreciate any input...
  10. M

    Need formula or VBA count the delays

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Note: Colours in column D are filled just to explain the example purpose </SPAN></SPAN> In the column D I got some sequence of numbers and I got a formula, which counts the length of 0's in the G6:G19 now I need a formula, which can count delay of the 0's length in...
  11. G

    Delay before the right drop down menu appears i when unhiding a row

    Hi, I have a series of questions in rows where there are corresponding drop down menus for each question. The questions appear one by one depending on the answer to the prior question. When a new question appears there is a delay before the corresponding drop down menu appears. The viewer sees...
  12. R

    Save Delay

    I have the following code. Is it possible to delay the save by a minute? so once the change is made to the cells it will save the workbook a minute later? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Range("K6:k8800"), Target) Is Nothing Then ActiveWorkbook.Save If Not...
  13. P

    Multiple if, or, and, not statement issue

    Hi, I have been trying to achieve below result in excel but unable to do so as i am getting 'False' error. Can anybody please help me? If WFA/On Hold, Force Date + Delay If R3 Date <= End of Month: If Offer Process If Force Date <= End of Month, Force Date + Avg Hire time as per location...
  14. T

    Add delay into Loop in VBA without locking Excel

    Hi Experts, I have searched the site and others but I can't seem to find a way to do what I am trying to do. - I have a Macro that runs another Program and needs to run one by one down the Excel file. - The Macro runs the file fine, but the Program writes back to Excel values that I need for...
  15. M

    If statement help??

    I created the below formula to calculate length of our hiring process. It will show pending, if the hire hasn't completed yet. IF(R2="HIRED",IFERROR(DATEDIF(AF2,AV2,"D"),""),"PENDING") Now, I want to account for hiring delays that are created by the candidate. Meaning, they're not looking to...
  16. J

    Comparing values within a named range

    Hi, I am learning about named ranges. I have a set of records that provides information about when an event starts and ends. There are multiple events that occur within a day. I need to determine what the delay was between each event. See the table below for an example. The named ranges are...
  17. M

    Check delay with past occurance.

    Hello, I require to check delay 3 of each character (1 with 1, X with X & 2 with 2) with the past occurrence of the same character. For example column C, start-checking delay of "X" is in cell C7 steps back in cell C6 result is "X" (so far delay of "X" in C7 = 1 Print delay result in F7 = 1)...
  18. J

    Moderators: Unreliable forum GUI

    Moderators, this forum's GUI has become extremely unreliable. By that, I mean: shortly after an article index page is displayed, I cannot reposition the cursor or select an article. (I am using IE 11 on Win7.) I believe the delay is caused by the time that it takes for the ad at the top of...
  19. R

    Spreadsheet constantly recalculating

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that is currently 7800 rows and goes to column BK. A few months back I noticed that everytime I change anything, for instance use a filter at the top of one of the columns, there is a 20 to 30 second delay which also sort of locks up my spreadsheet and at the very bottom...
  20. L

    delay between lines in macro

    I have a macro with 3 lines. all of them open action query the first kill all records in a table. the second - add new records to the same table, the third line create a new table based on step 2 I got bad results. the new table is not refress and the contens remain as it was before if I am...

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