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    vba Delete Row(s) not matching table criteria Macro

    So i'll do my best to try and explain this. I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs (DataExport; FilterCriteria) The DataExport tab is every computer i pulled from active directory (real long list) Column A is the PC name and Column B is the OU it resides in. The FilterCriteria tab Column A is a list...
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    VBA to Delete Rows based on value of a cell

    Hi all, As part of a bigger macro, I'm adding code that will delete rows of data if the value in column O is 0 and I can't seem to get it to function correctly. Data in column O is a dummy variable that's been created based on data in other columns and is posted as a value, rather than formula...
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    delete rows across multiple tabs

    Ok so I am still a little new to macros so be gentle and please help it will be greatly appreciated. I have a macro and I want to delete any row that has the following text in a cell ISN or MTS across 35 tabs. current macro is only deleting ISN and MTS in active sheet. Sub Delete_Rows_ISN3()...
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    Conditional table row delete (table positioning issue)

    Ran into an unexpected issue with conditional Table row delete. I have two tables with each checking the other for contents (with ISNUMBER & MATCH formula). I'm trying to delete all table rows from Table MASTER where ID value doesn't exist in Table QUERY - easy enough. After launching the...
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    Trying to Delete only Table Rows-VBA

    Hello Everyone. I am using a macro to import data from other sheets in my workbook to a table. I am then using another code to delete rows with zero in column "E". The problem I am having is that it is deleting the entire row from the sheet, not just the table row. I have other information...
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    Delete Row if value found from list of things to be removed

    I’ve inherited a transactional database that’s causing meproblems as there’s no governance around changing things… Fix #1 I guess! In the meantime, I’m trying to get a solution. What I need to build is a macro that can pull downloadeddata into a new sheet (I’ve got this already) It then...
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    Delete rows if cells value, across all worksheets!?

    Hi All, I've gotten myself in a right mess, sulked like a child and deleted all my work! What I would like is the main body of a macro which I will hopefully adjust to what I need and I can call upon the sub within another macro. I want to be able to delete multiple rows if column A cells...
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    Deleting rows when parameters are met in two columuns

    I presently have a code that will delete all rows if the cell value in column C is matching from data (Me.TxtPRI.Vaue) in a UserForm Private Sub Update() lr = .Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row For I = lr To 1 Step -1 If .Cells(I, "C") = CDbl(Me.TxtPRI.Value) Then...
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    Help with VBA to delete anything lsss the 30mins

    HI i am very new to VBA, I have been working on them but mainly finding them on the net and then pasting and adjusting them to suit. i require help to work out how to delete a row if in column N the time is less than 30mins. Also to note when I paste the data into the excel sheet it is in text...
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    Help! Simple cut, paste, delete row help needed!

    Hi, I am trying to format an excel file where two rows combine into one row and empty rows are removed. The goal is to insert two columns to the left of the sheet, then CUT the cells in C4:D4 (A4:B4 on the screenshot before two columns were inserted) the highlighted data, where the Part number...
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    Delete entire row if cell date is older than 30 days from one of 3 locations.

    I have an excel worksheet that is set to update the next cells with a date if a value was changed in a cell. This then copies the entire row to another worksheet called Changes if any value in K, M changes In Cell K is the data and in L is the date it was last amended. The same in Cells M & N...
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    Delete rows with specific value in a cell

    How can I delete an entire row when there is a 0 value is a certain cell, say A1. Thanks for your help
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    Excel VBA to delete rows that dont match cell value

    I am looking to write a VBA to delete rows based on a call value within Sheet13. If the value in column A (over 50,000 rows) does not match the cell value in H1, then delete that row. With the amount of rows, I am concerned with the speed and efficiency of the code.
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    Delete rows ( <> time cells)

    Hello, I am looking for solution to delete rows with event time which I am not intrested in. As for example I would like to delete/clear every rows between time 6:00 AM and 6:05 AM with macro. What is more I would be great if macro would ignore the date and focus only on time because it is...
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    VBA code for deleting rows that contains #VALUE!

    Hello, I need help with providing the right code. After doing one Macro automation, I would like to delete any rows that have a cell value of "#VALUE!" (which is essentially a computed formula that comes back with that message). Is it possible for it to be done? And keep in mind that this...
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    Deleting rows of data causing #REF error

    I have a worksheet that users input employee names and date of birth for various calculations. A few users are deleting rows that are causing #REF errors with the calculations and I am looking for a solution around it. Indirect or Offset are options I am considering to solve the issue. Here...
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    I want the row I copy into new sheet to stay in original sheet as well (script)

    Hi, this script copy the entire row into another sheet based on text value in a cell. Copy works fine. However it also delete the row copied from original sheet, and I need it to stay! I need the row to stay and be copied, not copied and deleted. How can I get rid of line "Cell.EntireRow.Delete"...
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    Finding Text and Delete entire Row, in Excel as Object

    I have been working in document.docx where I want to open Excel file as object, find some text in this object and delete entire row of found text. I had opened the EMEA CC FINAL LIST.xls successfully but I am getting error in finding the text. I am new to VBA, please help. Dim xC As Object...
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    Delete rows from summary sheet

    Hello All, I have taken over a workbook and it looks absolutely messy. I need to be able to delete rows from the summary sheet of the workbook, without compromising the data on the other sheets. How can I do this?
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    VBA List comparison

    Hi all. thanks you in advance for your help. I am new at VBA and have been trying to compare 2 lists and add or delete records as needed. Both the lists are in tables of which I also need formulas added. Hopefully the detail below makes it easier to understand. Column B on this sheet is the list...

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