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    Find & Replace Dialogue Box Size

    I often use the Find & Replace in my 2013 Excel. Every time I close a resized dialogue box and again use Find & Replace it opens to a small window that must be re-sized to see all content. Is there a method to cause this Find & Replace to always open to a larger size of prespecified size settings?
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    Fix "Data may exist in the sheet(s)..." message when opening workbook

    I need help identifying the source of an alert I receive when opening a workbook(s). The message "Data may exist in the sheet(s) selected for deletion. To permanently delete the data, press Delete" opens every time I open certain workbooks. I have been able to identify the "Sheet" in question...
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    Disabling the "want to save your changes?" dialogue box when closing out of Excel

    I have a workbook that is stored as read only on a SharePoint site. Users are unable to save the document (save as is allowed), but when closing out of the document, the dialogue box still shows saying "Want to save your changes to [file name]" with options of "save" "don't save" and "cancel"...
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    Active X Combo Box - non-matching fields

    Hi all, I currently have an ActiveX Combo Box set up with a dropdown list of values. I previously had these set up via Data Validation as normal dropdown lists, however, switched to Combo Boxes to allow the predictive text feature to be enabled. Now, I am wondering if it's possible to do...
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    Excel VBA to answer a dialogue box in Internet Explorer

    Hello. This is my first post. I'm sorry if this is a repetition. I have searched, but there are so many different dialogue boxes that it's hard to narrow it down to the sort that you're dealing with. I am designing a macro to download about 300 CSV files from a secure website...
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    Open dialogue box isn't always at front

    Sometimes when VBA opens a Open dialogue box it is hidden behind other windows. You can access it if you know that you should select a file to open at that point by Alt-Tab, but that is not very user friendly. Is there any way to guarantee that the Open dialogue box always opens as the topmost...
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    Search Macro to leave the 'Find' window open

    Hi, I must admit I'm not perfect at macro's, I've managed to get my spreadsheet to work the way I want it, but I now want to add a very simple search. Unfortunately with the way some of my other macro's work it automatically checks the Find option 'Match entire cell contents' which my users do...

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