1. R

    "Supporting details" for a cell

    When I prepare a tax return on, e.g., TurboTax, I can click on a tax-form box and "add supporting details," which takes me to a little "mini-spread sheet" on top of the form, usually two columns, where I can enter text in the left column, and numbers in the right column. It will total the items...
  2. S

    Need help with a Match / Vlookup type formula

    I have this data, it has too much details in one column. I'm trying to write a formula that will find only certain contents based on cell A on another tab. If it matches whats in one of those cells, then pull that name or details. How would I go about writing a formula for this? I looked up...
  3. A

    Some VBA to beat a repetitive task

    Hi All, I have a task that's very time consuming that I was hoping I could get help with some VBA code. I don't think it's all that complicated, except maybe for the pop-up box I was envisioning, that's a bit beyond me. I'm just not that quick on my feet to get it all written myself. I have...
  4. A

    how to get combobox multiselect results to specific worksheets

    hi all. I have a userform in which people can select trips/events from a multi select listbox. The list box's row source is a named range containing the name of all trips. each trip has its own tab. The tab names are an abbreviated version of the trip name. I need to have the details of the user...
  5. JazzSP8

    Dont' display rows based on certain columns being empty?

    Hey All I've built a Query that pulls in details about certain products in our range. The problem I've got is that the details for each product live in a text file, it contains details for every product we've ever stocked including some obsolete ones. Because of this my Query is returning...
  6. K

    Mark a cell based on latest date (Excel 2013)

    Hello Excel Guru's, I need your help on how to do this in Excel 2013. I have 2 tabs, 1 for details (source data) and 1 for my summary (target). In the summary tab, I need to mark the Name of the animal with X if in the Remarks column the cell value is blank based on the latest End date. Hope...
  7. Dazzawm

    Send Emails In Bulk From Spreadsheet

    I have a spreadsheet as below. Is there a macro that will open my email client and send an individual email in bulk to all in the sheet? Thanks <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Body 1 Body 2 Title Email JMatear sdgdfbxfb Login Details JBrowning fsfbdfb...
  8. danhendo888

    How to transpose(?) column to desired output

    Book1ABCDEFGH1INV2268385329-May-194JOB: T00009719528-Jun-1961,394.5271,394.5281,394.529INV102684661129-May-1912JOB: T000097091328-Jun-19141,947.08151,947.08163,341.601718INV26838529-May-19JOB: T0000971928-Jun-191,394.521,394.521,394.5219INV26846629-May-19JOB...
  9. F

    VBA: Copy specific cells to another worksheet

    Dear all I am having trouble trying to put together a macro. In Sheet1, I have my data table. I put a simplified version below: <tbody> Gender Breed City Council Microchip Number Status M Dog Council A 1030999876287540 Adopted F Dog Council C 4425588004585700 F Cat Council B...
  10. R

    Adjusting stock data on stock usage spreadsheet

    Hello All I am trying to automate a task that is completed every day on a spreadsheet. I have an inventory tab, which contains the stock details of some 1200 different products. Each day we consume some of these products and update the inventory sheet using the find function and manually...
  11. W

    VBA vlookup if value not found

    Hello, I have this bit into my code, that should return simple "Yes", "No" values present in the range. inclusion = Application.VLookup(Dest, details, 10, False) All variables are defined, inclusion as Variant, Dest as String, details as Range. The problem i am encountering is that when the...
  12. J

    Message box to display details of a Pivot Table cell.

    I would like to write a macro to display the details of cell in a pivot table when the cell is double clicked rather than having them come up on a new sheet. I want to keep the workbook locked so other users cannot access the hidden pages. The purpose ids to determine if the value is the sum...
  13. H

    Pivot data details in same sheet as pivot

    Hi, I've created a pivot of a data matrix to get an easy readable overview. I also use this pivot to get to the details of interesting data by double click on the data. Every time I do this Excel opens a new sheet with the detailed data. I was wondering if t's possible to show these details on...
  14. N

    Pivot Table - Show Details VBA - Multi Row and Column

    Hello, I need assistance, please! I have an excel document that has multiple worksheets. On one of the worksheets, I have multiple pivot tables that are manually created, based on the data being used. The primary use for this document is to take a "Big Data" file and provide the "customer"...
  15. M

    Cell contents based on another cell data

    Hi All I have a worksheet that shows a whole load of data summarised in the table below. Worksheet 1 <tbody> Code Sub Code Sub Sub Code Details A Title A 1 Sub Title A1 a Sub Sub Title A1a b Sub Sub Title A1b B Title B 1 Sub Title B1 a Sub Sub Title B1a 2 Sub...
  16. Z

    Sum multiple rows with changing column

    Hi, I've seen variations of this question but haven't found anything that solves what I am trying to accomplish. I have 2 worksheets, a Summary worksheet, and a Details worksheet. The summary worksheet summarizes what is on the detail worksheet (pretty crazy eh??). The Details worksheet is...
  17. M

    VBA get current system login details with Email id

    Get current system login details with Email id and update in Excel sheet by Vba
  18. J

    VBA coding

    Hi. I'm working on coding to automate filling details in users form. Before entering into user form I need select a form name from drop down list. Once selected IE page loads and wait time is around 3 secs. Then need to update details. Now I'm trying to automate this process by using VBA script...
  19. T

    Macro to copy last row in range

    Hi Everyone, I add my sales into sheet "Quotes" Range is D27:O51 The data for each sale is two rows, row1 the details, row2 Notes, (Not all sales have notes) so what I want is a macro that will copy the last "Row1" sales details and paste it below but it needs to place it 2 rows down to miss...
  20. C

    Worksheet calculate using formulas

    Hi all. Could anyone please help with formulas using the worksheet calculate event. In column A of sheet1, product codes are scanned. This then brings details of the items through from sheet2 where the manifest is stored using index match on columns L, M, N, O What I would like to happen is...

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