1. A

    Find the text from a range of cells on the same row.

    Greetings esteemed and learned people of Excel. Please help me with a problem that I thought I could easily handle, by using the max formula. I need to find the Height, Width and Depth of a series of cabinets. Each row caters for one cabinet, resulting in only one of the cells to have a value...
  2. S

    A loop which finds and matches more than one value - VBA

    Hi all. I need help with some VBA using find and match type queries. I have a worksheet which has columns: ID, test depth and test result. I have a second worksheet which as ID, start depth, end depth and category. What I need the code to do is loop through each row in the first worksheet and...
  3. A

    return text after 2nd occurrence of an equal sign (=)

    Hello i have to extract numbers from a string in Col G (varying rows) the data looks like this <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Width = 760, Depth = 350 Width = 1610, Height = 50, Depth = 16 Width = 1610, Depth = 350 my formula in col H </tbody>...
  4. H

    Searching a range of cells using an -IF statement

    Good day all, Here is my question... Is it possible in excel to search a range of cells to find if a certain cells value meets a certain criteria in another range of cells. For example I have the table below... column C is just =(Perf Depth -10) column D is just =(Perf Depth +10) I am...
  5. N

    Sumifs + vlookup

    I'm trying to do something I am sure has been done before. I can't get it to work the way I want though. I have two criteria that need to be used (depth and edge letter) to look up the correct dimension. I've tried VLOOKUP, which does fine if I only want to look up one criteria. I'm not sure...
  6. C

    Creating a graph illustrating a channel cross section using stream velocity and depth

    Hello, I would really appreciate some help creating a chart that illustrates the various stream velocities with respect to stream depth. I have the values for both velocity and depth, as well as section midpoint values. I just have to know how I would go about creating a chart like this in...
  7. M

    Books or information on Microsoft Excel

    Are there any books written, good websites, or authors on how to learn Excel by using sports analogies, or examples ? (NFL Football ) ? I have seen numerous threads, but never any in depth books. Thank you very much for any help received.
  8. J

    Excel 2016 In Depth Sample/Example files

    Hi all, The Excel 2016 In Depth book mentions registering the book with QuePublishing to receive the downloads for the book; I did this. However, the message I get still says: "Code samples are available for this book. Register your book to get access to all the samples and worksheets." Despite...
  9. M

    Defining shape dimensions

    Hi Dears, I am trying to draw a 3d box (shape type 14) with VBA, but I cannot find the required parameter to define its depth. The width and height parameters are very clear, but I am unable to change the default depth of this shape. The command used to draw the box is; DIM MyShaep as Shapes...
  10. H


    Good day all, I have not really used the =averageif function and was wondering if i could have some help. Lets say I have the table below.... Basically what I was to do is find the average/min/max of my value 1 column if my depth 3 column fits between the depth 1 and depth 2 column. For...
  11. J

    Array formula to return value if greater than 0.5

    I have inherited a spreadsheet with this array formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(In.Out!BO:BO,SMALL(IF(In.Out!BT:BT=1,ROW(In.Out!BO:BO)-MIN(ROW(In.Out!BO:BO))+1),ROWS(ProgAll!$P$5:P5))),"") I don't know a huge amount about Excel but the formula needs to return values greater than 0.5, not just equal to...
  12. D

    Understanding depth first search code

    Hi, I’m trying to get to grips with this Depth First Search algorithm I found here. Unfortunately as there are no comments and since I am still new to vba and programming in general, I can't follow what's going on. At the moment, I'm only somewhat familiar with If statements, some variables...
  13. S

    Auto import data from text files into Excel spreadsheet and merge

    I'm trying to automate my data import method to save time. Right now 2 text files are created and saved in a folder before being opened in Excel, the required data highlighted and then copied and pasted into the relevant cells in the ROPdata sheet shown below. The first file is called...
  14. D

    Multiple goal seek

    Hi all, I’ve made up a spread sheet in which I change a variable (depth in my case) and then use goal seek to obtain a value for theta for that corresponding depth then manually record the value obtained. Is there a way to record the value obtained for that variable then change the variable and...
  15. T

    Matching a text cell to the closest cell in a standard list of products

    Im looking to find the closest match to a cell in a list. So I have two column, =LEFT(A5,4)&"x"&LEFT(B5,2) as the example Frontage Depth Product ' 10.7 26 10.7X26 standard products rate per metre...
  16. N

    Formula for angle

    This may be more of a math question than an Excel one, but since I want to be able to use it in a spreadsheet I thought I'd pose it here. I deal with folding panels. Picture if you will a panel that is 24" wide and 110" tall. The width and length per panel will vary. The top and bottom are...
  17. R

    How to extract a substring from a string?

    I have the following string in cell A1: Color=red;Length=5;Description=fast,Depth=10;Width=3 The numerical values in the above-mentioned string can be any number of digits (but, practically speaking, limited to 7 digits). For example, the string could just as easily be...
  18. M

    Excel Charting Challenge Q, special

    Hello! I'm wondering if a certain chart can be created in excel. The base data (blue) contains information about bacteria concentration levels for various depth ranges/cohorts/blocks. I have no problem charting the base chart in excel. The problem is, I want to shade a specific region under...
  19. PivotMeThis

    Chart with a 'theoretical line' based on user input

    I've been asked to create a file that users can add data to which would be depicted on a chart. A brief explanation: This will be used when constructing a drilled shaft. A drilled shaft is a hole (drilled into the ground) that does not have a standard depth or width. As the hole is drilled...
  20. A

    Return Multiple Values

    Hello, I am having great difficulty in producing table 3 from tables 1 and 2. I have had some success using INDEX and MATCH functions, however they are limited to one result and will only return the first result. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. <tbody> ID Meters Total A...

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