different sheet

  1. T

    Add row below if value is found on another sheet

    Hi, Thank you in advance for your help. Is there a macro to add a row below if the value on the current sheet is found on another sheet? Example: Sheet 1 has these names in column B: James Bob Mary If those names appear on Sheet 2, then add a row below each of those names on Sheet1.
  2. R

    Problems with Offset and Index Formula

    Hi I am pulling my hair out with the formula below. I am pulling out a range of values for the Period, based on what week is being requested This works...
  3. G

    Autofill based on values from another sheet

    I was trying to find a way not to do redundant work. Same spreadsheet, Sheet1 and Sheet2. I would like Sheet2 Column D to autofill with the data from Sheet1 Colum D. But based in the Input of Sheet1 Column E & F. Or the opposite would be good also. Have Sheet1 Column E & F autofill with data...
  4. B

    Reference Cell in Track Changes VBA

    I am using the below code to track changes in the "V&O Register" tab of a workbook I'm using. I would like the 8th value that it spits out (highlighted in red below) to be the value in column B of the same row that the initial change is being made in. The changes are being tracked in a separate...
  5. C

    Trying to use drop down list to output data from a different sheet

    Hi everyone, I'm a novice at excel. I know how to use it to get by from day-to-day, but I've recently been toying around on how to create a very minimal user interface that outputs clean information derived from a data dump contained in a different sheet within the same file. This images below...
  6. L

    Im looking for a macro or formula to look for a value in a cell from a range in another sheet, then return a value 1 if found or 0 if not found.Then r

    I have raw data on a sheet called 'Data' imported from a CSV On the sheet 'Analysis' I would like to look for a value in column F, For example 'F3' which is "1.1.1Yes" Note :this is reference from another sheet within workbook (='20141031_CurriculumAthletics'!A3'). Therefore look for the...
  7. C

    LOOK UP and COPY to Diff Sheet Within Same Workbook (vba)

    Trying to put together vba to compare the "parts" sheet to the "orders" sheet (both in same workbook). Specifically compare COL B of "parts" sheet starting at ROW 8 to COL P of the "orders" sheet starting with ROW 5. If match IS found, do the following copies from "parts" sheet to "orders"...
  8. U

    Why can I not copy a range from another sheet?

    From another worksheet I can copy columns from: OWs.Cells(HdrRow, CCol).EntireColumn.Copy and I copy cells and rows from other sheets so why can I not copy a Range? FWs.Range(Cells(FLRow, FSC), Cells(FLRow, FLC)).Copy When I try I get the error: "Method...
  9. B

    Excel macro to increment the value by on from on sheet to other

    I have two sheet in sheet1 i have department and question <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="8" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> A B C D E F G Q1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Q2 4 2 3 3 4 4 4 Q3 4 1...
  10. A

    Data Validation empty cell different sheet

    I would like to create a data validation list that ignores empty cells in the drop list. In addition, the list is on another sheet. I renamed the entire column in the sheet that contains the data for the drop list (A:A) for example. The column contains so far only 3 data, but more data will be...
  11. S

    copying values that change weekly into another sheet

    Hi! I need some help with a code that copies values from one sheet, and paste them into another sheet. But the thing is that the values in the original sheet change weekly, so basically I want to keep record of the each week of the year in the other tab. I would really appreciate any comments or...
  12. S

    Help with macro for copying values that change weekly and paste them in another sheet (for keeping a record of every week)

    Hello, I am having some trouble coming up with a code that does the following: There is one sheet in wich people type some numbers every day, once the week is over, they delete the numbers from the previous week, change the dates and start recording the numbers for the next week. What I need to...
  13. K

    Copying Data

    I swear this worked at one point but now gives a '1004' runtime error. What I am trying to accomplish is have the user display a line of data on a userform, modify it, then write it back to another sheet in the workbook. My code: Sub WriteData() Dim target As Long ActiveScreenUpdating =...

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