dictionary in vba

  1. P

    VBA to Copy Paste a cell based on Row & Column

    Hi, What I'd like my sheet to do is when the user has updated the values in the cells D3:D8 on the sheet "Buffy Cast" they can press the button and these values will be copied into the tab "Actual FTE". The tab "Actual FTE" has a table with multiple dates and the ID of the person. The code...
  2. A

    Save customer's data to another worksheet if not exist

    I need a VBA Dictionary code for an invoice sheet that if the customer does not exist in the customer sheet so save the new customer’s info from the invoice sheet to the customer sheet Invoice sheet: A11: [customer] A12: [address] A13: [city] A14: [postcode] A15: [telephone] Customer...
  3. R

    need help so that the results can be as I want

    Dear All master, if i use the code below after select range in column a then the results appear in column b and i want after column b the desired results appear in column c. Please solve thanks roykana Sub GetFileNamebykana() Dim title As String Dim Rng As Range Dim selection As Range Dim...
  4. R

    need help because vba code is running slow

    Dear all Master, vba code runs slow for 100000 row records even though I'm using vba code with dictionaries and arrays. Please solve. and also why the code run time result is different and I attached a screenshot of the time result. thanks roykana Sub Demo03() Dim Rng As Range, Ds As Range...
  5. D

    Trying to use data from Worksheet and Userform for my Dictionary

    Trying to use values from various Worksheet cells , Listbox and Toggle Switch Value for the dictionary See my attempt below. The code runs till it gets to this Line Set TPodWidth = UsForm.Toolpod_Width Then jumps over the rest of the code? Sub DrNoDict() Dim i As Long Dim ar...
  6. F

    Dictionary - defining range

    Hi I would like to add a list of items to a dictionary and then loop each item. The problem is, I don't know how to refer to a list range that is on another worksheet than the main data that is being filtered. "Items" are located on sheet wsList, so where am I suppose to add it? Dim dict As...
  7. F

    'Select method of worksheet class failed' mid loop

    Hello, My code should filter each value and copy charts to different sheets. I looped this but it breaks mid loop. It works fine with 8 first values/sheets (should be 12 or so). I get error 1004: Select method of worksheet class failed. I highlighted the part in red when the error occurs. Sub...
  8. F

    How to automate searching certain values and moving them to another sheet?

    Hi all, I have in one column values (red, white) and in another column values (Jack, Marie David etc.) There are several hundreds of rows so that there are different names once but for each name a color (red or white) is assigned. So for example: <tbody> Sheet 1 Color Name red Jack...
  9. S

    Compare 2 range and rearrange data

    Hi all, am new to excel macro VB, I have a requirement , where i have the below data: <colgroup><col width="64" span="5" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Number Value Number Value Difference <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  10. R

    Printing Dictionary Values

    Hi I can print Dictionary values to the immediate window by running the code below, but I wanted to know how I print "all" the Dictionary values into an Excel sheet? Public Sub DictionaryExamples() Dim exampleValues As Variant Dim i As Long Dim aKey As String Dim aValue As...
  11. B

    VBA Dictionary

    Hey everyone, I am new to VBA and all related parts of it. So I am trying to code some of my looped works in the meantime and I am eager to learn. But now, I can just edit the related codes that I can find here, these editions are just limited with references or sources or paths or spelling...
  12. C

    Loops in Dictionary VBA

    Hi Everbody, I have done the summary using Dictionary in VBA, but i have many loops in my code. Is there a shorter method that I can use or nest the loops one inside the other. Secondly , I am looking for a solution to summarize the data by name and by Location, 2 criterias using the same code...

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