1. A

    Working out Time difference

    I have the below that I am trying to work out. People have 15:00 minute breaks at present. I have data of how long people have taken. So want to know the difference in time against 15 minutes. Person 1 - 9:53 Person 2 - 20:24 Person 3 - 15:00 Person 4 - 12:30 And so on. At present I get...
  2. D

    What do the @ symbols do in formulas

    What do the @ symbols do in excel formulas? The names are table column headers =[@Rate]*([@MinHours]+[@AddHour]) What would happen if the @ symbols were not included?
  3. V

    Difference in date

    I have this records below If the “PROJECT_NUMBER” is repeated AND “INCIDENT_CREATION_DATE” between the two incidents is less than 31 days then mark it as a "repeat" I am confused as how shall I do it, as did countif as well to find the duplicate and then the diff in date but the records can be...
  4. T

    Formula using Percentages

    I have a formula that I want to write as follows: <tbody> <tbody> A B C D E F Region Country Charge Rate Card 15% Margin New %margin new rate formula for cells in column F C&W Europe Austria € 750.00 € 637.50 23.39% € 637.50 IF E2 is less than 15% then increase D2 by the difference in...
  5. H

    Urgent Help!! excel formula to calculate time difference between two dates in Milli seconds with AM

    I have dates in excel as shown below: <tbody> 26-JAN-19 AM 26-JAN-19 AM </tbody> I need to find the difference between 2 dates... In the example above, I have difference at Sec and milli seconds. How can I find the time difference. This is bit urgent
  6. J

    VBA getting the difference between Time Stamps

    I am looping through a column of TimeStamps in this format: 6/7/2019 9:15:19 AM CDT I want to find the difference between the first and last time in terms of hours and minutes preferably in a format such as 8.5. in the below code, sRange is an array of data containing the timestamp...
  7. S

    VBA Differences

    if r =("A1:M1") then I know what this would do For each c in r But what would be the difference between the following below: For each c in r.rows For each c in r.cells For each c in r.columns
  8. TAPS_MikeDion

    Finding Difference Between Two Times

    Hello, I have been trying without any luck to find the time difference (Sun - Sat, employee start & finish times) between two columns of times, but the finish time may go into the next day. I found a post here that I thought might work, but VBA MOD is apparently different from Excel MOD. I...
  9. S

    Comparing text in 2 different cells

    Hi It is easy to do the above as per https://exceljet.net/formula/compare-two-strings. My question: Can one do such a comparison without extra spaces in one cell being counted in the comparison? In other words, if the only difference between the 2 cells is an extra space in a sentence, I...
  10. W

    Displayed date difference starts counting from one day again whenever a date difference exceeds one month

    I'm trying to calculate the date/time difference between two cells, to be displayed in days, hours and minutes. Right now, if I simply use <code><code>=A1-B1</code></code> The cell displaying the difference has the following custom formatting: <code><code>d "days" h "hours" m...
  11. B

    Excel time formulas

    Hi, I'm looking for a simple formula that will calculate the difference between a start and an end time then subtract 30 min. So, for example, the start time is 7:00 am and the end time is 4:00pm. I can calculate the time difference but I don't know how to then modify the formula to subtract...
  12. M

    Calculating difference in time - conditional formatting

    Hi all I would like to calculate Time-in - Time-out and if there is less than a 9 hour difference, highlight the cells. In the example below B4:B5 & C2:C3 would be highlighted. <tbody> Time-in Time-out Time-in Time-out Time-in Time-out 08:00 18:00 09:00 22:00 06:00 17:00 12:00 23:00 07:00...
  13. T

    Automating conditional decision making

    Hi all, I have hit a problem with my work project and it's one of those where I can't even begin to design the solution never mind implement it! I hope you guys can help! I have provided a sample workbook here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u30oLh9SavbDpc3YVfoWGCEGJZ7Aqpeu The process...
  14. G

    Excel - Subtracting 2 dates/times (DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS) to find the difference

    Hi there, Read a couple of posts on this, and struggling to get my head around it. Sorry if this has been answered before. My data source outputs dates/times as 22/08/2019 10:33:03 in one cell, formatted as (dd-mm-yyyyhh:mm:ss). What im looking to find out, is the difference in timebetween...
  15. A

    Best PC for calculating huge data?

    Hey Dear community, I use VBA to calculate very big files, with my pc ( 6gb ram ) it takes 35 - 40 minutes for calculation. I wanna know what if i make same calculation with server? ( 125gbram etc ) will there be very big difference in calculation time? or is there calculation time limit...
  16. E

    trim not working

    I am trying to use =trim(D2), but it is acting like I am not using a formula. It is just displaying =trim(D2) in the cell. The field I am looking at is an address field so they start with numbers, if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help.
  17. B

    Finding the Difference in Dates

    hello i have one column that list a date with a time and another column with a date. i need a formula to tell me the difference in months between the two columns. i am essentially trying to see how long the person owned the client at the time of the response date. so in this example below the...
  18. P

    Difference between 2 values

    Hi all, Here is a sample of a spreadsheet (horse racing). A B C D E F G <tbody> 13:35 Lismore 2 2 Flag Raiser 73.60 1 13:35 Lismore 2 1 Game Set Match 64.46 2 13:50 Goulburn 2 1...
  19. D

    Difference between weeks

    Hi All, i am trying to work out the difference of sales between current week and the week prior. my formula so far is: =COUNTIFS(Historical!C:C,B2,Historical!$A:$A,A2,Historical!$I:$I,WEEKNUM(TODAY())-1) im struggling to work out how to compare it to the current week. any help will be...
  20. B

    % Increase/Decrease between two cells in two columns

    Hello, Please see the table below: <tbody> Store Name Sales 2018 Rank Store Name Sales 2019 Rank Store A 700 1 Store B 400 1 Store B 500 2 Store A 350 2 </tbody> I am looking to do two things: 1. I need to find the difference in sales for...

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