delete row macro

  1. E

    Delete row and row below (vba)

    Hi excel gurus, is it possible to delete a row if the cell contains "Building 101" AND delete the row below too? e.g: Random Building 101 Yes Hello World The goal would be to delete Building 101 and Yes however the rows below would also be shifted up i.e: Random...
  2. B

    Delete row if containing a certain text Value

    Hi, I'm looking at stock data over the past 20 years and some companies have missing data. This is showing as 'N/A' Id like to delete the entire column if any cell contains an 'N/A'. I've tried to do this through the F5 function but this only selects the individual cell and not the entire...
  3. J

    Remove Row if two cells are blank from a result on another sheet

    Hi all My excel knowledge is beginner at best! Need your help! I want to remove a complete row if cell B5 and below, and D5 and below are BOTH blank or show " " result from another worksheet. Many thanks
  4. tlc53

    Delete Entire Row when two cells are blank

    Hi there, Data is entered into range A9 to L (row unknown as data keeps being added). I would like a macro to delete the entire row if BOTH the cells in column E and F are blank. If only one is blank, it shouldn't be deleted. I'm not really hitting the mark so far with my code. Sub...
  5. E

    Macro to delete rows based on a certain value in a cell

    Hi everyone, I have an Excel spreadsheet with a column (column Z) that contains multiple values (C, G, M and S). I would like to create a Macro to delete the rows that contain the value of G in this particular column. So, for example, if cell Z18 has a value of G I'd like the Macro to delete...
  6. J

    VBA to input/delete row and copy data

    Hello, I'm trying to create Two Macros but I'm completely lost since I have not much experience building them. Those macros will be linked to different buttons. First Macro (Add Row/Copy Data) Two different sheets I create a function which returns "c" at the last row I would like to add a row...
  7. D

    VBA to delete row based on cell value

    I'm trying to get some code to help me delete rows from a data set when a value in column I = 2016, everything I've seen so far just ends up deleting all rows of data, now those that I've tried to specify as having 2016 in column I There are several hundred rows of data and it gets refreshed...
  8. M

    for the set of words, entire row should delete in a whole worksheet

    for example, In the worksheet, I have word in the Column M Row 20 as Implement Column A Row 15 as Block Column C Row 30 as Hold I want to eliminate/delete by these rows in a entire worksheet ( contain the word as Implement, Block and Hold). Kindly help with this macro
  9. A

    Remove entire row based on a text that starts with a specific letter (beginner) vba macro

    Hi, how can I achieve deleting the entire row based on a text starting with letter "X" actually, I already have the code below from my previous inquiry and I just forgot to include this particular requirement. is there any way to embed the missing function? sub duplicate() Dim Rng As Range...
  10. A

    Delete duplicate rows keep last entry using vba macro (beginner)

    Hi, I have a sheet containing duplicate employee ID in column B. So what I would like to do next is to delete those duplicate entries (by row) and will just retain the last entry in the sheet. Row Column A Column B Column C Column D 1 PHMBIA Maricel A. Chemical...
  11. J

    Help!!!! Vba code to delete rows in one sheet based on criteria from another sheet...

    Hi I am a newbie to Excel VBA Coding so take it easy on me i this is a stupid question. So, I will try to explain what I need as best I can: So, I have a spreadsheet (we'll call it S1) that has over 3000 rows of data. Each row corresponds to a customer that has various customer related columns...
  12. L

    Out of memory when deleting rows

    I try to run the VBA code below to delete all of the rows is the range row 12-100 what are empty in the C column. Anyhow I get "out of memory" error when running this. Any idea about why? For i = 100 To 12 Step -1 If Cells(i, 3) = "" Or Cells(i, 3) = "Name" Then...
  13. A

    End Dates & Self Destruct Date

    Good afternoon excel gurus. I'm currently working on a project with several rows that have expiration dates in Column E. I have 2 tabs, 1 labeled "TRACKER" and the other labeled "ARCHIVE". The expiration dates in the tracker tab are set so that once the expiration date is passed, the row turns...
  14. U

    Delete a row at a time based on user input

    I hope someone can help me. I have a spreadsheet that has records that I need to delete based on a scanned value. Long story short, I want to be able to scan a barcode for an MO# (see below), search for the MO in colomn B, have it delete the row that has the MO#, then go back to the prompt...
  15. M

    Delete a row when cell value equals zero macro

    hi all , i have and excel sheet which is a compilation of various sheets copied from different sources . i want to delete the rows where their cells in column e equals zero starting from e3 as e2 has a zero value i want to keep. the sheet that contains that column is named "all data" thanks a...
  16. N

    Delete previous row if cell contains text

    Hey all Trying to find the best way to find a solution to: If cell in Column A contains "Text", then delete that row, plus previous 150 rows. or If cell in Column A contains "Text", then delete that row, plus all blank previous rows. In all sheets in the entire workbook Thanks for any help...
  17. M

    Modify and Enhance My Recorded Code - Delete Rows Based on Value

    I searched many sites and used codes which delete Rows based on criteria. In my case those codes works, BUT it took so much time about 30 min since there is about 75 thsd rows, and that solution in not time saver. I recorded code below and it is done in seconds. I need help to make it dynamic...
  18. A

    Run VBA on Event Change Delete Row

    I have some VBA built that handles code on worksheet Selection Change that works fine. But I have some formulas that it is automatically inserting referencing other cells. However, when I have to delete a row (due to duplicate information), the cell formulas do not automatically update. I...
  19. K

    Delete rows using macro, loop to all sheets

    Hi guys, I need a Macro that will look for 0 in column A and delete the row. I then need that to loop to do the same on all work sheets. I've been trawling the net for ages and can't come up with anything. Can anyone help please?
  20. khawarameer

    Deleting Blank Rows (VBA)

    Dear All, I have a large worksheet with approx 55600 rows. However many rows in the sheet are empty. I used a macro to delete empty rows but it is giving me "Run time error '6' ". Here is the code i am using Sub Deleterow() Dim xlastrow As Integer Dim xrow As Integer xrow = 1...

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