1. L

    create comment from adjacent cell contents

    Hi, I am trying to create a comment from the cell contents in an adjacent column (offset -1) for a range. The purpose is to create a popup comment that represents a part description when you hover over the part. <tbody> Part Number Part Description part 1 part 1 desc part 2 part 2 desc...
  2. DataBlake

    Next Without For Compile Error

    Sub aaa() Dim childROWmax As Long Dim parentROWmax As Long Dim i As Long Dim j As Long Dim z As Long Dim n As Long Dim desc As Long Dim parentPATTERN As Range Dim parentPATTERN2 As Range Dim parentWEIGHT As Range Dim...
  3. W

    one Column with 6000 rows convert into 6 columns into 1000 rows based on conditions

    Hello Team Here is the example <tbody> # 1 1 CREATE POINT 744STEAM:FA0032.PNT 1 PUT POINT 744STEAM:FA0032.PNT TYPE FLOAT DESC = "4 RECOVERY MCR" AUDITUPD = NO COLLECTOR = srhc03 # 2 1 CREATE POINT 735WLCLF01:FY0046B.RO01 1 PUT POINT...
  4. C

    Adding data to a Webpage

    Hello, I am trying to add data into a webpage , with vba. I can pass the values correctly but they are not saved the following code passes the values correctly : Dim desc as string, nLinha as integer desc =" first of 4 invoice lines to be added" for nLinha= 0 to 3...
  5. J

    How to pass a parameter into a query to sort by a particular order

    Trying to pass a parameter into a query to sort a recordset. I was keeping a recordset in memory to sort it but the rowsource will not take a recordset directly. So I figured I could use a parameter to pass into the query and sort it that way. The code works if I hard code the sort criteria but...
  6. A

    Transforming Single Column data to Range/Rows

    Hi, i am new here. I need help for this, so I have a long list of data and I need to convert/transform in into comprehensible range or rows. Excel will start a new row after each blank in the column. like this: data: Ref#XXX Acct#XXX Desc Amnt Acct#XXX Desc Amnt -blank- Ref#XXX Acct#XXX...
  7. A

    Macro to Open and Delete specific Columns

    Hi Friends, I Need to Open an Excel file (.CSV Format file) based on Prefix Name "Rawdata" (Todaydate)" - Where Today date will be changed on daily basis. Select all data Copy and paste it in New excel file. Now need to delete specific columns "Model Desc" and "Product Desc" - Please help me...
  8. D

    Search in multiple sheets

    Hello, I have this code which works perfectly if active sheet has needed search value, otherwise it's an error. How to adapt this so it searches thru more sheets instead. Thanks The code is in plan report workbook, looking a value from weekly plan workbook and searches withing plan report...
  9. R

    VBA to variant returns string through iteration

    Hello guys, i am beating my head here need your help... i have 2 strings and i want a variant to call this string through an iteration, but i can't get it. Sub teste() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 2 var1 = "Empresa" var2 = "Material" desc = "var" & i l = Application.Match(desc...
  10. T

    Shift cells left if adjacent columns are blank using VBA

    Hi all, Can anyone assist with a vba solution to the below problem please. So I have from column I to column R columns labelled as follows: Job Desc 1 Quantity 1 Job Desc 2 Quantity 2 Job Desc 3 Quantity 3 Job Desc 4 Quantity 4 Job Desc 5 Quantity 5 What I need to do is, working from right...
  11. P

    Is it possible in excel?

    Hello everyone , I would like to ask if it is possible in excel to have a list ( description , code etc ) and in an other list a description similar to the first list description but written differently , compare them and try to find which item from the second list matches which on the first...
  12. J

    Create new row subject to data in a field

    Hi everyone, I am new here as a member and hope you will be able to help. I am trying to upload some data in a CSV to an online system which requires that each record is on a different line, but the data I have been given is all on one line, let me try to explain. This is the data I have...
  13. S

    vba to copy data from one workbook to another workbook based on set of conditions

    hi guys I am struggling to get the data from one source WB to another destination new WB based on selection criteria with VBA. the source WB is as follows col1 col2 col3 col4 desc center receipt payment AA 12 1 3 BB...
  14. C

    Vlookup based on multi search

    Hello Team, Could you please help on vlookup formula based on multi search <tbody> Desc Formula Output this is chair 1 apple on the tree 2 Chair broken 1 Fresh Tomoato 3 <tbody> Vlookup Search Desc Code Chair 1 Apple 2 Tomoto 3 </tbody><colgroup><col><col></colgroup>...

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