delete cell content

  1. B

    Delete Cell Content at the end of code.

    Thanks for looking at my post. I am trying to figure out how delete the text typed in cell AE30 at the end of the code below. Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range) Set target = Range("AE30") If target.Value = "unprotect" Then Call up_all_sheets End If If target.Value = "protect" Then...
  2. T

    Macro for deleting part of a cell's content?

    Hi all, I'm brand new here so apologies if I am posing this question in the wrong place. I am moving information from an exported automated report to a new, separate worksheet. The information I need help with is regarding the date column. The automated report generates a date AND a time...
  3. C

    Statement in Macro. If target cell contents start with a "z", then select target range and delete.

    Hi. Looking for help on a macro please. Example: Column A contains data. I need an statement which can delete the cell contents of a certain range say A2:A12 only if Cell A2 contents begins with the letter "z" Thanks for viewing.
  4. K

    Search cell content and delete if blank

    Dear all, I want to write a macro which will run in relative cell references 1. The macro starts at cell A1, say, activated by ctrl"k" 2. After the macro starts, it checks the content of cell C1 3. If the C1 is blank, delete the cell content. 4. If C1 is not blank, skip to C2 5. Repeat step 3...
  5. W

    Delete cell contents if the cell contains numerical value

    Hi there I am a VBA newbie. Recently I have been practising writing my own macros in VBA. I am using Excel 2010. I have been trying to write a macro to look at two columns in a worksheet (say, columns D and E) and to delete the contents (not the formatting, and I don't want to delete the cell...
  6. A

    Delete Rows Starting With Specified Number

    I have found this code from another thread on this forum for deleting the row that contains a cell (in column B) that begins with a specific letter. I would like to perform the same task for numbers. Simply replacing the C* with 2* has not worked. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sub...
  7. R

    Protection to Allow Clear Contents but NOT Deletion

    I have a workbook without any VBA code, where I want to allow the user to clear the contents of the Data sheet, but I would like to prevent them from Deleting cell (right-click delete) which will break my dynamic formulas pointing to the range where new data will be pasted. If the user presses...
  8. girapas

    Blank a cell if the contents of another cell deleted

    Say that in every cell (A1 to A10) of a sheet, I select an item with Data Validation / List. The list is a named one (say 'List1'). After each selection I enter data (only numbers) to the adjacent cells (the same row, columns B to D). What I want is when I delete the content of cells B1 to D10...
  9. A

    Delete cell content in entire workbook if background color is yellow

    I am looking for a vba code that would delete the content of a cell based on its background color. My workbook has several worksheets in which cells have a light yellow background if the user can input in them. Now I created a button which would reset the entire model, ie delete the content...

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