1. I

    Slight edit to existing working code

    Hi, The code in use is shown below. This is how it works. I have a listbox with customers names. I select a name & when i press the DateTransferButton todays date then is entered into the cell for this customer at colomn G I believe at present if a value is in the G cell then i see a message...
  2. S

    How would I go about determining all potential costs from each scenario to maybe index the invoice and see if there is a match?

    I was given tens of thousands of bills charged to customers. I am trying to determine if the bills are potentially accurate. The only data I have is the actual bill itself. Here's where things get complicated. There are four scenarios, each with their own nuances: Scenario 1 Nuances: 1. Base Fee...
  3. F

    conditional date comparison columns a or b

    So i have to compare a list of dates to see if the delivery of materials is late Lets say: in column A i have the Regions estimated delivery in column B i have the expected delivery in column C i have a formula that tells me if X date is before today, making it late The report recently changed...
  4. B

    Using an IF statement to combine text with a variable.

    Failing at every turn to get the correct formula. IF cell P1 contains the word Delivery concatenate 3 cells together. This I have been able to do. but adding If Cell P1 is equal to Pickup then merge these 3 cells. When it says Delivery im good but otherwise I will get a False return instead...
  5. Y


    I have a calculation Problem In My Application In which I need to Calculate Reverse Amount From Grand Total Amount. I Need Logic/Formula for It Need you guys Help. <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch...
  6. I

    Highlite drop down selection in existing working code

    Good morning, I have a userform which has a drop down list complete with customers names. I use this to then add a date to that customer. This is an example of what i do, I see that the customer has received his parcel so i select his name from the drop down list & then i press my transfer...
  7. D

    Either or?

    I am tracking dates and want to calculate the estimated delivery date in a single cell as I populate dates in each milestone. So I have a 60 day(E), 15 day(F), 5 day(G) notification column. I record the date I receive these notices in their respective column. I want to create an estimated...
  8. C

    summarise one sheet and have results sent to a second worksheet

    Hi, Could you please offer some advice on following? Our current accounts package sage 50, cannot calculate any on time delivery performance natively so I have to out reports to excel I have two worksheets in the same work book for monitoring supplier performance, Sheet 1 “Supplier...
  9. C

    Consolidate on Time Delivery for each supplier and pull results into a different spread sheet

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody> Hi, Could you please offer some advice on following? Our current accounts package sage 50, cannot calculate any on time delivery performance natively so I have to out reports to excel I...
  10. S

    query connection to website

    Hi Guys, i am a newbie on VBA ... so apologies in advance if this is a stupid question I have the following Column A == FEdEX AWB #s Coulum B == Delivery date (Empty) I woul dlike to write a function where it reads the tracking number on Column A and extracts the delivery date from the...
  11. synergy16

    splitting text after previous space

    good afternoon all. i have a vba program that populates text/list boxes on a form, based on a users request in the form. it reads off a excel sheet that has delivery information for fedex shipments. the cells that contain the delivery "street address" are giving me an issue because they...
  12. P

    Formula to check if data is a bulk delivery

    Hi all, hoping you can help as I'm a bit lost with this. My data has several columns of information regarding deliveries, the dates they were made and if all the items ordered by the customer were in the delivery. I need a formula to check the data and put a value of "bulk" if a delivery with...
  13. T


    How to calculate total delivery on Excel?
  14. R

    Pivot Table %

    Hello. I need some help with displaying my pivot table values as a % of the row total but nothing is working. I have a pivot that looks like this <tbody> Row Labels On Time Delivery Late Delivery 2019 Jan 142 48 Feb 216 196 Mar 439 92 </tbody> I cannot workout how to change the...
  15. C

    Adding suburbs and delivery costs to an Excel invoice before checkout?

    Hi, I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to excel, but I can usually find my way around with help from google, however this one has me baffled. We have a butchery and we’re starting a new service whereby customers can create their own BBQ Packs and delivery of these items are done to various...
  16. F

    How to match on both ID and Date from another sheet

    Hi there, I am attempting to separate values for the same ID from different dates. Basically on the earlier date the delivery failed and was redelivered on a later date. Obviously this means the details of the delivery are different for each date. I have tried vlookup but am only able to...
  17. T

    Count of Value between Hours

    I hope someone can help me out with a pivot table problem that I've yet tofigure out. I have a table setup that counts the number of instances that a trailerdelivers on an hourly basis. E.g., we have 7 deliveries at 08:00 AM. Most ofour deliveries are given an hour to complete the unloading...
  18. M

    Alert when entering data in the workbook

    Hi all, I have a problem, i want a message to flash up when i enter specific data anywhere in a workbook (regardless of the sheet) IE. If i enter ME1 1XY in a cell i may want this to say: "Delivery probems, check list". The purpose is to alert delivery drivers if we have had problems...
  19. E

    Calculating overdue by "Days" using dates

    Hi there, I have a schedule showing delivery information and would like to use a formula to show by how many days a delivery was either early or late. I have previously used IF function to show if the delivered date cell is before or after the scheduled date cell. But ideally i would like to...
  20. J

    Finding Data from Other Columns

    Good morning gang. Hope you're all well. My question is around a worksheet I have like this: <tbody> Division Business Unit ID Owner Value Steam Tier Status Championship Delivery 1 14 John Smith Stream 4 Tier B Good Championship Delivery 1 14 John Smith Stream 2 Tier A Good Premier...

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