1. M

    finding the size of a Data File BEFORE importing to determine how long it will take before import

    I been searching for a while to determine how many records in a data set. This is so I can determine how long it will take to import. I would like to use this information in a progress bar. I have the progress bar going, I just need to plug values in the code to have the bar move. I can make...
  2. J

    Determination of the absence rate

    Hello everybody, I am currently trying to determine from the data model, how high the absence rate for the individual weeks or months. So far, I've just added the factor to the pivot calendar, whether it's a workday. The table with the presence or absence of the employees is structured as...
  3. O

    How to take values and populate a matrix using Find Method

    I'm not too familiar with the Find method as I've always used For loops, which take way too much time. What I'm trying to do is go down a list of over 400,000 values in four columns and then take three of those values to determine where in a matrix the fourth value should be placed. For...
  4. D

    Week Num

    Hi All, I have a formula which has nearly 2yrs worth of data =WEEKNUM(TODAY()) issue i have is that means there are nearly 2 of every week. How can i determine in my formula to look at current year only? thanks Samuel
  5. K

    Determine missing zip codes from a range for sales territories and determine valid zip for state.

    Originally our sales territories were set up with zip code ranges. Our new requirements are to have each zip code listed, based on a limitation on the new version of the territory tool we use. So I need to take our existing range lists and convert them, without duplicates, to list each zip...
  6. willow1985

    VBA code for COUNTIF formula to determine different end of range

    Hello, I am looking to speed up a macro of mine, specifically a COUNTIF formula and I was wondering if the following is possible: My COUNTIF formula is basic: =COUNTIF(A:A,A2) When I utilize it I am doing so by entering the VBA code: LastRowColumnA = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row...
  7. M

    How to find out if rows are consecutive in a given range

    I need to determine if the cells that a user selects are consecutive, in terms of the rows. I have been trying to write a function to determine this (and return either TRUE or FALSE), but I am having a very hard time figuring out how to do it. I know how to get what cells the user has...
  8. C

    Return column of far most right value in a row

    Hi, In column range A-Z, row 1, there are cell values in E1, M1, Y1, the rest are blank. What functions can I use to determine the far most right column containing any value, in this case Y?
  9. B

    Can I do this?

    I draft a bunch of fantasy football teams and would like to take all the players I have drafted (from about 20 drafts, 28 players each) place them into an Excel file to determine ownership percentages. Trying to determine my exposure to player. The app I use to do the drafts allows me to...
  10. R

    using a cell value to determine the sheet name in a formula

    Hello, I want to use a cell value to determine what sheet is used in a formula. For instance, if I have January in cell A1 and I have a sheet in the workbook called January; I want to put a formula on another sheet that says, "look in sheet (whatever is the value of cell A1) and return the...
  11. J

    Derive relationships based on data

    Hi all, I have a database - about databases - so what it does is stores all information about the various databases that we run, table names, columns that are linked column sizes, descriptions etc. I have a System table that links to a MasterTable (table) and then a column table. The column...
  12. T

    Determine if clipboard object is text or image before pasting

    Hi all, Had a bit of a google but not sure if this is possible or not... I have a sheet that imports data that is copied to the clipboard from another sheet... the other sheet data will open in protected view - so if people don't click enable editing then it copies the selection as an image...
  13. R

    Tracking accruals multiple tabs

    Hi guys, Trying to track accruals from different month's tabs in my spreadsheet to determine who has made over 99.99 and needs to be paid. In my spreadsheet, please refer to the June tab. Column N, O and P are the ones I am interested in. I am particularly keen to basically determine whether...
  14. schielrn

    Databases linked to Master Database

    We have a master database that holds a lot of data. We want to migrate this to SQL. The issue becomes we do not know who all accesses this database and what other databases/processes have links to this database. What are your best way to determine what all connects to a master database? I...
  15. JenniferMurphy

    How to obtain the name of the workbook & sheet that called a UDF?

    In a UDF I am able to determine the address of the calling cell using Application.Caller.Address Is there something similar that I can use to determine the name of the sheet and workbook? Thanks
  16. J

    VBA - For i= 1 To "value in a cell XY"

    Hi, I wish to define the limit for i in a loop by referencing a calculated value within a cell. I could use the lastRow method in order to determine when to end the loop but is there a way to say for example: "For i = 6 To (value in cell A2)" or must it be manually typed within the code? I am...
  17. D

    Formula to determine average wait time for a number to re-appear

    I need assistance in creating a formula to determine the average wait time for numbers greater than or equal to 200000 to appear in a series. I have 100 lines of data (BJ100:BJ200) The wait time will be determine by the row number,eg BJ100=12 BJ101=200000 BJ102=15000 BJ103=200050 BJ104=9...
  18. P

    Last row and column in print area

    Hi! I am trying to determine the "white space" between the last used row and the last row in print area. I currently have this to determine last used row and it works, but can't determine last row in print area. Sub cover() Dim lastrow as long Dim top as string Lastrow = range("A" &...
  19. G

    Count function help - determining "drive time" distance

    Hello, Is the below example possible? I've been able to determine how many people live within a certain distance (in miles), thanks to this board (thank you!), but now I'm looking to determine how many people live "within a 30 minute drive", using lat. long. coordinates as the reference points...
  20. D

    referring to the last row of a table

    I have a table with 32 columns to determine costings. Originally, it was going to have just one row and using that, my table was performing calculations etc correctly. There is a checkbox that allows a 10% increase to be put on the price. With only 1 row, I just set it so that if you clicked...

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