1. G

    Macro Clear Button

    I have created a clear button on my sheet to reset certain cells to 0 etc. However in some of the cells formulas are also being deleted. Can someone tell me how to correct this problem, leave the formulas intact. Thanks all GT
  2. D

    Lock Columns A, B & C, but Still Allow Rows to be Added or Deleted

    Greeting - is it possible to just lock columns A, B & C from being edited, but still allow rows to be added or deleted? I using Excel 2016. Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
  3. J

    Lock Formula Return Value

    Is there a way to lock the return value of a formula. I need my vlookup formula to return the value and leave it unchanged because the data range vlookup is pulling from will be deleted on a daily basis. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. R

    Prevent first row to be deleted

    Hi, This is part of my code: .Range(.Cells(2, 1), .Cells(2, 1).End(xlDown)).AutoFilter Field:=1, _ Criteria1:="xxxx" .Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).EntireRow.Delete This code will also delete the first row (header) in my sheet. Is there a way to exclude the...
  5. E

    Easy way to delete Tabs

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone new a macro that deleted specific tabs based on part their name. I have a macro that creates new tabs, but every tab has "Sheet 1" in it, the later tabs have "Sheet 1 (2)", "Sheet 1 (3)", etc. I just need those tabs to be deleted at the push of a button. I...
  6. D

    Excel Workbook running very slow (Less than 5MB)

    Hello, I use a workbook with around 3 Macros (No use as of now), it had around 8 tabs. The file size is around 3.30 Mb. This workbook is used to add products into our CRM system (after saving it to CSV) however this workbook is full of calculations (at least 30 columns which is automated using...
  7. P

    Deleting a column and keeping correct formula.

    Hi. I am sure there is a very simple solution to this. I have a list of names across rows, underneath is a number (starting at 1). What I want to do is to have a formula that means even if a column is deleted, the number adjusts itself so that it all runs correctly. The formula that I...
  8. M

    Recover Deleted Tab - I think we are out of luck

    Ok, so one of our executives often works on excel files straight from email - in other words, he opens an excel file straight from an email and DOES NOT save the file before making changes. He will have 20 excel workbooks open all in READ ONLY status. Well, he worked on a READ ONLY file for...
  9. A

    vba code

    hello I need a vba code: ıf cell deleted then cell.offset(0 , next all in range) be delete
  10. S

    Error message on opening

    Hello, I am getting an error message which states "Sorry, we could not find C:\Users\Simon\Downloads\QuotesAddIn64.xll. Is it possible that it was moved, renamed or deleted"? This file was for an add in that I unsuccessfully tried to install. I have searched my PC for the file without...
  11. willow1985

    How to always Reference Cell even if row is deleted?

    I am using the below formula but always get a reference error when I delete row 14. I always want it to reference C14 even if the row is deleted. Any idea how to incorporate an absolute or index in this formula? =EOMONTH(C14,0) Thank you to anyone who can answer this!
  12. J

    Delete selected Range in selected Sheets

    Deleteselected Range in selected Sheets Cananyone help with a code that deletes a Range starting in "A7" to bedeleted in all Sheets except two in the workbook? Rangecan vary in number of Rows. Afterall Sheets are deleted, cell "A7" must be active on all sheets thathave been deleted...
  13. U

    Deleting query

    I want to delete NA from my spreadsheet without getting it deleted from middle of the words like original using vba. Please help
  14. I

    VLOOKUP code deleted if user types in cell

    Hi, I have this code in various cells,obvioulsy each with a different cell reference. =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($B12,INDIRECT("INFO!$CV$2:$DB$"&COUNTA(INFO!$CV:$CV)),5,FALSE),"") I select a customers name in cell B then VLOOKUP populates cells C D & E Now column D refers to how much the customer has...
  15. R

    VBA to insert text

    Hi all I would like a word to be inserted into a cell if it is blank. Example: If A1 has any value in it and it is deleted and A1 is blank, the word "Spare" will appear. Thank you!
  16. D

    VBA Absolute Reference: #REF Errors

    Hello, I one last issue I am trying to solve to complete my project and I am at a loss on how to fix it. Sheet1 = "Inventory Value Report" - I am using this as an "import tab" where a new value report is pasted every time it needs to be used. My issue is that the first macro that runs...
  17. sparky2205

    Return full name from delimited string given partial name

    Hi folks, I have a macro that allows users to delete certain worksheets from protected workbooks. The user is not allowed delete any worksheet that exists in the template. However, there is a macro to allow the user to add a new sheet and rename it whatever they want. They are allowed to delete...
  18. G

    Copy Table Row and a Formula Pastes Even Though It was Deleted

    I have a table. I once had a formula in one of the cells. I deleted the formula. I go to copy the row and past it the formulas re-appease in the new row. Why? I keep having to delete the same formula over and over. Thanks
  19. D

    Delete columns macro

    How can I create a macro to delete many columns. I need the below columns deleted. I tried but failed.... Range("B:S,C:C,E:E,G:G,I:I,K:K,M:M,O:O,Q:Q,S:S,U:U,W:W,Y:Y,AA:AA,AC:AC,AE:AE,AG:AG,AI:AI,AK:AK,AM:AM,AO:AO,AQ:AQ,AS:AS,AU:AU,AW:AW,AY:AY, _...
  20. Y

    Default zero number in a cell

    Hello, I want a zero number in the cell A1 When a data was entered in the cell A1 I deleted it later The zero number is entered in the cell by default. Thank you in advance

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