delete row on cell value

  1. D

    Macro to delete rows based on cell values in a range - dynamic rows and columns

    Hello team, I would like to ask for help with the following macro as I just can't figure it out, I tried so many versions but nothing worked for me. I need to remove all rows in my sheet that do not contain value greater than 50 in any cell in a given row. That means that if the value is less...
  2. Q

    Delete Entire Row Skipping Rows

    Hello All, I am trying to delete all rows with a value of "1" in column "Q" (or 17). The issue that I am having is that the code works, kind of, as it deletes the majority of the rows, but skips some rows. My observation is if there are say 5 rows with the following values in column Q (by...
  3. C

    Delete Entire Row if Certain Cell is Blank in Each Row

    Hi guys, I am compiling a long list of data in about 800 rows or so. I want to run a macro that when clicked, will loop through the rows and delete any rows that do not have a value in, say for example, cell A1,b1,c1 etc... all the way down the line. I'm unsure if I will need extra code to...
  4. A

    Remove entire row based on a text that starts with a specific letter (beginner) vba macro

    Hi, how can I achieve deleting the entire row based on a text starting with letter "X" actually, I already have the code below from my previous inquiry and I just forgot to include this particular requirement. is there any way to embed the missing function? sub duplicate() Dim Rng As Range...
  5. S

    Not Enough Memory - Remove Rows Containing Blank Values in Specified Column From All Open Workbooks

    I have been using a macro to pull together worksheets from all open workbooks into a single sheet discussed here: Combining All Open Workbooks into Single Worksheet I then have another macro I have been using that removes a row if there is no value within a specified column shown here: Sub...
  6. Prevost

    Code to rows does not delete every row?

    Hi There. I have this code below which is deleting rows that contain a certain value in the corresponding C column. (I am cleaning up bills of materials that have these redundant lines in them). I have written code like this before to delete lines and it works, but it seems to miss some lines...
  7. S

    Delete data with blank or zero values

    I've always used the VBA autofilter solution to find zero values then delete target row. Works great and is fast... Now I'm facing a new quandary with additional data elements Col A Col B Col C Jan Feb Mar Apr Client A Product 1 Actual Sales 0 0...
  8. D

    Macro to find row and delete it

    Hello I need a macro to run every time I press a button (form control). It should read the cell value (number) in cell i3 then it should look in columm B3-B20 for that value in case it finds it, it should delete that row (row a-g) it should also create a new row so the total number of rows...
  9. S

    VBA delete row if cell is blank

    Just learning vba and trying to put it together. If I want to delete a row if a value in its column is blank. So if it was column F and starting from F1. F1 & F2 are blank and F8 & F9 are blank etc i would want to delete rows 1,2 & 8,9. This is how I am setting it up but cannot get it to...
  10. B

    Deleting row based on cell value

    I've seen several posts on how to do this, but in each of these situations the cells used for deleting had one piece of information in it. I have cells that have a long string of values and I need to delete the row for a specific part of the string. This is what one cell looks like...
  11. G

    VBA Code to Add row headings, delete rows based on value

    Excel 2007 Windows XP Happy Monday! I would appreciate help in creating a macro to format my report from looking like this: <tbody> Employee Name Activity Name Nathan Manager: Ron 7/22/12 Phone Break Phone Lunch Actvity1 Break Actvity1 Break Activity3...

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