1. H

    BuiltIn Dialog Boxes

    Hi I'd like to load Excel BuiltIn Dialog Boxes by using the following line of code or similar and where the strDialogBox variable contains the name of the Dialog Box to load. strDialogBox="xlDialogFontProperties" Application.Dialogs(strDialogBox).Show How would I do this? I'd like to open...
  2. AndyTampa

    Save a copy of a workbook with a new name

    I have two workbooks that I open every day. Workbook #2 relies on cells in workbook #1 . Occasionally, I need to save Workbook #1 with a different name, but when I "save as", it changes the relationship source for cell references in workbook #2 . What I need to be able to do is run a macro...
  3. O

    REF error

    I have just updated to Office 16. I am trying to add a cell from worksheet and a cell from another worksheet. I use the formula; =A1(first worksheet) + a1(second worksheet) and enter. I am getting a REF error and a dialog box that look slike it needs to know a file location? Thanks, Mark
  4. R

    Excel hanging on "Saving" dialog box

    Hi all, Excel sometimes hangs on this dialog box This happens at the end of a loop and in this instance, it successfully completed 55 iterations of the loop before it got stuck here. Any ideas how to prevent this without disabling the save? I'm ok with it skipping one, two or even three...
  5. M

    File Dialog - Filters.Add does not work in Excel for Office 365

    Hello, Has anyone encounter a Run Time Error 438 - Object doesn't support this property or method when running VB code for File Dialog - Filters.Add in Excel for Office 365? Typical codes: Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker) With fd .ButtonName = "Select"...
  6. E

    Export workbook using save as dialog

    Hello, I am building a user form which will be used for data input in some sheets in the workbook. In order to export the current progress without closing the form, using save as dialog, I want to export the workbook (copy sheets to a new workbook) using vba by clicking a button. But all I can...
  7. P

    VBA Dialog Box Pop Up ?

    Hi All, If I'm using a code to produce a dialog box to save the file, I've noticed that the dialog box does not pop in front of the excel document but sometimes behind it. How do I express in code for the dialog box to pop up in front of the working excel document? Please let me know, if...
  8. D

    PowerPivot sort dialog box

    Hello I am having challenges with sort order within a powerpivot. I am attempting to follow instructions on cascading totals, and in those instructions, is the dialog box shown below. I have researched and looked for this option in both the underlying table and corresponding data model table...
  9. D

    Pivot table sort

    Hello I am having challenges with sort order within a powerpivot. I am attempting to follow instructions on cascading totals, and in those instructions, is the dialog box shown below. I have researched and looked for this option in both the underlying table and corresponding table within...
  10. L

    VBA: In a Column Fill empty Cells with Entry from Pop Up Window

    Hello, I need assistance with a little bit of VBA code. The code needs to: Identify all the blank cells in Column D, It is the last column. Display a pop up dialog / Userform A response is entered by the user in the dialog. Whatever is entered into that dialog will then fill ALL of the blank...
  11. M

    VBA for stepwise process involving dialog boxes with fillable fields

    Hi, I will preface this by saying that I'm new to VBA. I'd like to write some code for a command button that will complete a series of actions and then create a series of dialog boxes with fields that the user can then type in, and then when you close the final dialog box, all of those things...
  12. P

    Open file dialog and my macro

    Hello, I would like a little help with the following please. I have found a "file open dialog" script on the internet and would like to use it with the macro that I already have so far. I have a spreadsheet that I want to press "select file 1" and import the .SPF file into tab data_ZOS_1 and...
  13. M

    How to open the COM Add-ins dialog window using CommandBars object Execute method?

    The following line of code opens the Excel Add-ins dialog window (also accessed via ALT-L H): Application.CommandBars(1).FindControl(ID:=943, Recursive:=True).Execute Can you please advise a similar line of code which would instead open the COM Add-ins dialog window (also accessed via...
  14. H

    VBA code required

    Hi all; I will be grateful if you provide me with a VBA code for the following: A dialog will be opened and ask the user to choose the cells (could be separate cells not a regular range)(all cells are numeric values) Another dialog will pop up with the cells chosen for the user to confirm. A...
  15. C

    Excel 2013 VBA - Pauses on Open and Save Files - Cancel to continue

    Hi all Ive got a bit of a strange one. I have a macro which opens various files, and saves them. Occasionally on opening or saving, the macro seems to pause where the opening/downloading or saving dialog box appears (the one which shows progress on downloading/saving). The only way to get it to...
  16. C

    Can't Find Project or Library...?

    I go thru this every time I reinstall O365. I get a "Can’t find Project or library dialog box" on this first line of code colnum = Round((Date - DateValue("12/20/2017")) / 7, 0) with 'Date' highlighted in blue. In the Tools References dialog box Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2...
  17. D

    Find Next button fails to find records

    I have two membership type databases (they are in no way connected, I mention both for illustrative purposes) Both use a form to input data, the control source for each form is a query and each query updates respective tables. In both databases, there is a Command Button the purpose of which...
  18. A

    Creat beautiful Excel Dialogs (preferably using javascript)

    Is it possible to create beautiful dialogs in Excel not the traditional ones? I want to achieve the following look. Only the look, I can functionalities myself. See the screenshot below from excel. It is a built in dialog. Can this be made in excel? (without making a seperate Addin) e.g.
  19. L

    vba ie open dialog to upload file

    hi all, May I know how to use vba to upload file in the internet? The website is internal and I need to open the dialog and select the file to upload. Thanks for any suggestions!
  20. H

    macro to save as without dialog prompt

    I have a VBA code to save as my file in other location but I need an improvement to save as my file without dialog prompt ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:\Users\alex-cccp\Desktop" & ActiveWorkbook.Name, FileFormat:= _ xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False _...

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