delete rows vba

  1. N

    Delete Row IF condition is met, IF NOT proceed to next condition etc

    Hi everyone, I've been googling my heart out but still haven't found the VBA code / solution I am after. Let's say I've got 2 spreadsheets named spreadsheet1 and spreadsheet2. In spreadsheet1 there are hundreds of rows with relevant data and I have already turned the autofilter on. The unique...
  2. J

    Help!!!! Vba code to delete rows in one sheet based on criteria from another sheet...

    Hi I am a newbie to Excel VBA Coding so take it easy on me i this is a stupid question. So, I will try to explain what I need as best I can: So, I have a spreadsheet (we'll call it S1) that has over 3000 rows of data. Each row corresponds to a customer that has various customer related columns...
  3. M

    Delete Non-Contiguous Rows, Excel VBA

    I have a spreadsheet that users can only modify through userforms. One userform is meant to allow users to select entire rows of the spreadsheet and delete the data. My current code works when one row is selected or when one contiguous block of rows is selected, but fails when several non...
  4. L

    Select row of current selected cell (Excel 2007)

    Goal is to delete all rows from row 2 to the row of current selected cell. For example if I have select a cell in row 230 selected I want to delete rows("2:230"). I tried ActiveSheet.Rows("2:" & row_number).Delete. But this give me a Run-time error '13': Type mismatch. Any help would be...
  5. M

    Code to delete row when certain criteria met

    Hello Again Forum, I am trying to delete rows when ever a cell in column G says "No Data" and a cell on the same row in column E is blank. Below is my code: lRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row Do While lRow > 0 If Cells(lRow, 7) = "No Data" And Cells(lRow, 5) = "" Then...
  6. P

    VBA to identify one criteria then delete rows based on another

    I have some simple VBA that highlights the entire row if fields in a column match a certain criteria, however, I would now like the VBA to look at the cells in another column that have been highlighted and delete the row if the cell contains the same value above or below. See example below, rows...
  7. T

    Trying to delete rows from a very large spreadsheet

    I am a novice at VBA and trying to figure this out with no luck. I currently use Excel 2003. In a very large workbook, I would like to find all rows that are more than three years old, or older than a certain date, and delete that row. There are roughly 360 worksheets in the workbook...
  8. B

    Deleting rows not containing value

    I am trying to delete all rows until the macro reaches the row that contains "Loan Detail" in column A. I am using the following code, it seems to find the row but deletes it. I want it to delete UNTIL reaching that row. Any input? Sub DeleteRow() Dim F Dim MyValue MyValue = "Loan Detail"...
  9. R

    Delete 2 last rows

    I need to delete my 2 last populated rows, i have this code: Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Select that will select the row right below the last populated cell. I need the macro to select the two rows above the one that the code selects, and delete it! THANKS!

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